Letter on the Trials of Running a Society

Author(s): Wauchope, James


Edinburgh, [¿]Jun 16th 1785
Dear Campbell

I am sorry to say that Ruſsells
news to you, about the Society proves but
too true: I suppose you know that
Randolph was elected Secretary, upon
all the rest refusing it. I have not been
able to attend regularly myself, since
I saw you, as I am taken up in the
evening with Greek Masters & &c
however I hear he has not behaved
very well for some time past, by
writing down the Votes wrong on
purpose, & when a Member quarelled
him for it he told him he had no

busineſs to look on when he was writing,
or if he did he might write them
right himself. but last week he
Mr Randolph I mean set out for
Glasgow, without leaving either any
meſsage on the books of the Society so
they met & could do nothing; however
there was a Motion made & carried
that Mr Hope who was President should
deliver a meſsage dictated by the Society
that Mr Randolph should give his
raisons for behaving in such a manner
as taken the consequences.
When Hope told me the whole story
he begged of me that I would attend

at next meeting as there was likely
to be some disturbance which I accordingly
did. We met & Mr Randolph
after hearing Hope read what had
been ordered at East Meeting, Said
nothing more than that the rain
stopt him from coming into Towne,
& would not acknowledge that be was
to blame. We wished that before
any Motion was made he would
voluntary make some acknowledgement
by saing he was in the Wrong. He
was in a great paſsion & said, he would
not cringe to any set of people on
the face of the Earth the absurdity

of which expreſsion you must be
sensible of, however after cooling
a little he asked the Society to put of
the consideration of it till next day
that he might have time to consider
of it, which was granted so I dont
know how it will end but either
Ruſsell or I will write you after
next meeting about it. We thought
it was better not to write both at
the same time The Society is to adjourn
after this affair is ended, I
have room for no more & I fancy there
is more than you will be able to read
my hand shakes, so with the head I am

Dear Archibald
yours Sincerely
James Wanchope


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Letter on the Trials of Running a Society

Document Information

Document ID 318
Title Letter on the Trials of Running a Society
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1785
Place of publication Edinburgh, Scotland
Wordcount 409

Author information: Wauchope, James

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Forenames James
Surname Wauchope
Gender Male
Year of birth 1765