Letter from Dr Wight to the Committee

Author(s): Wight, Dr William


To Meſsrs Leechman, Clow and Wilson

I had yesterday transmitted
to me, a Paper signed by Dr Reid, from you,
as a Committee. I beg leave to observe that I
apprehend, the proceedings of the Faculty, as some
what informal, on taking any Evidence, on
Dr Reids Complaint, till, they have first, examind
into my Representation, of March 6th,
which laid a Foundation, for the subsequent
Proceedings. But as I wish to shew the utmost
Deference to the Faculty, [¿] I suffer
from them, as to the Mode of conducting Matters,
I shall lay before the Committee, a very short Answer
to Dr Reid's Representation of March 23rd.

I therefore beg to inform you that I
still consider myself as injurd, and affronted by the
Meſsage deliverd, by Dr Reid, on the 21st of
March, and as I am not conscious of having
on the 6th, said any thing, unproper on that subject,
I neither will nor, can retract or

apologise for any thing that I attend on
that stead, but justify and avow every expreſsion
that I used relative to Dr Reid's
being the Berer, of that Meſsage.

I spare every Reflection, with regard to the
unpolite, and ill founded Insinuations in the
Representation by Dr Reid of the 23rd. My
own Mind, is far from any reproach on
the Head of the Candor which becomes a
Man, the Honour of a Gentleman, or the
Ingenuity of a Christian, I can fairly trust
my Character in these Respects, to the [ingenuity]
of my Colleagues, and to the [¿] of Mankind
- I only add that I wish Dr Reid had always
been as careful, with regard to his imputations
or the Characters of others has he is delicate with respect
to cry Hurts, as to the Impropriety of his
own Behaviour - I hope I shall be no more

troubled to write on this Subject, as I have
endeavourd to be explicit, and am very
respectfully Gentlemen

Your most obedient
Humble Servant
Will Wight

24t March 1780


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Letter from Dr Wight to the Committee

Document Information

Document ID 555
Title Letter from Dr Wight to the Committee
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Administrative prose
Year of publication 1780
Wordcount 338

Author information: Wight, Dr William

Author ID 185
Title Dr
Forenames William
Surname Wight
Gender Male
Year of birth 1730
Place of birth Cumberland, Scotland
Occupation Academic, clergyman
Father's occupation Clergyman
Education University
Locations where resident Glasgow
Other languages spoken Latin
Religious affiliation Presbyterian