Legal Discharge by John Fullarton

Author(s): Fullarton, John


I Master John Fullartoune of Greenhall with [conſent] of John Fullartoune
my eldest lawfull ſone be thir presents [¿] [¿] diſclaim and [¿] in favours
of William Campbell of Succoth his heirs and succeſsors all rigt title and
interest that I any wayes have or can claim or pretend to the sum of three thouſand
eight hundered and twenty-eight merks Scotts money of principall Seven
hundered marks money forsaid of pennalty and @rents of the said principall sum
bygone and to come contained in a bond granted to Sir neill Campbell of Isloangraig
to [¿] Campbell of ormadale dated the fifteen day of September
jajvjc and ninty eight and Conſort that the said William Campbell of
Succoth as creditor to the said Coline Campbell of ormadale doe affect the said
ſum by [¿] or any other manner of [¿] competent of the law in witneſs
whereof we have subscribed thir presents [¿] & John Buchanan
Servant to Robert Campbell wryter to the signett att Greenhall the
Twenty eight Day of november Jajvijc and Seven years
befor thir witneses John [¿] [¿] [¿] in Dumbartane
and Mungo Buchanan wryter yr [¿] [¿] of the [¿] [¿]
[¿] and witneses

Buchanan witnes
Jon: Ewing witneſs
Jo. Fullerton
John Fullerton


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Legal Discharge by John Fullarton

Document Information

Document ID 344
Title Legal Discharge by John Fullarton
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Administrative prose
Year of publication 1703
Wordcount 192

Author information: Fullarton, John

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Forenames John
Surname Fullarton
Gender Male