Letter from Hogg to Murray, 5 May 1821

Author(s): Hogg, James


Altrive Lake

May 5th 1821
My dear Sir

I am sure I would be the last man
in the world that would teaze you but I wish you
may never in your life experience the chagrin and
dissapointment that I did this day when our carrier
called and had three letters from London and none
of them from you. I can very well excuse you overlooking
such small matters among your extensive concerns
but if you had known of what avail that small sum
was to me at this time when laying in stock for my
farm I never would have excused you. It is as true
as I am writing to you that as it prevents me getting
a final settlement with Blackwood the want of that
sum another forthnight is as much as my credit
is worth. I could easily have made him forthcomer
for it all as it had been due more than a year but
as he had charged me in his account with your
half of the last Ed. of The Wake and the Brownie I
thought it would be at least as pleasant for you to
settle with me as with him and took you for it
My bargain for the Brownie was simply a moiety
of the profits £100 to be paid in 6 months. I always
get one sixth of the whole edition taken at retail pr.
but am willing to take my share whatever it be Black-wood
says a fair medium price should be named
and agreed on and he is willing to give whatever you

please that is he refers his part entirely to you
He is willing to give £50 but more if you think
it behoves you to do so

After what I wrote to you and what passed between
Sir W. Scott and you I would not mention my new
work to any other body having strong hopes from
what he said to me that you would still be my
publisher Indeed he pressed me very hard to come to
London and see you and bring my M.S.S. with me
[apprising] me of a hearty welcome. The thing was out
of my power but after neglecting me so long I have
lost all hopes of your powerful name

My bargain for the Queen's Wake 1000 copies was
£100. at 12 months from the time of publication
It is now two years and Blackwood paid me his
part last year. Now my dear Murray I am not jesting
I charge you by all that is dear both to yourself and me
to send me what is my due by the return of post and
though you may think I am too importunate believe me
I cannot help it, therefore let it be in a kind letter
else I will be exceedingly grieved

I am dear Sir
Yours ever most truly
James Hogg
To J. Murray Esq.


John Murray Esq
50 Albemarl Street
8 2[¿]

May 5/21
J Hogg Esq


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Letter from Hogg to Murray, 5 May 1821

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Title Letter from Hogg to Murray, 5 May 1821
Year group 1800-1850
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1821
Place of publication Selkirk
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Author information: Hogg, James

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Forenames James
Surname Hogg
AKA The Ettrick Shepherd
Gender Male
Year of birth 1770
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Occupation Author, farmer, journalist
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Education Little formal schooling
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