Oath Abjuring Loyalty to Stuarts

Author(s): Rosse, Andrew


do ſolemnly[¿]
[¿]pretending to be Prince[¿]
[¿]title of King of England by the name[¿]
[¿]of James the 8th, or [¿]
[¿]title whatsoever to the Crown[¿]
or any other the [¿] belonging, and I do [¿]
give any alledgiance to [¿] George and him will [¿]
outmoſt of my power agst all traiterous conspiracies & attempts [¿]
which ſhall be made against his pson Crown or Civil Dignity, and I [¿]
do my Outmoſt indeavour to discloſe and make known to his Maties
and his Succeſsors all Treaſons & traiterous Conspiracies, which I shall
know to be agst him or any of them. Amd I do faithfully promiſe to the outmoſt
of my power to support maintain & defend the succeſsion of ye Crown in the
Heirs of the Body of the late Princeſs Sophia [¿] & Dutcheſs of Hannover
being Proteſtant against him the said James & all other persons whatsoever, &
all theſe things I do plainly and ſincerly acknowledge and ſwear according
to theſe Expreſs words by me spoken, and according to the plain & Common
senſe & understanding of the same words without any Equivocation, Mental
Evaſion or secret Reservation whatsoever, and I do make this recognition
Acknowledgement Abjuration Renunciation & promiſe heartily & Willingly
and truly as I shall Anſwer to God.

Explicatory Clauſe by some thought Sufficient without Altering the Oath
Sr J__s St__t. &c

And wheras certain Scruples have ariſen to many of his Maties faithfull
& Loyal |Subjects in Scotland concerning the sd Oath of Abjuration as if ye reference
to yt out of settlement contained in the sd Oath did engage the taker thereof to the
ſeveral conditions subjoyned [¿] settlment; It is yrfor hereby declared
that the sd Oath neither [¿] oblidge the takers thereof to any of
the conditions subjoyned [¿] nor is or was meant to oblidge his
Maties sd subjects of Scotland [¿] Act or Acts any wiſe inconſistant with
the Establishment of the Church of Scotland, in its Doctrine principles Worſhip
Diſcipline & Government.


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Oath Abjuring Loyalty to Stuarts

Document Information

Document ID 612
Title Oath Abjuring Loyalty to Stuarts
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Administrative prose
Year of publication 1744
Wordcount 313

Author information: Rosse, Andrew

Author ID 127
Forenames Andrew
Surname Rosse
AKA Andrew Ross
Gender Male
Year of birth 1680
Occupation Academic
Education University
Locations where resident Glasgow, Edinburgh
Other languages spoken Latin, Greek