Draft of Advertisement, No. 45

Author(s): Woodburn, David


Advertisement No. 45

Be it known to all honest men & bonny
Laſses that the word Scarlet when it is given as a sentiment
(which is often done in a Company of College-Gentlemen)
no longer repreſents any other word beginning with a C. & ending with a T., as
the word Claret for example, neither does it mean the Whore of Babylon
nor the Military nor the Maiden-head; neither does it signify
a leſson which is partly white and [Paſsionately] Black without
the smallest resemblance to red, but henceforth and forever
shall signify a Cox-comb, and every man however ſober may
drink to the future with a clean Conscience, even a
tutor without being guilty of henpecking his Superior Tutors
who also may happen to be a man of Italic Paſsions xxx

Beware of the man says honest & other
hearted Malbranche, who blackens o'er his [¿] and grows
pale in his paſsions, is the Moral of this Advertisment.


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Draft of Advertisement, No. 45

Document Information

Document ID 589
Title Draft of Advertisement, No. 45
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1768
Place of publication Glasgow, Scotland
Wordcount 159

Author information: Woodburn, David

Author ID 176
Forenames David
Surname Woodburn
Gender Male
Year of birth 1749
Place of birth Monkton, Ayrshire, Scotland
Occupation Student
Father's occupation Farmer
Education University
Locations where resident Glasgow, Monkton