Letter Written by J Murray to a Friend

Author(s): Murray, J


St Andrews April 1st and thank God for it
Dear Campbell

I find it impoſsible to apologise
for so long a silence, even in any manner, much leſs can
I find a just excuse, an excuse which I durst offer to a
Friend _ To acknowledge my Fault and promise amendment
is the only hope I have of forgiveneſs _ I do not however
expect this to succeed as it is the means I took to obtain that last time
I trangreſsed in this way _ you can not suppose it neglect
or Forgetfulneſs of our former acquaintance If you
do you wrong me much I aſsure you _ I may plead busineſs
this however you will doubt Judging from yr knowledge
of my application. you will be wrong for once, and you
will wrong me in supposing that I offer a Lye in my [Excuse]

Upon reading over this last Page I find it perfectly unintelligible
but I cannot begin another as I am at present in great hurry
it may serve you for amusement if you are fond of puzzles
when you have nothing Else to do _
By This Time yr Amusements will be very near if not
altogether over, & the bees with which the D of Gordon must
have filled yr Head will be pretty nearly settled
tant meaux for yr Studies but what is of more consequence
tant pis for yrself I should think so were I
in yr Case _ I hear you stood in the most favorable
light with her Grace the Envy of the [whose] beaux in
Edinr _ Nay I even heard it alledged that you supplied
the place of a Certain _ not 100 miles from Gordon
Castle - Happy you If this be true - But I rather doubt the facts
In which Case I envy you not at all as I myself can
boast a small share of favour in a womans breast
whom I prize before all the Dutcheſseſs in Christendom
Do not suppose that I _ her, _ My Heart revolts at
the Idea, tho' she is a most Capital Piece _

The Enclosed Hair is hers for which reason I set the greatest value
upon it _ and were I not convinced of yr care would not even
trust it a moment in yr poſseſsion _ I send it to you
begging that you you will get it set _ I would urge the setting
plain but neat _ the Hair braided, I believe they called
you will understand plated better _ Let it be a Locket such as
Gentlemen wear _ tolerable big, in the plates & tolerably
large altogether _ I shall like it better if it is
set in plain Gold without any ornaments as these
are not neceſsary to render it dear to me I shall
make no apologies for troubling you with this [¿]
To serve a friend is to me always agreable, you [¿]
will not find it disagreable _ If you will Either pay
it or send to me the Jewellers bill I will transmit the
Money immediately _ Pray if poſsible let me have
it here on Friday Put it carefully in a letter
& it will come safe _ This ought not to
be considered as a Letter as so much of it is taken up
in busineſs of My own I shall write to you as soon I
get the locket - My Letter will I hope be better [¿]
4th _ If you can get a Frank to put the locket
on it will be better as the postage will be Exceedingly high
I would not however want it 24 Hours for all the postge
that is paid in a year - yrs Ever J Murray

This Letter is wrote in a great hurry so I beg you
will excuse its Faults Blemishes &c &c &c &c
Do you know one Mrs Smollett My aunt where
does she live
Be so good as send back the Hair if any is left
it is too valuable to loose _ remember Friday
Night if poſsible - Put it into the post office
on Thursday afternoon.


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Letter Written by J Murray to a Friend

Document Information

Document ID 313
Title Letter Written by J Murray to a Friend
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1785
Place of publication St Andrews, Scotland
Wordcount 689

Author information: Murray, J

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Initials J
Surname Murray
Gender Male