Letter on Summonses

Author(s): Campbell, Archibald


12 June 1735


I just now received yours with the summonds of wakening
and execution of Mr Stirling but yow have forgot to
Execute it against Mr Law against whom it ought principally
to be Execute he being the repreſentative of Mr Stirling
ſo I hve returned yow the ſummonds that it may be
Execute against him I shall speak to Mr. Miller again
about the memorial.

Please tell Mr Dunlop I received his letter
and shall send him the summonds he writes for the
next post and that Mr Cormihill has given Mr Buchan
a summonds about Redhouse of which i shall write
him there particularly next post.

I am
Your most Humble Servant
Mr A Campbell

P. S.: Mr Millar has told me just now that he has
found the memoriall ſo yow need not trouble yourself.
The Duke & Ducheſs of Argyle came here last
night. [Here] they stay about five or six days &
from thence go to the Highlands. They are to come
by the [way] of Glasgow


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Letter on Summonses

Document Information

Document ID 551
Title Letter on Summonses
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1735
Place of publication Edinburgh, Scotland
Wordcount 174

Author information: Campbell, Archibald

Author ID 167
Forenames Archibald
Surname Campbell
AKA Third Duke of Argyll, Earl of Ilay, Ilay
Gender Male
Year of birth 1682
Place of birth Surrey, England
Mother's place of birth Suffolk, England
Father's place of birth Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation Nobleman, politician, military, judge
Father's occupation Nobleman, Politician
Education University
Locations where resident Glasgow, Edinburgh
Religious affiliation Presbyterian, Catholic