Letter from James Wauchope to a Friend

Author(s): Wauchope, James


EdmonstonAug 28 1785
Dear Campbell

I recieved your letter dated by a
few days after it came, owing to our having gone
out to Edmonstone, and your Father not knowing
where to send it. I am happy to hear you talking
of coming down so soon, as to go to Garscube and
Panmure: altho' I am afraid you wil be disappointed
in going to the last mentioned place
with your Mother, as She is there just now:
I doubt your Father will be gone before I get
into town to get this letter but under a cover for
you. I shall make it only a single letter in
case that should happen. At present I ride into

Edinr, every Morning to attend the Greek &
Mathematics, & will do, for a month to come
I suppose, altho' it is not very agreable leaving
the country to be in town all day, yet if it
will make me understand them any better
I shall forget the inconvenience. You
mention in your last Miſs Graham of
Gartmore, indeed she is very pretty, but I don't
think she is the only pretty Woman altho'
I dare not say so to Ruſsell, whom I dined with
yesterday; we had a veery fine ride together
being Saturday. I was much obliged to you
for your good wishes when I went to the
Moors but I have postponed that expedition

till next season, as it rather came in the
way of my busineſs in Edinr., which was
not a veery great disappointment, excepting
the opportunity of visiting my friends at
Dun. I am not great sportsman in the way
of shooting. Ruſsell is cursing Mr Pitt
stopping him by his tax, I think
have been an exception, If your Father
of town I am afraid you will think this
letter hardly woth the postage there is so little
in it, there being no news here but that the proportions
have failed in Irland.

I am
Dear Arch' Yours
Jaes Wanchope

P.S. I will expect an answer
without minding Frank


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Letter from James Wauchope to a Friend

Document Information

Document ID 324
Title Letter from James Wauchope to a Friend
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1785
Place of publication Edmonston, Scotland
Wordcount 344

Author information: Wauchope, James

Author ID 358
Forenames James
Surname Wauchope
Gender Male
Year of birth 1765