Document 1474

The Feartie-Cat

Author(s): Rowena M Love

Copyright holder(s): Rowena M Love


A feartie-cat, an richt hen-hertit,
Ah’m shair tae loass onie rammie -
Fur well afore it wud even be stertit
Whae’d be skirlin fur his mammie?

Ah wud!

Fae uncannie craiturs Ah’d jouk awa
Tremmlin, souchin, sairly fleggit
Ah’d coorie doon, mak masel sma
Fae sic beasties whae wudnae leg it?

Ah huv!

“Cushie, cushie,” the corbie wud ca,
As a wirricow’s speirer oot,
Kecklin michtily as Ah lowped the wa,
He’s clypin tae carlines so wud Ah scoot?

Wud ah?!

A hushle o’ hey in runkelt claes
Wi a tumshie heid an a battered hat
Mochie, holie, seen better days -
Whae on eird cud be feart o that?

Ah cud!

A wee peep an Ah’m aa peelie-wallie,
Ne’er min a fleysome tattie-bogle!
Feart as Ah am o ma ain shaddae
Whit does it tak, ma smeddum tae coggle?


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The Feartie-Cat


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