Letter about a Wig

Author(s): Campbell, A


LondMarch 7th 1709
My Dr> Gover:

I sent yo wig by the Coach of Monday was seven
night which was to be at Bath last Wensday so I
hope you have recd it saif and that you like it,
I sent the Mayor half a pound snuff by the
same Coach I should be glad to hear that it came
lyke way's saif for those little things may be
some times lost, the Doctors Councill has gone
to the third article of his Impeachmt and I belive
this day they may goe thorough the 4th: I belive
it will take yet 3 or 4 dayes before the Lords
will come to a reſolution what to doe with
him, the Mob is now very quick the [Doctors]
attendance are not so great as useuall
ther is Many people taken up on yt [¿]
I hope the guilty will be puniſhed, My most
humble service to the [¿] and to all the
rest of yo Acquaintance & friends I am
in [hast]

D: G yos
A: Campbell


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Letter about a Wig

Document Information

Document ID 375
Title Letter about a Wig
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1709
Place of publication London, England
Wordcount 173

Author information: Campbell, A

Author ID 371
Forenames A
Surname Campbell