Letter from Livingston to Murray, 1857

Author(s): Livingstone, David



Hadley Green

Livingstone Dr.

My Dear Mr Murray

I return the drawings
If the artist could put
rings on the legs
of Shinte up to
the knees & on
the arms it would
be an improvement
as I mention the
gait of the Balonda

Mrs Grimstone wishes the drawing of
Lake Ngami at your convenience
47 Grt Marlborough St
Regent St

gentlemen as regulated
by the weight
either real or
supposed of these

I send an imaginary
section of the
the Fizzure of
the Falls in order
to explain the
wearing away
side-ways of the


rock in which
it occur[s]. Can
a wood cut in
the page be made
of it?

Also a rude pen &
ink sketch of the
Marimba or
musical instruments
of the North — from
my description
If the keys laid
across the calabashes
were larger it

would convey
a good idea
but I dont care
much about

I have thought it
better to detain it for
a lady friend who
draws well — but
is now in child bed
if she makes a
good thing of it I shall
forward it. Will you
oblige me with a copy
of the Falls to shew
my friends here . I shall take care no
one will copy or see it who
will make a bad use of it


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Letter from Livingston to Murray, 1857

Document Information

Document ID 254
Title Letter from Livingston to Murray, 1857
Year group 1850-1900
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1857
Place of publication London
Wordcount 223

Author information: Livingstone, David

Author ID 36
Forenames David
Surname Livingstone
Gender Male
Year of birth 1813
Place of birth Blantyre, Scotland
Occupation Missionary, explorer, mill worker
Education University
Locations where resident Blantyre, Glasgow
Other languages spoken Latin
Religious affiliation Protestant, Congregational Church