Letter Regarding Politics in Scotland

Author(s): Fullarton, John



I am eartily sory that there should be so much heat as you
tell me of upon so ſmall grounds, me thinks &c. John Shaw should not take it ill
yt Mr Grahame would say yt if he had known how the Dumbarton-shyre
adreſse was to be diſpoſed off; yt neither Succoch nor any Shaw in holland should
have got it; Sinc he as Shireff of the shyre was to ſend it to the Duke of
Montroſe the shireff princiall, nor doe I think Mr. Grahame would deny
he ſaid so, if he minded it, and people are very apt to forget what they ſpeake
in paſsion. I perfectly remember that Succoch and he being under ye [¿]
[¿] Hugh Campbell [¿]; that day my Lord Iſla [¿] at Glaſgow there
paſsed ſome hot words betwixt Mr. Grahame and Succoch and that James Grahame
sayd that [¿] Succoch nor any shaw in Scotland should have got yt [¿] and he
known the deſign of sending it the way it went but I underſtood nothing of
any ſlight deſigned againſt [¿] John in all yt paſsed nor any ground he has
to quarrell [¿] Madam I beg you may make uſe of my name in this mater as litle
as is poſsible, I will ſay as much as I have written at any time; but I would [¿]
you to show my letter to non but to Barowfield who I know will make no ill
uſe of it, But wherein my word as write [¿] ſerve to take away differences and
to [¿] quarrells I am willing that [¿] to [¿]; but soe
as I may give as little offence to any of the partys concerned as is poſsible; and
particularly to Mr Grahame who is my very good friend; I am

Your very affectionat and
moſt humble servant
Jo: Fullerton

Greenhall17 Aguſt 1707
Be pleaſed to give my service to Succoch


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Letter Regarding Politics in Scotland

Document Information

Document ID 379
Title Letter Regarding Politics in Scotland
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1707
Place of publication Greenhall, Argyll, Scotland
Wordcount 311

Author information: Fullarton, John

Author ID 294
Forenames John
Surname Fullarton
Gender Male