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Title Author Year Word count Freq. Norm.
An Inverness Lawyer and His Sons, 1796-1878 Anderson, Isabel Harriet 1900 54,692
An Account of the Life and Transactions of Mary M'Kinnon Anonymous 1823 998
Execution of Mrs M'Kinnon, Who was Executed at Edinburgh Anonymous 1823 723
Memorial for James Petrie, Writer in Aberdeen Anonymous 1736 32,480
A Brief Description of Orkney, Zetland, Pightland-Firth & Caithness Brand, Reverend John 1701 31,917
Local Industries of Glasgow and the West of Scotland Caird, Robert;
Chisholm, Sir Samuel;
Dyer, Henry;
Fleming, Sir James;
Henderson, George Gerald;
Macintyre, Robert;
Mackenzie, T R;
McLean, Angus;
Sandeman, David T;
Sexton, Alexander Humboldt;
Thompson, George R
1901 137,543
An Essay on the Scoto-English Dialect Collin, Zacharias 1862 35,322
Thomas Crawford's Journey to Australia Crawford, Thomas 1825 10,004
A New Revelation Doyle, Arthur Conan 1918 20,284
The Decadence of the Spook J, M B 1922 1,511
Annals of a Publishing House: William Blackwood and His Sons: Their Magazine and Friends Oliphant, Mrs Margaret Oliphant 1897 174,684
An Account of the Kingdom of Thibet Stewart, Mr John 1777 6,441
Lady Louisa Stuart: Selections from Her Manuscripts Stuart, Lady Louisa 1899 83,479
Essay on the Principles of Translation Tytler, Alexander Fraser 1791 33,239
Mary Queen of Scots: A Narrative and Defence Walker, Reverend Alexander 1889 33,962

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