Letter from Hogg to Murray, 28 Mar 1818

Author(s): Hogg, James


Grieve & Scott's Edin

March 28th 1818
My dear Sir

I have deferred answering your very
friendly letter so long that I might be in Edin. and
consult with Mr. Blackwood personally about its
contents. He is extremely glad that you are going to
interest yourself in my tales, as well as the edition
of the Queen's Wake and observes (justly I dare say) that
one who is truly friendly to a cause can always
do much more for it than one that is merely
indifferent farther than profit goes. He advises me
to conform to your proposals with regard to the sale
edition of the wake as to one who knows better than
any man what will do with the public But I
cannot help thinking that 7/ is too little for
an 8vo vol. of 400 pages and that no profit will
be made of it at all. We will however settle all
these things time enough as we have resolved
not to publish it till the beginning of Winter
and in the mean time you must make a long
pull and a strong pull in London for subscriptions
as you and Mr. Rogers are the principal men
we have to depend on. Walter Scott will write
to you himself within these few days. In the
mean time if you would be so good as distribute
a few of the proposals among your acquaintances
in the name of any one of my friends whose names
are subjoined, that is with their compts it might

be furthering the plan somewhat. If it should
not prove successful to a certain amount I should
feel awkwardly on account of the projectors more
than myself. I still think that at some of
your great sales saying nothing about the intended
sale copy you might put off a good deal among
the trade. I am sure however that you will do
all for the best if you do not in the length of
business forget me

Blackwood says he will give you one half
two thirds or any share of my Romantic Tales
that you please. At first we made some arrange-ments
about a copy-right but have now re-solved
on your account principally as the plainest
way for all parties to half the profits of the Edition
which I believe is only 1500 copies only Blackwood
is to advance me some money in the interim
but he will tell you more distinctly about all
these things himself

He is keeping the literary world and the Trade
here alive with a vengeance by that d—d Magazine
of his. I think, all things considered, one of his
writers in a very sharp but well written
article has given your Review fairly the super-iority
to the other. Write me soon and believe
me Dear Sir Yours most truly
James Hogg

PS. I have seen Mr Scott this moment
and he says he will not write till he have an
article for the review to send along with it to put you
in better humour; but in the mean time
you may use his name truly to any friend
of yours that you think likely to forward
the subscription. You will hear from him
very shortly

1818 Mar 28
Hogg James

John Murray Esq.
[39] Albemarle Street


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Letter from Hogg to Murray, 28 Mar 1818

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