Letter from Livingston to Murray, 20 Mar 1865

Author(s): Livingstone, David



1865 — Mar 20
Livingstone. D.

20 March 1865


My Dear Mr Cooke

I send by this days
post the matter
continuous with
p. 33a which I sent
yesterday namely
33a — 43a — & then
the continuation
of that 43a numberd
1 — 12 &c &c and
will send all
continuously as
quickly as I can

look over & insert the
additions that any
questions elicit.
Wou[ld] Mr Murray's
friend mind looking
over 33a 43a —
hurry it on to the
printer & then see
it properly paged
& out of hand. It
is rather black
from Prof Owen
& Oswells corrections
and I notice that
all corrections
& commas are


at times not put in
If these are looked
after & the sense
not materially
altered it would
help us on with
double speed —
Want of looking
up if all the corrections
are inserted has
entailed more
labour than
need have been —

I send also a
First proof I sent
yesterday with
corrections of my

my own — a word
sometimes left
out as in the case
of “Indigo & Senna
leaves” in one
slip makes it
impossible for
any one to understand
Exchange this now
sent, namely First
proof 207 — 217 for
the same if [¿]
corrected & send it
to Oswell — William
Oswell Esqr.
Tunbridge Wells

20/3/ 5.


I like his corrections
because having
been much
in Africa he
brings things to
that I dont think
of adverting to

The contents of
chapters were once sent
to the Printer but
have been lost
sight of I send
new ones &
all hereafter

to be sent will
be to be got
out of hand unless
some obscurity
or want is to
be made clear or

My reason for
writing to you
instead of to
Mr Murray is
[to] divide the
bother I am to
him — I enclose



a letter from Mr
John Crawford
and I want a
little inform-ation
“stone periods”.
Is Tylor a
reliable authority
and would
you spare a
minute just
to say where
the African “stone
age” is proved

& could you get
me the Examiner

Pray excuse

David Livingstone

I send also wood
cuts — to be inserted
when the matter
is page — your M[¿]
[¿] keep his eye
on the printer that
all the corrections
noted be introduced
The rest will all
come to you Indian
file for good as soon
as the reach 2d Revises

the slips are addressed to Mr Murray


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Letter from Livingston to Murray, 20 Mar 1865

Document Information

Document ID 259
Title Letter from Livingston to Murray, 20 Mar 1865
Year group 1850-1900
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1865
Place of publication Mansfield, England
Wordcount 408

Author information: Livingstone, David

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Forenames David
Surname Livingstone
Gender Male
Year of birth 1813
Place of birth Blantyre, Scotland
Occupation Missionary, explorer, mill worker
Education University
Locations where resident Blantyre, Glasgow
Other languages spoken Latin
Religious affiliation Protestant, Congregational Church