Letter from Hogg to Murray, 13 Mar 1815

Author(s): Hogg, James


Edin. March 13th 1815
Dear Sir

I have been so long in writing to you only
because I had nothing of any consequence to commun-icate
nor have I at this time, only I should like to hear
from you when at leisure, about how literature is thriving
in general with you, and of my own little concern
in particular, if I am likely to get a new edition of the
Wake before May-day, or when; as I expected one
before this time. Now your reprobated Pilgrims are
making their way &c.&c. I am glad to see that they
have been so favourably reviewed in some of the
subordinate publications of the metropolis, which
cannot miss to do some good to the work. I should like
much to have something going on this Spring as I
will be engaged all the Summer in the country; and I
shall either publish Mador of the Moor a poem rather
longer than the Pilgrims or The Thistle and the Rose
the work of which we were talking. I think either of
these would do, Mr. Jeffery is not going to review the
Pilgrims until he get another of mine along with
it; and both he and his colleagues, with whom I spent
an afternoon lately, speak with more approbation
of the plan of the latter work than I ever heard their
talk of any thing. He says it is such a thing as every

country should have — that Britain was never so
well able to support it as at the present day —
and if it appear once a year or every two years
at least it is certain to succeed. I have every thing
ready for putting it to the press for this half-year save
that I want Lord Byron's promised assistance. If I
had but thirty lines from him I would be content
but I cannot think to put it to press without
something from him — if I am obliged to think not
well of Lord Byron it will be with peculiar ill will
Dont however mention the circumstance to him for tho'
it would be a material loss to me to want his
name engraved on the Rose yet I would not for the world
pester or dun him. — Think seriously of these things
my dear friend tell me as usual freely what you
think, the conditions shall always be of your own
making for though I am somewhat needy I am
not greedy. There is nothing to hinder them going
to press at the same time for the miscellaneous
work must be a London publication and is not
to appear as mine more than any other of the
supporters of it. — The duke of Buccleuch has been so
kind as, all unsolicited, to give me a farm on Yarrow
rent free for life — I have that farm to stock and a
cottage to build this summer so that you need not
think it strange that I would like to raise a few

pounds as soon as I can. However do not let
any casualty induce you to enter on any thing that
appears contrary to your interest, for as you shrewdly
hinted formerly, whatever is against that will prove
much more against mine finally. let me hear from
you soon — I was much pleased with your last
Review upon the whole which was the only No
I ever read; it is a much more amusing Review
than the Edin. and I should think more engaging
to common readers, I wish you would let me try
my hand on some new poem or light work
such as Guy Mannering There would at least
be some originality and common sense in them
and under the hand of a master, to go over
them, should I think make a respectable
appearance. Do not bid me send my correspondence
Manuscripts to London I can by no means do that
Blackwood is gone to the north — he is very [with] and
carrying briskly on. Scott is coming to London next
week by sea he intends seeing both you and L.d Byron
By an unhappy misconstruction of mine he and I had
a serious difference which I suppose you were aware of
he was so noble as quite to overlook it and we are at present
better friends than ever so that you may talk of Hogg to
him as freely as you like

Believe me dear Murray
Yours very sincerely

James Hogg

Mr. John Murray Esq
50 Albemarle Street

1815 March 13
Hogg Jas


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Letter from Hogg to Murray, 13 Mar 1815

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Title Letter from Hogg to Murray, 13 Mar 1815
Year group 1800-1850
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1815
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Author information: Hogg, James

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