Dr Reid's Questions to the Committee

Author(s): Reid, Thomas


Questions which Dr. Reed proposes to be put by
the Committee upon his Complaint to the Members who
were present in the Meeting on the 6th of March 1780.
1 Did you hear Dr Wight in a meeting of Faculty in
his own house on the 6th of March, give a Detail of a
Conversation between him & Dr Reed in his on house a
few days before, in which conversation Dr Reed delivered
a Meſsage to him from Mr Anderson?
2 Did you hear Dr Wight expreſs himself in that Meeting
with Zeal by Vehemence against that Meſsage, as a Man
injured and provoked by it?
3 Did you hear him call it an Insult to him, & a [¿]?
4 Do you remember his giving it other bad names, and
what were they?
5 Did you hear Mr Cumen & Dr Stevenson make Speeches
in the said Meeting of Faculty upon the said Meſsage with
Vehemence & the Appearances of Indignation against the
6 Did you hear Mr Cumen or Dr Stevenson or either of
them call this Meſsage an Insult to Dr Wight, a threatning,
a [Bribe] offered, a Concuſsion, or which of those Epithets did
you hear given to it & by whom?
7 Do you remember any other opprobrious Expreſsions
that were applied by the Gentlemen above mentioned to this
Meſsage or to the Sender of it, or the person who carried it.
And what were they? Or by whom uttered?
8 Did it appear to you that the three Gentlemen complained
of had a concerted Design, to represent to the Faculty
this Meſsage as Dishonourable & Disgracefull, in the
first place to the Sender and in the second place to the
Person who carried it.
To be communicated to the other Members of the Committee

This is the Paper delivered to the Principal
on the 28th of March 1780 as Preſes of the Committee.

Will Leechman


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Dr Reid's Questions to the Committee

Document Information

Document ID 557
Title Dr Reid's Questions to the Committee
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Administrative prose
Year of publication 1780
Wordcount 316

Author information: Reid, Thomas

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Forenames Thomas
Surname Reid
Gender Male
Year of birth 1710
Place of birth Strachan, Kincardineshire, Scotland
Occupation Academic
Father's occupation Clergyman
Education University
Locations where resident Glasgow, London, Aberdeen