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Wilton Gardens Residents Association Minutes 8 January 1985

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Minutes of committee meeting held on 8th January, 1985, at the home of R. [CENSORED: surname].

Present: R. [CENSORED: surname], V. [CENSORED: surname], J. [CENSORED: surname], M. [CENSORED: surname], M. [CENSORED: surname], M. [CENSORED: surname], T. [CENSORED: surname], M. [CENSORED: surname].

Apologies: A. [CENSORED: surname], R. [CENSORED: surname], J. [CENSORED: surname].

A welcome was extended by the committee to our new member, Miss [CENSORED: surname].

Letters: M. [CENSORED: surname] said that only acknowledgements had been received. R. [CENSORED: surname] had not written the letters after the previous meeting, but it was agreed that the holiday period was a bad time for official letters.

The committee continues to be worried about the condition of the 'Greek' Thomson wall in Queen Margaret Road. T. [CENSORED: surname] reported that two large coping stones had been levered off on to the pavement beneath. It was agreed to write again to the Roads Department, West End Conservation Group, the Police and Cllr. Danny [CENSORED: surname].

A letter is also to be sent to the Roads Department about the railings in Doune Quadrant which J. [CENSORED: surname] had noted as being in a poor state of repair; the holes in the road in Belmont Street; the pavement in Queen Margaret Road; and railings at a basement area at the top of Belmont St. T. [CENSORED: surname] asked that a request for better sign-posting of Queen Margaret Road should be included. The flooding in Queen Margaret Road will also be mentioned.

R. [CENSORED: surname] thought the Cleansing Department might be reminded about sweeping back green steps. There were general complaints about litter in the district. The new owners of the former Bakery Union building at the foot of Fergus Drive are to be asked to control the litter in front of their premises. M [CENSORED: surname] suggested a letter might be sent to local schools.

Multiple Occupancy:
It was agreed that a letter should be sent to Jim [CENSORED: surname] MP and Cllr. Danny [CENSORED: surname] bringing their attention to the lack of action being taken on the proposals, now 8 - 10 years old, to restrict multiple occupancy. There were to have been wardens and inspection of premises. These proposals, it was agreed, would alleviate the noise nuisance in particular. M. [CENSORED: surname] recommended phoning the police each time there is a disturbance as it is logged by them. T. [CENSORED: surname] agreed to ask the Citizen's Advice bureau for their pamphlet on Noise Abatement. A discussion on noisy neighbours ensued. J. [CENSORED: surname] said an Environmental Health Officer had called at his flat asking about the number of rented flats in the block.

The graffiti in the closes in Queen Margaret Drive, thought to be the work of pupils from North Kelvinside School, was deplored. M. [CENSORED: surname] reported that three cars had been vandalised one night outside her home. Security was discussed. Burglary and theft of and from cars is on the increase. M. [CENSORED: surname] told the meeting that her flat had been broken into the previous day. The police advice to her was to install a burglar alarm.

A newsletter and a reminder will be produced before the Public Meeting to be held in March. M. [CENSORED: surname] to ask the Parks Department for a speaker. It was agreed to apply for £100 grant for this year's Gardens Competition. The newsletter should also include an appeal for information on bad building work, and advice on household security.

Next meeting: 12th February at [CENSORED: house number] Wilton Street, home of Mrs. M. [CENSORED: surname].


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