Letter Regarding Estate Management

Author(s): Campbell


I had an intention when I was at [¿] in wintter
laſt to have ſein yow and knew not till I was yr
yt yow was away to ye Barth in Ingland, and haveing
mait at [¿] yow broyr in Law Robert Campbel
off [¿] wt whom I converſed concerning ye deſyre
I had to meet yow, and [intiriſted] him as he would ſee
yow after yor home comeing to [¿] the [¿]
ſamen to yow, for which cauſe I left wt him ane
[rentale] of my eſtate in an account of ye whole debt
upon it, and alſo of ye whole [¿] upon it And
now ſeing it is my Inclinatione to [¿] wt yow as ane
[¿] a ſtrainger [¿] yow and I might Conſent
in [¿] ſo much money from yow upon my
ſervant in order to clear off my [now] [¿] ſince
[¿] knowing you are [¿] (who [¿] to [¿])
is able to advance me money upon my [servyce], for my
[behold] and yor owne alſo I have offered yow this [¿]
That as yor Inclinatione [¿] to my propoſeds
yt yow be pleaſed to let me know [¿] what
tyme and place yow would deſyre I should meet
I am writeing to comply with yow but [¿]
[¿] to meet yow at [¿] or

any elſe with yor [¿]
upon [¿] I am deſyrous to know of yor
[¿] fair wife is yt [¿] wiſhes if him [¿]
has his beſt reſpects rememberd [¿] yorſelf
and Ladye [¿] by

Yor moſt [¿]
and humble ſervt
[¿]Campbell off Burbreck[¿]


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Letter Regarding Estate Management

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Document ID 355
Title Letter Regarding Estate Management
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Administrative prose
Year of publication 1710
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Author information: Campbell

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