James Campbell's Second Letter Home from Fort Oswego

Author(s): Campbell, James



I take this opportunity to let you know
I am still in the Land of the Living at this uncomfortable
Place Osweygo but I don't Repent my Coming to this
Country as I have got my Preferment without Purchasing
and tho' the Regt. may be broke in the event of a Peace
my half pay will be better.
I wrote Archd. some time ago under Genll. Campbells
Cover that Genll. Shirley had appointed me a Capt. in
his own Regt. I have not Receive'd my Commiſsion
but I believe its Sign'd and in our Majors hands
the winters here being Severe all our Communication
with the Inhabited Port of this Country is Cut off
till the beginning of Aprile at which time if the
War is to Continue we expect the army to advance
this Way I hope our Next Campaign will be
more Succeſsfull than this has been but there are
many difficultys to support an army so far from
Inhabitants. almost unsurmountable.
I have taken every opportunity of writing home
and hope my letters have Come to hand. Some of them
have for I receiv'd an answer to one I Wrote from
this Place

I was Glad to hear from Annie that the Bridge was
finish'd and the Road in a fair way of being so. it will
be of Great Service to your Part of the Country, and you
may tell Mr. Collquhoun I give him Joy of it. I shou'd
be very Glad to hear from him and how the Improvements
go on in the Country.
This Place affords nothing New, its quite in its
Primitive State. Situated on a River at the side
of a Vast Lake on which we have four arm'd Veſsells
on the other Side in a Boundleſs forest of Prodigious
fine trees. Tho here of no Value. I have burn'd more
for firewood this winter in my house than wou'd make
a Poor man Rich with you.
I begg to be remember'd to all my good acquaintances
tell them I am well and in good health tho' I have but
very little Fresh Provision to eat I drink their Health
often in very good madeira Wine.
I shall be glad often to hear from my sisters and of
your Wellfare which I most Sincerely Wish I hope at my
Return to find you in good health I wish my friend
Mains had sent his son John a Voluntier into this
Country if he is not better Provided for where he is
had he behav'd himself well I think he wou'd have
got a Commiſsion as there has been many Vacancy
in this Country by battle fatigue and feverish
disorders which has Swept. of many. I am affraid
it will now be too Late to advise him to take a
step of that sort as it may not meet with Succeſs.

Tell Mr. Graham I have wrote him sevll. times which
I hope he has Receiv'd. I expect to Paſs a Winters night
with him at his fireside drinking some of his good strong
Beer. I shall have a Prodigious budget of adventures
to tell him, which I can not Commit to Paper
youll communicate this to Arch: as I have not time to
write him the Indian that carries it being just
setting out
So shall conclude with wishing you and yours all
Health and happineſs and I am

Dr. Sir
your most Dutifull
Jas. Campbell

OsweygoJany ye 23d 1756


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James Campbell's Second Letter Home from Fort Oswego

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Title James Campbell's Second Letter Home from Fort Oswego
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1756
Place of publication Oswego, America
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Year of birth 1730
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