Letter from Smiles to Murray, 30 Mar 1859

Author(s): Smiles, Samuel


Apl. 2/79.

Smiles S

Hotel Quirinal, Rome

30 March 1879

Statue of Self Help

My Dear Sir

Will you kindly direct a copy
each of “The Scotch Naturalist” and
“Robert Dick” to be sent by post to
Prof: Scultor Rossetti
Via Marguta

I brought these books with me
intending to present them to the Sculptor —
who, as you may know, has executed
a very fine statue of "Self-Help" —
a girl plaiting her hair, and with the
book upon her knee, reading it while
she is doing her dressing, & thus making
the most of her time — but I have
given one of them to Signora Cairoli,
wife of the late prime minister, who
translated “Character” into Italian ;

and I have asked her to present the
other to the Queen of Italy. I was
introduced yesterday to Cairoli &
his lady. You may remember
that Cairoli in a measure saved
the Kings life while riding through
Naples a short time ago. He received
me with great politeness , & gave
me a hearty grasp of his hand.
It is a misfortune for me not to
speak Italian , but the Signora speaks
English very well , and was able
to interpret my conversation. It
was then that she told me that
she had translated “Character”,
which, she said , had given her
so much pleasure. She was pleased
to say that I was the only living
writer who devoted his time to

elevating the people by pressing upon
their consideration moral & social
subjects , and that my books had
been about the best read and
were the most valued in Italy.
Of course , this was a great gratification
to me ; and it endorsed that [¿]
article in the Quarterly — for which I
cannot thank you & the author too

I was a fortnight in Rome on
my way south to Naples. I did
not deliver my letters until my
return ; and now I am almost
overwhelmed with invitations. While
at Naples , I saw Pompeii , went
over to Sorrento , Capri &c ; went
round the Bay of Baiæ , and greatly
enjoyed the scenery & the ruins of

Roman greatness. I returned here
a week ago , and intend to stay
another fortnight.

I staid a week at the Europa ,
but found the accommodation bad , and
the dinners half-cold , and [dear].
I removed here & found everything most
comfortable. At Naples I staid at the
Royal Hotel des Etrangers. It is entirely
new , & a very fine hotel , close to the
Washington. It has been removed
from the place mentioned in the Guide-book
, and that paragraph will have
to be altered.

With kindest regards to Mr
Cooke , John the Third , & all at
50A , Believe me ever

[Yours very] faithfully

S Smiles

J. Murray Esq


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Letter from Smiles to Murray, 30 Mar 1859

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Title Letter from Smiles to Murray, 30 Mar 1859
Year group 1850-1900
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1859
Place of publication Rome, Italy
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Author information: Smiles, Samuel

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