Document 1005

Poem from "Burnin Whins"

Author(s): Liz Niven

Copyright holder(s): Liz Niven


‘No future age shall see his name expire’
Inscription on the tombstone of William Nicholson.

Brither Wull, tae scuil’s routine ye wir ill-fitted,
they said ye could cairrie the pack instead.
No suitit tae ferm wi yer short sicht,
loadit up wi combs, thimbles, goun fabric.
Ye set aff wi yer bagpipes at twentie,
wunnert whit wid printin a buik dae fir ye.
Afore lang yer poem sangs got ye kent,
tae Edinburgh citie neist ye went.
Bit doon in London ye fell oan herd times,
preachin religion instead o yer rhymes.
Drink made ye prey tae malevolent types.
Near droont in canals, robbed o yer pipes.

Ye’ll be mindit alangside Burns an Hogg,
fir yer Brownie o Blednoch written at Borgue.

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Poem from "Burnin Whins"


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