Letter from Murray to Hogg, 24 Jan 1818

Author(s): Murray, John


To Hogg


Jany. 24. 1818
My dear Sir

I do assure you that your kind
Letter has afforded me very great pleasure, for
although our correspondence had been suspended
by my own idolence — & no other cause — yet my
regard for you has never diminished — and I
should much rejoice in any occasion of doing
you a service — I shall have great pleasure
in taking a share in your new work,
and in being its publisher in London —

With regard to the projected Quarto edition
of the Queens Wake I am not sorry that it is aban
doned for you will gain more I think by one

Jas. Hogg Esq

in Royal 8vo. But I really think that you ought
to print a Thousand in [demy] 8vo to sell for 9s/ &
throw off no more in the larger size than you
are confident of obtaining subscribers for — other
wise you will absolutely stop the sale of your
book, by printing it in a form that is neither
customary nor useful & retain at the same
time, the advancement of your own fame —

— If Blackwood likes I will join in giving you at
once half the profit of the Edition of 1,000 Copies to
sell at 9s/- & let you throw off Copies for your
subscribers in Royal 8vo paying only for the
paper & [working.] If you will draw out
a neat advertisement of Royal 8vo and
give me all the Names of Subscribers - I
will print the whole for you & insert it in
the next Number of the Quarterly Review
(of which by the way the Number printed is now
equal to that of the Ed. Rev 12.000 — wch I expect
to make 14.000 after two Numbers) and
I beg you at any rate to put my name down
upon your List for Twenty Five Copies at £1-1-0
— & I will try & get your other subscribers — this
is the very best time if you will send me your

advertisement & List of Subscribers immediately
— I am happy to say that I have your port
rait in my room — that one engraved
by a Painter in Edinburgh-

I expect to receive the MSS of Childe
Harold Canto IV and last in a few days
as Mr. Hobhouse is on his way from
Venice with it — Lord Byron
was very well -
With sincere regard
main — My dear Sir
your faithful friend
John Murray

James Hogg Esqr
Eltrieve Lake
by Selkirk

John Murray
Jany 24/18


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Letter from Murray to Hogg, 24 Jan 1818

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Title Letter from Murray to Hogg, 24 Jan 1818
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