Recommendation of a Student

Author(s): Campbell, I


These are testifying [¿] the Bearer Mr John -
Hamilton Student of Divinity has lined within -
the bounds of this Presby while Schoolmr at Kilmorie
in Arran these six years & a half by gone and
behaved himself chriſtianly civilly & inoffensively
every way becoming his station and having ply'd -
his studies while in our Bounds & particularly the -
Irish Language, wherein he has made good proficiency
And being now to leave our Bounds We do ſerious
ly recommend him to any Synod or Presby that wants
a Burſser having the Irish Language as a hopefullyouth
that may be useful is his Generaon Subtat
appointmt of the presby [¿] sitting at -
Campbeltown the 18th day of Aprile 1711 By
Alan [Bellmore]
Jo: Allan [¿] presby

of Kintyre in
Favours of Mr Jo:


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Recommendation of a Student

Document Information

Document ID 622
Title Recommendation of a Student
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Administrative prose
Year of publication 1711
Place of publication Glasgow, Scotland
Wordcount 134

Author information: Campbell, I

Author ID 416
Initials I
Surname Campbell