Letter from Archibald Campbell, 4 May 1823

Author(s): Campbell, Archibald


Garscube4th May 1823

I have just recieved yours of
the 30th alto only this day on account of your having
addreſsed it to Edinr in place of Glasgow
When I was in Edinr for a day
lately Mr. Wardlaw showed me a letter from
Mr Geo. Simson in which he says he had
given you a statement he had made of all the
facts known to him in reference to the question
of Genl. Balfours domicil & that you had got
his permiſsion to send it to me. This statement
I have never got & am afraid that it has either
not left London or been mislaid at the Coach
office here. Write me [¿] whether you
sent it to me & if so whether addreſsed to me at
Edinr or Glasgow & by what Coach

When in Edinr Genl Balfour Mr
Wardlaw & I went over a new Case [drawn]
by Mr Tait to be [¿] before the Counsil before
the Counsil to be consulted but we could not finally
arrange it untill we got the agreement what the
late General Balfour intend [¿] with Mrs Thomas
left in Mr Farmer's hands It was written for
on Monday last & ought to be in Edinr thursday
& I shall hear from Mr. Tait with a copy of it
in a day or two. I am afraid from what you
say in yours of the 30th that the [¿] still remained
in Mrs Thomas's person & that the Gennl
had only a [¿] which is I presume leſs personable
to our plea. A Lease I believe
is held by the Law of England to be a property
as well as a Copy held, but perhaps a sublease
is not, especially if only of a furnished house
As to withdrawing the [¿] I [¿]

no propriety in doing that at present untill we see the
new opinions & if they are doubtful & the question
is to be tried I do not think Miſs Balfour should
administer till the case is decided
I suppose Miſs B to die before
administering she could not validly transfer
the funds by any settlement according to our
notions but whether his is the same in
England I wish you to inform me in
your net. This of course is private

I am Yours Faithfully
Archd Campbell

If you write [¿] direct here If not to
I should hold that as General Balfour resided
9 or 10 years in Bolton Law afer his return from
India & had neither property nor house [¿]
[¿] that he acquired a Domicil in England altho'
the house was only a furnished one.


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Letter from Archibald Campbell, 4 May 1823

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Title Letter from Archibald Campbell, 4 May 1823
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