Document 121

The’r Fowk Deein Noo That Hisnae Dee’d Afore.

Author(s): Robert Fairnie

Copyright holder(s): Robert Fairnie


It wisnae lang efter Sandy an Wullie hid dee’d that ae day, Geordie Jooks wis takin a dander ower the street an whae did he no bump intae but Snawface, Wullie’s wee brither. His richt nem wis Alec but he aye got Snawface aw his days tho, it his tae be said, no aye tae his face. Snawface micht hae been a wee bittie glaikit at times but he wis that quick tae loss the heid, ye didnae want tae gie him the excaise.

“Alec, A wis richt vexed tae hear aboot your Wullie.” said Geordie, “An him gaun sae quick on the back o his pal, Sandy.”

“Ay Geordie, we aw got an awfu gliff richt eneuch. But thare ye ar, they war aye thegither in life an noo they’re thegither again in daith, puir sowls, sae whit can ye dae?”

“Ay, ye’v juist got tae git on wi it A suppose. A dinnae ken tho Alec but it seems tae me the’r been an awfu daiths in the toun thae last puckle weeks. Ye nae suiner git oot yer murnin claes an ye’r haein tae git back intae thaim again. It’s no cannie.”

“Ay,” said Snawface, “It maks ye wunner whae’s gaun tae be neist.”

“It wis at times lik this,” Geordie eikit, “Ma faither aye yaised tae say that the’r fowk deein noo that hisnae dee’d afore.”

Snawface’s bawbee didnae drap sae Geordie airtit the crack anither gate.

“Your Wullie cuidnae hiv been aw that auld Alec. Hou auld wis he?”

Snawface thocht for a meinit an reponed, “Ye ken Geordie? A cuidnae really tell ye. Aw A can mind is that he wis twa year aulder nor me.”

Ay, Snawface wisnae aw that guid at his geography aither when he wis at the schuil.

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