Letter from Claud Russell About Local Gossip

Author(s): Russell, Claud


Edinburgh14th July 1785
Dear Campbell,

I suppose by this time you will have
been informed by Wanchope that Randolph is no
longer a member of our ſocietie; and I wish for my
own part that we may always get as easily quit of
any pests that we may have; the unanimity with
which this has been done I uppose will have covinced
you, (as well as others that may hear of it) of the
propriety & neceſsity of this step of the ſocity, so it
will be unneceſsary for me to condescend upon partiarculars.
Since I wrote you last I have had a
letter from my brother Aleck who is at Calcutta in
a good way. Wancchope just now seems to
think of nothing but of the Carousal (which
they are to have at the Riding School) &

of the Gray mare he has had nothing but
heart burns since a certain person left th9is
& has not been seen half so often in the meadow
as formerly; however I believe time & absence
will obliterate every thing. Edinburgh begins to
quicken a litte since the arrival
of Mrs Siddons has been talked of, she has played
but once yet, so I have not been to see her, however
I understand it is no very difficult matter to get
in this season which is fortunate. Prince William
henry whom we expect every day seems to take
up the towns attention in speculations.
Charles Hamilton as I understand is expected
here daily. There has been an
akward kind of story in town this some time

that Miſs McDonald of Largs is six months
gone with Child to Hamilton of Wisha, however
fortunately she was lately married to a Captn
McNiel, altho' I'm told H. cant deny having
had crim. con. with her. I suppose by the time
you have got this far, you will be heartily
tired therefore Dear Campbell for the present
adieu & believe me

Yours Sincerely
Claud Ruſsell

P. S. I had almost forgot to mention that
yesterday was the last meeting of the
ſociety till the 2d wednesday of Novemr 1785
Ill send you in my next some of D. Stuarts
propositions which I forgot to get from Home
for I have none of them I have inclosed a
copy of the Resolutions as they now stand which I suppose you would


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Letter from Claud Russell About Local Gossip

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Document ID 322
Title Letter from Claud Russell About Local Gossip
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1785
Place of publication Edinburgh, Scotland
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Author information: Russell, Claud

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Year of birth 1769