Legal Letter from Robert Simson

Author(s): Simson, Mr Robert


26th Decemb. 1744

Sir To Mr Jermingham Chevely

The last letter we received from yow was of Febr. 13. 1743
in which yow gave us advice of Franklins having cut and [¿] some
trees, and advised us to prosecute him for that Offence. In our anſwer to
this we gave yow full Liberty and deſired yow would get him [¿] to
prevent the like practice. But we have got no anſwer to this letter
nor have received the draught of the Lease to [Bedel] which we were to
sign and return to yow, and Expected a good time ago. Yow will be
pleased to send us an Account how all affairs stand with reſpect to
both the Eſtates in Hertfordshire and Ellen, as alſo your own Account of
moneys, that we may know how much we may draw upon yow for.
Send us likewise your advice with reſpect to any thing by which
the Mortification May be meliorated, and made anſwerable to the
pious deſign of the founder. In one of your last letters yow take
notice of your wanting the Deed of Lease and Release. It was last
in Mr Howards hands. Pray let us know if you have got it up from
him. This Sir is by Order of the Faculty signified to you by

your most humble servant
Prof. Simson

Mr Alexander Roſse of Grays Inn [¿] was the
person whom we Entruſted to get up the papers belonging to us
that were left in Mr Howards hands by Mr [¿] our late
Attorney. Pray be so good to get Notice of the Deed of Lease and
Release be not got up among the rest, and if Mr Roſs have it
we shall write to him to deliver it & any papers relative to it
into your hands. R. S.


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Legal Letter from Robert Simson

Document Information

Document ID 614
Title Legal Letter from Robert Simson
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Administrative prose
Year of publication 1744
Place of publication Glasgow, Scotland
Wordcount 301

Author information: Simson, Mr Robert

Author ID 141
Title Mr
Forenames Robert
Surname Simson
Gender Male
Year of birth 1687
Place of birth West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland
Occupation Academic
Father's occupation Merchant
Education University
Locations where resident Glasgow