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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 02, recording 1: jigsaws, building blocks, toy barbecue and books

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

M1092 Me know.
F1091 Fitt ain dae ye want to dae first?
M1092 Erm. Me know. That ain. //That ain, that ain.//
F1091 //Which one?// The cat and stuff?
M1092 Uh-huh. [inaudible]. No want it. //You hold it.//
F1091 //Okay then.// I'll hold it. Right, you wantin to do this one first.
M1092 Mm. [inaudible]
F1091 Mm, okay, right. So, we're doing jigsaws. And, [CENSORED: forename], you'll hae tae tell me fitt's aa in the jigsaw, will ye? Can you manage to tell Mum?
M1092 Wait, wait a minute.
F1091 Okay, we'll bui- do the jigsaw first and then we'll see. How does that sound? Is that a good idea?
M1092 Mm, play, play there. Help me!
F1091 Oh, I've to help you. //Mm, well, look.//
M1092 //Uh-huh, you want help me.//
F1091 Fitt aboot the moon, farr does it go?
M1092 Up there. //There.//
F1091 //Well you you want to do it.//
M1092 I don't want to do it.
F1091 Does it go in there, like that?
M1092 Uh-huh. No, like that. [inaudible] us.
F1091 Mm?
M1092 Don't wanna [inaudible]. Oh, [inaudible] the cows.
F1091 Right, so, what's in the picture? Tell Mam.
M1092 Cow.
F1091 A cow. Hey diddle diddle, the?
M1092 Cat.
F1091 And the fi-?
M1092 Mm.
F1091 Fiddle.
M1092 Fiddle.
F1091 The cow jumped over the?
M1092 Moon.
F1091 That's right. And what is that down there?
M1092 Doggy.
F1091 The little dog, what was he doing? He's
M1092 Laughing.
F1091 Is he laughing?
M1092 Mmhm, [inaudible] mouse one next.
F1091 The mouse one next?
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 This is an easy one.
M1092 [?]I want you[/?].
F1091 Right, hold on then, we'll mix up the bits first. Okay, mak it a wee bit harder. Okay, right, on you go then.
M1092 Aye, you help me!
F1091 Have I to help ye?
M1092 Uh-huh, I want [inaudible] me.
F1091 I think you're managing.
M1092 Go on, help //me!//
F1091 //Okay,// right, there's the clock.
M1092 Clock.
F1091 There's a mouse. Now, hickory-dickory dock!
M1092 Hickory-dickory dock.
F1091 That's an easy-peasy one, cause it's only got four pieces, hasn't it? Oh, it's Jack and Jill, isn't it?
M1092 [inaudible] put it there.
F1091 There. No, I've got, put it up close so that you can speak into it.
M1092 [?]Who was?[/?] [inaudible] girl one. [?]Who was?[/?]
F1091 Erm. //A girl one?//
M1092 //Girl one.//
F1091 You gaun to do th-? Well, look, try putting the boy one there and the girl one there.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Mm?
M1092 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Okay.// //Last//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 last one in this box. //Fa's in this jigsaw?//
M1092 //[child noises]// Humpty Dumpty.
F1091 Humpty Dumpty.
M1092 Uh-huh, Humpty Dumpty.
F1091 Right. Okay.
M1092 [inaudible] Mm, Mum, he's only got one [?]one arm[/?]. We'll just [inaudible]. We'll just Mm [inaudible]
F1091 Is that his eye?
M1092 A different eye.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 Different eye. //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Mmhm.//
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Try the other way round. Over this side, look.
M1092 [?]Must be it[/?].
F1091 That's it. Well done! //You're clever.//
M1092 //Bob the Builder.// //Mmhm.//
F1091 //Bob the Builder?// //Right, well,//
M1092 //Bob the Builder one next.//
F1091 will we tidy up these ains first?
M1092 No thanks.
F1091 What do you mean, no thanks? //[inaudible]//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 Will I tidy up?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Okay, you move them up.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Okay.
M1092 Bob the Builder, can we fix it, yes we can! There Bob! //There [inaudible].//
F1091 //Is that Bob? That's// Bob's head. What's that he's got on his head?
M1092 Hat.
F1091 That's right, is that his hat?
M1092 [inaudible] hat.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 There. [?]Who these[/?]? Who these?
F1091 I dinna ken. Fitt's that?
M1092 That's him shoes.
F1091 That's his shoes? Is it his working boots?
M1092 Uh-huh. Who this?
F1091 That's his tool belt.
M1092 Who these?
F1091 What's that bit there?
M1092 Screwdriver.
F1091 Is that his screwdriver?
M1092 Uh-huh, screwdriver.
F1091 Mmhm. //So where does that go?//
M1092 //Uh-huh.// Goes here.
F1091 Right, and then? His feet. Now, that's Bob made. So fitt comes next?
M1092 Mm, [inaudible] //[inaudible] Scoop.//
F1091 //That bit.// //There's Scoop.//
M1092 //Scoop.//
F1091 Fitt's Scoop got on his roof?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Fitt's that for?
M1092 That's for [inaudible]. Hm. That one, that one, I no want it.
F1091 Do ye have tae?
M1092 No no, [inaudible] eye.
F1091 Is that his eye?
M1092 [inaudible] doing [inaudible].
F1091 He's got a light on his roof, hasn't he?
M1092 Give me other one.
F1091 No, cause Mam's speakin intae this ain. See? Mam's got her one here. //See? And that one's//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 and [CENSORED: forename]'s mum was telling me that [CENSORED: forename] likes wearing his one.
M1092 [inaudible] my one.
F1091 Why no?
M1092 Cause [inaudible] my one [inaudible].
F1091 Fitt?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 No it's nae stupid, why is it stupid?
M1092 Cause that's why.
F1091 Cause that's why?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 That's nae a reason.
M1092 [inaudible] reason.
F1091 That's nae nice.
M1092 [inaudible] there Pilchard's tail, him one.
F1091 Is that Pilchard's tail? //There's his body, look.//
M1092 //Uh-huh. [inaudible].// Mmhm. [inaudible] nae want it. //Play.//
F1091 //Now,// //that's his tail, I know,//
M1092 //Look!//
F1091 fa ripped the piece? Fa did it? Was it [CENSORED: forename]?
M1092 Not me. //Not me.//
F1091 //No?//
M1092 Me finded it. Who do- did that?
F1091 I don't know. Who did that?
M1092 [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname].
F1091 Who?
M1092 [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname].
F1091 [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname] did not do that.
M1092 [CENSORED: forename] did.
F1091 [CENSORED: forename] didna. I think it was you when you were a little baby.
M1092 No no no.
F1091 Was it maybe? It was a little boy then //did it. He sucked the jigsaw piece, did he?//
M1092 //Uh-huh.// Uh-huh.
F1091 Is that bit Pilchard's heid?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Now, and who's this bit here?
M1092 That Scoop's wheel. //Uh-huh.//
F1091 //Scoop's wheels, okay.//
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Are you managing?
M1092 I'm managing.
F1091 That's it. Right, we'll move this along, look. //That'll mak it easier, will it?//
M1092 //Mm.// Uh-huh. I [inaudible].
F1091 Now that's another ain finished. You're doing them fast the night. //Right, look, look, no,//
M1092 //I do that one!//
F1091 there's ain there. Look in that box see, see it wi the lights. Nae that, no, that's your blocks.
M1092 Here?
F1091 Aye, this, come on we'll dae Teletubbies, will we?
M1092 Aye, Teletubbies.
F1091 Okay.
M1092 I I can put, no put this one away. //We do this one.//
F1091 //No.//
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Let me see your [?]lion card[/?]. //[inaudible]//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 Is it Laa-Laa?
M1092 Who that?
F1091 Let me see. That's Dipsy.
M1092 Okay. Okay.
F1091 Where's Laa-Laa's head? Find Laa-Laa's head first.
M1092 [inaudible]. [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Right, if you find his heid first, it'll help ye.//
M1092 Oops, oops. //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Oh, is that a bit, oh.// Let's see the box. //You've got a piecy?//
M1092 //I've got a piece.// I've got all the piecies.
F1091 Take oot, aa the bits oot the box, and that'll help you, will it?
M1092 Uh-huh. [inaudible]
F1091 Right, look, there's there's loads o bits, see? I think you're looking for that bit, for Laa-Laa's head.
M1092 Who that?
F1091 That's that's a Teletubby. That's their tummies. You can watch the TV through their tummies, sure.
M1092 [?]What do you mean, tummies[/?].
F1091 You dinna really watch the Teletubbies though, do you?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Fitt's your best programme?
M1092 Me know.
F1091 What?
M1092 Finding Nemo.
F1091 Finding Nemo. //[inaudible]//
M1092 //[inaudible] Finding Nemo.//
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 What's the story about in Nemo?
M1092 Some men, [inaudible] net, and a fishy went in it.
F1091 A fishy one.
M1092 With him Dad.
F1091 His Dad went to find him, sure.
M1092 Uh-huh, where Mummy?
F1091 Oh his Mummy, his Mummy had to go away.
M1092 Why?
F1091 Because, I don't know,
M1092 [exhale]
F1091 but his Daddy looked after him.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Sure.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 But then what happened?
M1092 Me don't know.
F1091 He was playing, wasn't he? //And he was too nosy, and he got caught wi a diver, didn't he?//
M1092 //Uh-huh.// Uh-huh.
F1091 And the diver put him in a fishtank.
M1092 Fishtank. Who fishtank?
F1091 Fishtank, remember?
M1092 Who fishtank?
F1091 And then, Nemo's Dad went and looked for him and found him, sure.
M1092 Uh-huh, where is him?
F1091 And then it was, he was happy ever after, wasn't he, after that? Mm?
M1092 [inaudible] I want something to eat.
F1091 Eh? [inaudible] manny. Now it's Tinky Winky's left ain. Who's that?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 It's Po-?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Is it Po?
M1092 Po.
F1091 And that's Tinky Winky.
M1092 Uh-huh. Who's that?
F1091 That's Laa-Laa.
M1092 Now that.
F1091 And that's Dipsy.
M1092 [inaudible] [exhale] [inaudible]
F1091 Behind ye.
M1092 [inaudible] [inaudible] dreaming [inaudible].
F1091 Were ye dreamin, were ye?
M1092 Me dreaming [inaudible].
F1091 Mm.
M1092 Look.
F1091 Now, are you s-, oh, you're standing on the last two.
M1092 Last two, the last two.
F1091 That's Dipsy's feet. And Laa-Laa's feet. And what's that?
M1092 A rabbit. [inhale]
F1091 A rabbit?
M1092 A hole, a hole.
F1091 There's a hole, isn't there?
M1092 Behind the rabbit. No put that one away.
F1091 Eh, no want that ain put away? Right, go and get your blocks then, we'll build some blocks, will we?
M1092 Mmhm, blocks, sure, [inaudible]. //Blocks.//
F1091 //Right, what will, what will we build?//
M1092 Me know, me know.
F1091 What?
M1092 Building [?]blocks[/?].
F1091 Build a building //with blocks, okay.//
M1092 //A building.// That building!
F1091 Well, come on then. Start off with some walls.
M1092 Mmhm. No helps you.
F1091 Eh?
M1092 No helps you.
F1091 Why no?
M1092 Cause you do it all yourself.
F1091 That's nae very fair. I need help.
M1092 Yes Mam. [inaudible] [child noises]
F1091 Now. How's that look?
M1092 No.
F1091 Does that look good?
M1092 No no, doesn't look good.
F1091 Why's that nae look very good?
M1092 [?]Cause it's not good[/?]. No, [inaudible].
F1091 Does that look better?
M1092 [inaudible] one bee.
F1091 A bee.
M1092 A bee. And that?
F1091 Is that better?
M1092 No, build build build big one.
F1091 Okay, you build a great big one then. Start off wi that ains in the bottom. And you build, you build them up. Will I help?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Okay. Go and count your blocks then. One,
M1092 One, two, three.
F1091 What comes after three?
M1092 Four.
F1091 Four.
M1092 Four. //Now I'll never [inaudible].//
F1091 //And then comes//
M1092 Eight, eleven?
F1091 [tut] No, then comes five.
M1092 Five. //Two.//
F1091 //Then? Six.//
M1092 Six.
F1091 Then? //No.//
M1092 //Two.// No, [inaudible].
F1091 Oh sorry. Seven.
M1092 Seven.
F1091 Eight.
M1092 Uh-huh, and that.
F1091 Nine.
M1092 Oops, [inaudible]. Oops. That one.
F1091 What comes after nine?
M1092 Ten.
F1091 That's right. And then?
M1092 Seven.
F1091 Eleven. Then?
M1092 Then that one.
F1091 Twelve.
M1092 Twelve. [inaudible] [inaudible] I build it.
F1091 Are you doin it yourself?
M1092 No, me need help.
F1091 You need help?
M1092 Uh-huh, me need help.
F1091 Okay. So did you like going to the toddlers the day then?
M1092 Aye, you do.
F1091 Aye, I enjoyed it. It was fine. I had my coffee.
M1092 [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1091 Fitt did you like at the toddlers the day?
M1092 Erm. Erm, I don't know.
F1091 You don't know?
M1092 Uh-uh.
F1091 Did you like playing wi the toys?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Fitt toys did you play wi?
M1092 Me know.
F1091 Tell me then. //What did you, what did you play wi at the toddlers?//
M1092 //Oh! Mm. No, no [inaudible].//
F1091 Mm?
M1092 No, two more. //Two more.//
F1091 //Two more, okay.// Fitt toys did ye play wi at the the toddlers?
M1092 This way, Mum. [inaudible] //This way.//
F1091 //Put it the right way, right, okay.// Did you play wi the cars?
M1092 Uh-huh, I do.
F1091 And fitt else did ye play wi?
M1092 Erm, trains.
F1091 Trains.
M1092 Now one more. No, one more. //Oops, two more.//
F1091 //That's them all done.// //Will we, will we do it again?//
M1092 //Two more!// Uh-huh.
F1091 Okay. Knock these down?
M1092 Huh.
F1091 Hey, and it was fine seeing your chums at the toddlers, wasn't it?
M1092 I build it.
F1091 Do you want to build it on top of the box?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Fitt chummies did you see at the toddlers the day?
M1092 Erm, no me don't know.
F1091 Did you see
M1092 [CENSORED: forename].
F1091 You saw [CENSORED: forename]. Who else did you see?
M1092 [CENSORED: forename].
F1091 [CENSORED: forename], no, you didnae see, you saw [CENSORED: forename].
M1092 [CENSORED: forename].
F1091 You didnae see [CENSORED: forename].
M1092 Yes, I did see [CENSORED: forename].
F1091 Did you? Where?
M1092 Me don't know.
F1091 You don't know. You're just making up things, you.
M1092 [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1091 And you had your drinkie juice at the toddlers.
M1092 No no, don't [inaudible].
F1091 What?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Oh, and fitt happened to your cheek at the //toddlers?//
M1092 //Oh no!// No no no.
F1091 Oh, where's your sock gone?
M1092 No me want it.
F1091 Och well, that's okay. Fitt happened to your cheek at the toddlers?
M1092 Oh no. Me break it. //Uh-huh.//
F1091 //You broke it? What happened?//
M1092 Me breaked it all the time.
F1091 You broke it all the time? //You wer-. Mam fixed it though, sure?//
M1092 //No [inaudible] all the time// No me fixed it.
F1091 You fixed it. What did you wash it with?
M1092 Mm, water.
F1091 Water, remember, and you had a hanky?
M1092 Hanky. [inaudible]
F1091 And that made it better, didn't it?
M1092 Uh-huh. [inaudible]. Uh-huh.
F1091 You were gaun doon the chute an aa, weren't you?
M1092 Uh-huh. Chute.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 Little chute and big chute.
F1091 A little chute and a big chute.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 Little chute and big chute.
F1091 And fitt else did ye dae?
M1092 Seen [CENSORED: forename] too.
F1091 Aye, you saw [CENSORED: forename]. And [CENSORED: forename] was crying, wasn't he?
M1092 Crying. [inaudible] like me.
F1091 You werena crying.
M1092 Aye, just [CENSORED: forename].
F1091 Just [CENSORED: forename] cr-, he was scared at the noise, sure.
M1092 No, there!
F1091 Oh sorry.
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Cause he's nae a noisy boy like you, sure.
M1092 No that doesn't go there. This one. That one goes here.
F1091 That ain goes there. Can I just, I'll leave you to do these yourself. //I ken, but I keep puttin them in the wrong places.//
M1092 //No, I needed help, [inaudible].// //No, don't go there!//
F1091 //Oh okay.// //[inaudible] grumpy.//
M1092 //Don't go there! Oops.//
F1091 I'll oops ye! Right, fitt about that ain? Farr will I put that ain at?
M1092 That goes here.
F1091 That goes there.
M1092 That no go there that goes, goes here.
F1091 Okay. And there's that ain. Colour's that ain?
M1092 That blue. Oh, that blue.
F1091 That's blue. What colour's that one?
M1092 Yellow.
F1091 That's right. //Mmhm.//
M1092 //That's yellow too, and that's yellow.//
F1091 Mmhm, and what colour's that?
M1092 That blue, er, oh that blue.
F1091 What colour's that one?
M1092 I don't know. Er, yellow.
F1091 Is it red?
M1092 No blue, this is, this is, [inaudible]. No that's blue. That blue.
F1091 That's blue. And what about that one?
M1092 That yellow.
F1091 That's yellow. And what's that?
M1092 A flower.
F1091 A flower. Oh and what's that?
M1092 Erm, no me don't know.
F1091 This, look.
M1092 No me don't know!
F1091 Oh you didna even look. Bet ye ken fitt that is.
M1092 And who this is.
F1091 What's that?
M1092 No me don't know.
F1091 [tut] [inhale] What's this one?
M1092 No me don't know!
F1091 [laugh] Oh you're grumpy. Will I put that in there?
M1092 Put it in there.
F1091 Okay. Right, are you needin to pee?
M1092 That one, no that ain.
F1091 Oh, quickly then. Hang on. Right, on you go. Run through and pee. Oh, wait. //Right you hold that for me.//
M1092 //I want it off.//
F1091 I'll help ye. Right, up your l- up your legs.
M1092 [inaudible]. I don't this. Me put it down there.
F1091 Okay. //Right.//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 Okay. Are you running through? Here look. Go this way. //No, go that way. It's quicker.//
M1092 //No I need this.// No I need this
F1091 Do you need to pee?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Right, hold on.
M1092 [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1091 Come on then.
M1092 [inaudible] That better.
F1091 That better?
M1092 Mum, [inaudible] in here.
F1091 Right, when you like. Right, Mum help you?
M1092 I wanna cook your dinner.
F1091 Eh?
M1092 Your dinner.
F1091 Well, come on then and I'll help ye. Right, are you going to cook my dinner for me?
M1092 Mmhm.
F1091 Right, wait till we shut this door. Right, fitt are you goin to cook for me? You got your barbecue going? Eh?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Right, Nina [?]out the window[/?] cause you're too noisy, pussycat. Right, fitt are ye going to cook for me? Go and turn yer, take it roond here and we'll cook. Wait till we get it organised.
M1092 Want this.
F1091 Now, okay, fitt are you cooking for me for my tea? Eh? Fitt have you got on? Now you need to set it up, look. Farr's your tomato sauce bottle, look. There's your sauce. //And there's your, there's your fish slice, look,//
M1092 //[child noises]//
F1091 for turning over the sausages. You clickin the gas. //See look, that's, look,//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 You do that to get the fire going, see?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Press it hard. That's it. That's it. [?]Hang it[/?] up here. See look, like this, then you ken farr it's at. Now, fitt are ye going to cook for me? Oh, it's stopped again. Switch it back on. Oh no the sausages have [?]frittled[/?] down. //Now, pop them in there.//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 Has it come on again?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Okay. [smacks lips] Oh that's lovely.
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Now, fitt's that you've got? Do you ken fitt that is?
M1092 Grass.
F1091 Grass! [laugh] It's lettuce.
M1092 It's lettuce.
F1091 Lettuce. Is that a softie?
M1092 Mmhm.
F1091 Softie, is it cooking?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Will I make you something?
M1092 Aye you make [inaudible].
F1091 Okay, you tell me fitt you would like?
M1092 [inaudible] sausages too.
F1091 You want sausages too?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Okay.
M1092 Beefburger too.
F1091 And a beefburger too.
M1092 Mmhm, yeah.
F1091 Okay, right, I'll put that //softie there.//
M1092 //And grass.// //[child noises]//
F1091 //Sauce?//
M1092 [child noises] Mmhm.
F1091 Okay? Now will we turn the sausages over? Do you think they'll be broon //on one side?//
M1092 //Mmhm.//
F1091 Okay, fitt aboot the beefburgers, do you think it'll be, it'll be ready to turn over? //What're you doin?//
M1092 //Erm.// [inaudible] [inaudible] sauce.
F1091 Sauce?
M1092 Mmhm, mm. Mum, can //[inaudible]//
F1091 //[inaudible]// Oh sweetcorn. [smacks lips] Oh it's nice, that's my favourite.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Is it going again?
M1092 [child noises] //[child noises]//
F1091 //That's lots of sauce.//
M1092 [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1091 Do you remember this?
M1092 [inaudible] A fire.
F1091 Is the fire to-, is the fire hot? You being careful? Now, fitt else is there to cook? Have you lost your tongue? Mm?
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Tongs? Right, come here, look, I'll show ye.
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 You ready for a sausage?
M1092 Mmhm mmhm. Mm.
F1091 Is it good?
M1092 Mmhm.
F1091 Mmhm? Mam try?
M1092 Mmhm.
F1091 It's lovely.
M1092 [inaudible] cook something for you.
F1091 Are you going to cook something else for me? I'll cook this beefburger for you, will I?
M1092 No thanks.
F1091 No thanks?
M1092 [inaudible] Mm mm mm.
F1091 Lots of tomato sauce going on there. Now is that your tummy fu- full up? Mm? Your tummy full up? [CENSORED: forename]. We switch it off?
M1092 No, don't [inaudible].
F1091 Sorry, are you still playing?
M1092 No, don't wanna.
F1091 What's that?
M1092 Do mine.
F1091 What's it doing?
M1092 I can hear something.
F1091 I can hear something too. What can you hear?
M1092 [inaudible] on.
F1091 Come and I'll show you. Look, press the button, see. You try it. Push hard. Did you do it? //No, dinna stick it in your ear.//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 No, dinna dae that. In case it gets stuck. [inhale]
M1092 Stuck. Ow! [child noises]
F1091 Oh!
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Oh!
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Now, will Mam hae a look and see fitt else there is?
M1092 Yes.
F1091 Mm? Oh dear. Cause you're nae really speaking when you're playing this, are you?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Mm?
M1092 [child noises] [child noises] [child noises]
F1091 Fitt's that for? [CENSORED: forename]? What's this for? //Right, come on now, we'll shut the-. You're just making silly noises.//
M1092 //[child noises]// No me [inaudible] play it!
F1091 You're gaun to play it, are you? Well I think I'll maybe, what will I dae? Oops. Oh dear, crash. I think I'm gaun to find a book. You going to help me find a book?
M1092 We will, we will find book.
F1091 Are you going to find a book? //What?//
M1092 //We will.// Will find, find. //We've got one, we've got one.//
F1091 //You got one? Okay.// Come on then, and you can tell me this story. Here look! We'll just sit here cause it's cosy aside the radiator. //Oh, you shut the door for me.//
M1092 //The door.// There. //Mummy.//
F1091 //Right, okay, are you going to tell me the story?// //That would be a fine change.//
M1092 //You read it, Mummy.//
F1091 Okay, I'll read it for you. [tut] Right, who is that?
M1092 There Thomas.
F1091 That's Thomas, and that's James, isn't it?
M1092 Mmhm.
F1091 What are the trucks doin?
M1092 They push him.
F1091 They're pushing him, are they? //Are they pushing him too fast?//
M1092 //Uh-huh.// //Uh-huh.//
F1091 //He doesn't look happy, does he?//
M1092 Uh-uh.
F1091 No, he doesnae look happy.
M1092 [inaudible] Thomas.
F1091 Oh, what's happened to James?
M1092 Him go- him [inaudible] him crashed ain.
F1091 Has he crashed?
M1092 Uh-huh. There cow.
F1091 Cow looks worried, doesn't he?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Cow's maybe saying "James, what are you doing in my field?" Do you think?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Cause trains arenae supposed to be in fields, are they?
M1092 Uh-uh.
F1091 They're supposed to be on the train tracks, aren't they?
M1092 Uh-huh. //There Thomas is on the train track.//
F1091 //Okay.// //That's right, Thomas is on the train track. What's that he's got?//
M1092 //[inaudible] doing that.// Me know, don't know.
F1091 You don't know. It's a crane.
M1092 Uh-huh. Pushing it.
F1091 It's like Bob the Builder's crane, isn't it?
M1092 Uh-huh, Bob the, in the [inaudible]. //[inaudible].//
F1091 //Now,//
M1092 Where's James?
F1091 There's James. What's he doing to James?
M1092 [inaudible] helping him down cow.
F1091 Aye, he's, [laugh] there's the cow, look, the cow's looking up because the crane's lifting James up into the air, out of the field, sure. Farr's he going to go?
M1092 Him going down down down down down there.
F1091 Is he gaun to go back onto the train tracks, do you think?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Aye. Okay.
M1092 Look. //Looks sad.//
F1091 //Aw, he looks sad, doesn't he?//
M1092 And then Thomas push him.
F1091 Thomas going to pull him back to the station?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Cause he-, I think James is feeling ill. He's all dirty, isn't he?
M1092 Uh-huh. They're gaun to wash him.
F1091 Mmhm. Is he going to get a wash? //Is he happy now?//
M1092 //No him happy.// //Uh-huh.//
F1091 //He's been fixed.// Has the Fat Controller fixed him?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And there's his ladder, look, and that's his bucket. Is it full of soapy water for cleaning James?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 He's all sparkly and clean, isn't he?
M1092 Uh-huh, look at him face, him happy now.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 Him smiling like that. //Who that?//
F1091 //Is he smiling like that?//
M1092 Who is?
F1091 That's Percy.
M1092 Uh-huh. The helicopter.
F1091 That's right. Can you remember the helicopter's name?
M1092 Helicopter.
F1091 Harold the Helicopter, isn't it?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 What's he doing?
M1092 I don't know.
F1091 He's saying, "Percy is on his way to fetch Annie and Clarabel."
M1092 [inaudible] //No no no.//
F1091 //Harold's saying "Be careful, it's going to rain".// Isn't he? //Mmhm. Mmhm.//
M1092 //Mmhm, it's gonna rain.// Now rain.
F1091 Now it's raining. He's at the station now, sure. //And that's Annie.//
M1092 //Uh-huh.// Uh-huh, and that too.
F1091 Who goes on Annie?
M1092 No no-one no no nothing push him.
F1091 Percy nae gonna push Annie?
M1092 Uh-uh.
F1091 No?
M1092 No him, [inaudible]. Him going himself.
F1091 You think so? //What's that man got?//
M1092 //No, that him, [?]go[/?].// Him got that.
F1091 It's an umbrella, isn't it?
M1092 [?]Got an umbrella[/?]. Who these?
F1091 It's so that he disnae get wet. What's that?
M1092 The puddles.
F1091 You like puddles, don't you?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 What do you do with the puddles?
M1092 Me spl- me me splash them.
F1091 You splash them?
M1092 Mmhm splash them.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 There there there's [inaudible], Daddy, Daddy. Nina, where Nina?
F1091 Nina's through there. She's miaowing. We'll just leave her, cause she's too noisy, isn't she? There's Harold up in the sky.
M1092 Uh-huh. Daddy [inaudible].
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 There house. //There.//
F1091 //It's stormy. There's a house, aye.//
M1092 Uh-huh, there clouds.
F1091 That's, that's Percy's steam, coming out of his engine, see? It's goin chuff-chuff-chuff-chuff-chuff. And what's this?
M1092 They're puddles.
F1091 Lots o puddles, sure.
M1092 No no no no. //There a duck.//
F1091 //Oh oh.// There's a duck.
M1092 Him [?]covered in[/?] water.
F1091 Is he stuck in the water?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 So, what do you think'll happen now? Here's Harold. He's got some dry coal to pit in the engine. And they're going to build up the fire so that he goes hot again, so he'll be able to chuff away. See? Thank you Harold, Percy says. Oh look! The rain's stopped. And Percy's managed to get out of that big puddle, look. And Annie's smiling, look. And there's Percy steaming away, out of the flood.
M1092 Now him [inaudible] now.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 D- do this again!
F1091 Again?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Okay, right, you tell me the story this time.
M1092 No you!
F1091 [inhale]
M1092 You can tell it //this time.//
F1091 //I think you should tell me.//
M1092 No you tell me!
F1091 Okay. Watch, oh, we missed a page. There's James. He's going to the yard.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 What's he got? What's he pulling?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Is he pulling all the trucks?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Mmhm. And he looks happy there, doesn't he?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Look what's happened now.
M1092 Look.
F1091 What's happened?
M1092 The the there clouds. That that's him's clouds.
F1091 That's him's clouds. That's the steam.
M1092 Steam clouds.
F1091 Mmhm, steam clouds. And what's wrong with James?
M1092 James gonna push him.
F1091 That truck's, oh no, that truck's pushing him. //Right. And who's that?//
M1092 //Aye, [inaudible].// Now him crash.
F1091 Oh no.
M1092 Him crash.
F1091 I wonder what the cow's saying.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Mm.
M1092 [?]James[/?].
F1091 Mmhm. The cow's wondering why James is in the field, sure.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 No James got any clouds.
F1091 No, he hasn't got any more clouds of steam coming out cause he's had to stop.
M1092 Why him stop? //Who crash James?//
F1091 //Cause he's, aye he crashed off the rail track, sure.//
M1092 Uh-huh. //Now look.//
F1091 //And he went into a field.// Now what's happened now? Thomas to the rescue, sure.
M1092 There there Bob. [inaudible] Bob.
F1091 It's Bob's crane, it's nae Mam's train, it's Bob's crane, isn't it?
M1092 [?]Not my one here[/?].
F1091 No.
M1092 Only Bob.
F1091 Okay.
M1092 There Thomas, [inaudible] that train.
F1091 Thomas is going to take the crane to James.
M1092 Can we go on on on that train?
F1091 When did we go on that train?
M1092 [inaudible] now now go. Now now [inaudible] going [inaudible].
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 [?]Now work[/?].
F1091 Now. What's the crane doing now? What's he doing to James?
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Crane's lifting James out of the field and back onto the train tracks. //But look at James.//
M1092 //Mmhm.// Him gaun to fell.
F1091 No, he won't fall. The crane's got him tight. Look he's got him all, look, he's all strapped up with ropes, so that he won't fall again.
M1092 Uh-uh. Him him him all.
F1091 He's all dirty, isn't he?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 He'll need a wash,
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 sure.
M1092 Mmhm. Now, now look.
F1091 Now what's happened?
M1092 Him sad.
F1091 Oh he's sad. He doesn't feel well, does he?
M1092 And Thomas goin push him.
F1091 Thomas'll pull him back to the station.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And what'll happen at the station?
M1092 Look, now look.
F1091 Now look, what's what's happened there?
M1092 Now now him washed.
F1091 He's been washed and look at his face! Is he happy?
M1092 Now look.
F1091 Now look, what's happened now? It's a different story, isn't it?
M1092 Mm.
F1091 And that is Percy. Number Six. And who's that?
M1092 That aeroplane.
F1091 The aeroplane. Can you remember what the aeroplane's name is this time?
M1092 No me don't know.
F1091 You don't know?
M1092 No no no no no no no no, me read it.
F1091 Okay, you read it to me.
M1092 Me not goin do this.
F1091 Eh?
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Harold's telling Percy to be careful because it's going to rain.
M1092 [inaudible] //[child noises]//
F1091 //And when Percy gets to the station, what's happening?// //It's r-? It's raining.//
M1092 //Raining.// Oh no not him rain.
F1091 He's not going to get wet cause he's got an umbrella.
M1092 Uh-huh. [inaudible]
F1091 Mmhm. //And who's that?//
M1092 //Mm.// No no no no no no not Thomas. [inaudible] the one.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 There clouds.
F1091 That's the steam clouds, cause he's going away to go fast.
M1092 Goin away now.
F1091 Now look, what's happened now? It's still raining, isn't it?
M1092 Aye, still raining.
F1091 And the puddles are getting deeper and deeper.
M1092 Uh-huh, deeper, deeper, deeper,
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 deeper, deeper, [inaudible]. I made that!
F1091 That's right, you made that jigsaw, didn't you?
M1092 What would you make it [inaudible]?
F1091 I never made one. I just watched you making one.
M1092 No why were you helping?
F1091 Well I helped you wi a few bits, didn't I?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 Look at my blocks. Look. //[child noises]//
F1091 //What's wrong with your blocks?// Did you tidy them up?
M1092 No no [inaudible] Daddy help me.
F1091 Oh your Daddy helped ye?
M1092 Uh-huh. //Mm.//
F1091 //Will we put the lid on, so that they dinna fall oot?//
M1092 Er fell oot. [inaudible] //What?//
F1091 //Come on then, take them across and I'll put on the lid for you.//
M1092 Here. [inaudible]
F1091 Oh are they heavy? Will you hold that for me for a minute?
M1092 Okay.
F1091 Now, so that's now, [inaudible] that, okay.
M1092 No [inaudible].
F1091 Right, I'll put that back then.
M1092 Hey, you got my thing on.
F1091 Oh sorry. //Are you going to clip that on?//
M1092 //[inaudible]// //No want it.//
F1091 //Clip it onto Bob so that Bob can speak.// //Look, look, look at Bob, see on your jammies. Right, okay then.//
M1092 //[child noises]// //[child noises]//
F1091 //Oh that's okay, we'll just keep.//
M1092 [child noises] [inaudible]
F1091 Eh? Careful. In case you pull it oot. Right. //Are we goin to finish this story?//
M1092 //Hey!// Uh-huh.
F1091 Right, dinna twist that roond chum, right, okay so, what's that? On the train track, what's that? It's a big?
M1092 Patch.
F1091 Big puddle?
M1092 A big puddle.
F1091 Big puddle. [inhale] What's happened to Percy?
M1092 Look.
F1091 What's that? //A duck?//
M1092 //A duck, little duck.// Now look.
F1091 What's happened now? What's Percy got? That's a parachute. Harold's threw a parachute down, from the sky to Percy, so that he could put dry coal into his fire.
M1092 Now look.
F1091 What's happened? It's stopped raining?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And?
M1092 And.
F1091 Percy's driver's lit the fire. And Percy steams bravely out of the flood. //See? He's out of the big puddle.//
M1092 //Uh-huh.// //Now,//
F1091 //There's the train tracks.//
M1092 look.
F1091 Who's that? That's Clarabel.
M1092 Huh.
F1091 And that's Annie. Do you think all the people inside are wet?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Do you think so?
M1092 Uh-huh and Daddy. //Mmhm and Dad.//
F1091 //Mm?// Maybe Dad's in that ain.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And do you think [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s in that ain?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Where's [CENSORED: forename] and Mam?
M1092 [laugh] Here us. //Here us.//
F1091 //[laugh]// //Are you nae pretending that we're in the train too?//
M1092 //How Nina in there?//
F1091 Nina's in there, but we'll leave her cause she's too noisy. //Now.//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 Okay, will we get another story?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Come on then, we'll get one more story afore you go to bed.
M1092 Look. //Who do that?//
F1091 //Come on then.// Okay, come on and we'll fin-. I don't know who did that. Who did that?
M1092 [CENSORED: forename] and me.
F1091 [CENSORED: forename] did it?
M1092 No, he didn't do.
F1091 Oh, here's a good ain. //This one?//
M1092 //Cat.//
F1091 Pussy cat one, look. //Okay we'll read this ain and then we'll.//
M1092 //[inaudible]//
F1091 I've got it. It's okay. Right, come on then. //We'll read this one and then it'll then it'll be beddy-time, okay?//
M1092 //[child noises]// You read this one, cat. //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Oh.// Right. "Toffee in trouble".
M1092 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1091 //[inaudible]//
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Mm, that's a that's a newspaper.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Isn't it? Now, oh, //Mam's sleepy.//
M1092 //Now.// Now look.
F1091 Tweet, tweet, tweet, the birds are waking, look. See them through the window? And who's that?
M1092 The cat.
F1091 There's a cat, and the cat's called? Toffee.
M1092 Uh-huh Toffee.
F1091 And Toffee's stretching.
M1092 Mmhm. Hey that is like Nina!
F1091 Is that like Nina?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Bet you she's nae as noisy as Nina. But what's wrong with Toffee? She was wanting somebody to play wi, isn't she?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 But she canna find anybody. Farr's everybody at?
M1092 Sleepin.
F1091 Sleepin?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 There's a little boy look, with his teddy bear. He's still sleeping. And Daddy and the Mummy, they're still sleeping. Look! What's she doing?
M1092 Him tickle.
F1091 Is she tickling? //Tickling somebody's feet?//
M1092 //Uh-huh.// Uh-huh, who is that feet?
F1091 I don't know. Maybe that's Mam's feet.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Is it? //And then Toffee hears a noise.//
M1092 //Uh-huh.//
F1091 So will we go and see where the noise is?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 It's in the bathroom. There's a bit of a mess in the bathroom, isn't there? There's, what's that?
M1092 The wa- the bubbles.
F1091 It's bubbles, sure.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And the noise that you hear is the tap and it's going drip drip //drip. What's that noise?//
M1092 //Who's that noise?//
F1091 Can you? Sh. Can you hear something?
M1092 Yes.
F1091 That's the tap dripping. Isn't it? [inhale] The toothpaste. //What's happened to the toothpaste?//
M1092 //Aw.// Going in bubbles //in bath.//
F1091 //It's going,// it's going into the bubbles in the bath.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Oh no, Toffee's stood on the tube, look, and it's squeezed the toothpaste out. Will we turn the page?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Now, oh oh. What's happened now?
M1092 [inaudible] paints have opened.
F1091 He's stood on the paint, hasn't he?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And the footprints are all over the paper.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 It's Nina. Just leave her. She's okay. Leave her to miaow. And look, what's happened to the water?
M1092 Goin down down down.
F1091 Is it spilling?
M1092 Uh-huh spilling.
F1091 And what's this?
M1092 Pen.
F1091 Is that a pen?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 The water's all over the paper, look. And look at Toffee's feet. What a, what a mess, but the noise that Toffee's hearing is buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz, look! What's that?
M1092 It's a bee.
F1091 Is it a bee?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 She cannae play wi a bee, can she?
M1092 Uh-uh.
F1091 So she chases the bee through the door. And down the stairs, and look, she's making pawprints all over the carpet, and all over the wallpaper. And she's went down the stairs. But the fly gets out through the window.
M1092 No him no get him.
F1091 And Toffee cannae get him. So, then Toffee sees the newspaper. Rustle, rustle, rustle, rustle. And she likes playing wi the newspaper, but look, she's nae reading the newspaper like Dad does, sure. //What's she doing?//
M1092 //Uh-uh.// Go and break it.
F1091 [tut] She's broken it. It's all messy. She's ripped it all up, sure.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Mmhm. [inhale] Oh no, look, she's looking out the window and it says tweet tweet tweet, the birds are singing louder now. Look! Perhaps they will play with Toffee. Look, there's lots o birdies.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 How much birdies?
M1092 Me count them. One, two, three, four, five, eight.
F1091 Six.
M1092 Aye, six.
F1091 Six birdies.
M1092 Aye, six birdies. //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Aw no, they're all// What are they doing? They're all flying away, aren't they?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And what's Toffee doing?
M1092 She's going [inaudible] miaow miaow miaow at birds
F1091 Mm, she's jumped into a puddle, hasn't she?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 That means she's gonna be all wet. Now, crash, bang, smash. Here comes Toffee back inside the house. Oh-oh. Look at the apple. It's fallen down. And sh- look at her feet! Muddy feet, all over the place. And she's going miaow miaow miaow. There's her little mouse, look, that she plays wi, at the top, the bottom of the stairs. Now everyone's woken up. Oh dear, what an awful mess. Look! [inhale] There's the water. What's it doing?
M1092 Run about.
F1091 Mmhm. And look! What's that?
M1092 Water. [inaudible]
F1091 Mmhm. The water's all over the floor, and there's paintbrushes and paint all over the floor. [inhale] Look! Dad's got his slippers on and so has Mam.

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