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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 05, recording 1: eating tea and playing with baby brother

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Audio transcription

F1141 So did you play in the hoose the day wi [CENSORED: forename]?
F1142 Mmhm.
F1141 Aye? And fitt was [CENSORED: forename] daein? Was he playin wi Lego? Or cars?
F1142 He was playin wi Lego.
F1141 Was he building something?
F1142 Mmhm.
F1141 What was he makkin?
F1142 I [inaudible] building [inaudible].
F1141 Fitt?
F1142 I [?]like building things as well[/?].
F1141 You like building things as well?
F1142 Yes. [inaudible] [?]Helmet[/?] on.
F1141 Eh?
F1142 [inaudible]
F1141 Okay.
F1142 [inaudible] It winna come off this time.
F1141 [NOTE: to baby] Oh now Mister man. Ready to hae your tea?
F1142 You [inaudible]. [laugh]
F1141 Are you gonna [inaudible]?
F1142 And I'm
F1141 Wow! You're clever. Are you clever? Ain't ye? Clever mannie.
F1142 Mum, I nae want my chicken dippers.
F1141 [inhale]
F1142 I'll get you it up.
F1141 Oh! Did you see that? Did you see that littl-? [baby cries] Oh! What's ado? Aw!
F1142 He's gaun to dae it again.
F1141 [inaudible]
F1142 The blanket's ower his eyes.
F1141 [inaudible] Oh did you see that? Did you see that? Look, did you see that, [CENSORED: forename]? [CENSORED: forename] was dipping her chicken dippers. Did you see it? Did ye? Mmhm, that's right. Mm. How big are you the day?
F1142 Mm.
F1141 So was you singing any songs the day? No?
F1142 [inaudible]
F1141 Dinna eat with your mouth full, please.
F1142 Is there mair?
F1141 Mair fitt?
F1142 Chicken dippers.
F1141 No, I'll need tae buy mair.
F1142 Huh. //Mum.//
F1141 //Have a drinkie then and wash it doon.// [NOTE: addresses baby] Are you clever? Are you watching the telly? So fitt's Cracker going to get the night? Carrots and apples?
F1142 Aye.
F1141 [inaudible] [inaudible] eat your beans. You had a chippie yet? Let me see [inaudible]. Oh I've had one. Oh, are you eyeing them up an aa? [baby gurgles] Does that look good? //[inaudible]//
F1142 //Aye, [inaudible] for your pudding.// //When you're bigger.//
F1141 //You can get a baby yogurt// //for your tea.//
F1142 //When you're bigger you'll get a baby yogurt as well but it'll be a pudding.//
F1141 Oh, did you hear that? When you're bigger, you'll get a baby yogurt as well.
F1142 And a pudding one.
F1141 Mm. Yes.
F1142 A pudding one. Like pudding? Mum, when he's bigger, he'll get pudding, pudding yogurt?
F1141 Aye, when you're bigger. //You'll see, you'll soon be big enough to get baby yogurts,//
F1142 //Tell him fitt pudding.//
F1141 aren't ye?
F1142 Uh-huh. //[inaudible]//
F1141 //And then he'll be pinching yours!//
F1142 No!
F1141 He will.
F1142 No, no.
F1141 [laugh] Stop that.
F1142 [inaudible] yogurt?
F1141 You have to eat all your dippers.
F1142 I want [inaudible].
F1141 No you've nae. You've got mair there, I can see. //But take your time.//
F1142 //That ain.// //And that ain.//
F1141 //And have a drink.// Wash it doon.
F1142 Mum?
F1141 Mmhm.
F1142 You [?]ken that[/?] korma spice?
F1141 Korma spice! What's that supposed to mean?
F1142 Spicy.
F1141 Oh that's fine. //Korma's fine. You like korma.//
F1142 //Do- do you?// Aye I div. Korma.
F1141 You'll need to tell Miss [CENSORED: surname] that you hae korma. Won't you? I think she really likes //korma as well.//
F1142 //Ehm,// ehm, if [CENSORED: forename]'s bigger he can hae a shot o my red shoes //every Wednesday.//
F1141 //Oh, did you hear that?// Oh! You get a shot of [CENSORED: forename]'s shoes if you want to. Her new red shoes.
F1142 From my Gr- Granny gave me. Do you want to sleep in my bedroom as well? There'll be a [?]settee[/?], aye. We'll be happy.
F1141 Mm.
F1142 Would you like to sleep in my bedroom all the time?
F1141 [laugh]
F1142 I telt you I was right! //[inaudible]//
F1141 //He likes you// //when you're like that.//
F1142 //[exhale]//
F1141 He doesna like you when you're makkin him cry.
F1142 Shot of my new boots all the time.
F1141 And fitt else is he gonna do wi you when he's bigger?
F1142 He can he can hang his shirts in my bedroom.
F1141 Oh.
F1142 [inaudible] Ca- cause if he's bigger he can stand up so high.
F1141 Is that right?
F1142 And I'll walk in there wi my boots. //[inaudible] pram.//
F1141 //Come on now, eat your chicken dippers.// //[?]Behind[/?] your pram.//
F1142 //Aye.//
F1141 And then he'll be into aathing.
F1142 [shout]
F1141 [baby gurgles] He's laughing. Are you laughin at [CENSORED: forename]? [baby gurgles] Is she funny? //[laugh]//
F1142 //[laugh]// //Mm.//
F1141 //He's lookin at your chicken dippers and he says "Mm, I would like some of them".//
F1142 Like something in pudding.
F1141 Look, see? He likes you speakin tae him.
F1142 No. //Little monster.//
F1141 //H- he likes his big sister, don't you?// Like your big sister? When she's nae bein coorse to ye.
F1142 [CENSORED: forename]. [CENSORED: forename], listen here. You want to sleep in my bedroom sometimes?
F1141 Say yes.
F1142 Two times.
F1141 Two times? //Mmhm.//
F1142 //Two times, that times.// Or do you want to go ben to your bed at seven o'clock, an I'll put you into your beddie? //Aye?//
F1141 //Uh-huh.// //I be- I bet you'll be goin to your beddie and aa, so//
F1142 //[inaudible]//
F1141 Mam'll hae to put yous into your bed. Won't you?
F1142 We'll be in the same room. //Mmhm.//
F1141 //He canna sleep in your room aa the time.// He'll have to sleep in his ain bedroom as well.
F1142 Aye but two nights.
F1141 Mm.
F1142 Two nights. If he wants to sleep two nights, he can.
F1141 Okay.
F1142 But if he cuddles in, he's okay.
F1141 If he cuddles in he'll be okay?
F1142 Aye.
F1141 Do you hear that [CENSORED: forename], if you cuddle in you're okay.
F1142 You know that fitt you do wi Mam?
F1141 You cuddle in wi Mam?
F1142 Aye. //[inaudible] sleep in my [inaudible].//
F1141 //Oh I ken somebody else that cuddles in wi Mam.//
F1142 Aye. //[laugh]//
F1141 //Who's that?// //[laugh]//
F1142 //Me.// You gonna sit on my knee, your brother's knee when you're bigger? Aye? //Aye?//
F1141 //No, you're his// sister.
F1142 Sister.
F1141 And he's your brother.
F1142 Aye.
F1141 Remember that?
F1142 Aye. When he's bigger is he he, is he allowed to sit on my knee when he's bigger, //Mummy?//
F1141 //Mm, he thinks you're funny.//
F1142 Mam fann he's my bigger, [inaudible] can I put him on my my leg?
F1141 When he's bigger.
F1142 Mum, can he get his breakfast on my leg?
F1141 Oh but he'll be too big then. He'll be able to sit himself for his breakfast.
F1142 Aye, but, we'll hae a big //thingy.//
F1141 //He'll be up sittin next to you.//
F1142 Ah!
F1141 He'll have to sit in that one over there.
F1142 Mm.
F1141 Won't you?
F1142 Yes and wave your handie.
F1141 [laugh]
F1142 Oi, stop that noise. //[laugh]//
F1141 //[inaudible] Are you funny?// Are you a funny mannie?
F1142 He looks at me laughing.
F1141 Are you laughin? A cheeky man. Right, okay. You're doin really well. [baby gurgles] Mm. [CENSORED: forename]'s really eyeing up that chicken dippers, you ken?
F1142 Can you see Barbie?
F1141 See, when she eats all her dinner [CENSORED: forename], she sees Barbie at the bottom of her plate.
F1142 Will we buy a Barbie plate for him?
F1141 Oh I dinna think he'll like Barbie. //Boys dinna, boys dinna like Barbie.//
F1142 //Do you like Barbie?//
F1141 No, I think he'll maybe like Bob.
F1142 Well we've got a bumble bee ain for him.
F1141 Eh?
F1142 Does he like bumble bees?
F1141 Bumble-, do you like bumble bees?
F1142 Aye.
F1141 Mmhm.
F1142 I think he'll like Barbie. Can I get a yogurt?
F1141 Right, two mair spoons of your chicken dippers, but finish fitt you've got in your mouth first.
F1142 I can't.
F1141 Take a drink and wash it doon first.
F1142 Take a drink doon.
F1141 Wash it doon. Wait till your, wait till your mouth's empty and then you can hae a yogurt.
F1142 I can't get it doon. [inaudible]
F1141 Okay. Right, I'll show fitt I want you to eat then. You can have that and that and that ain, and that little ain there. Ken, if you can eat all that and then you'll get a baby yogurt. //Okay?//
F1142 //Mmhm.//
F1141 You hear that, [CENSORED: forename]? You gonna watch her and see if she's gonna be big? You gonna watch her and see if she's going to be big?
F1142 [inaudible] And then if I bring you you'll go with me. Okay?
F1141 Mm.
F1142 That sweetie there. //[inaudible]//
F1141 //It's nearly bathtime for [CENSORED: forename].//
F1142 [CENSORED: forename], you're having your bath now.
F1141 [cough] Okay, you remember anybody else that's in your class, names?
F1142 [CENSORED: forename].
F1141 Mmhm.
F1142 [CENSORED: forename].
F1141 [CENSORED: forename]?
F1142 No, [CENSORED: forename].
F1141 [CENSORED: forename]? //Fa's that?//
F1142 //Aye.//
F1141 Is that a boy or a girl?
F1142 Boy.
F1141 I think there's a [CENSORED: forename], is there? And fitt e-, fa else?
F1142 There's there's that girl that that
F1141 There's two other girls, is there? [CENSORED: forename] and fitt's the other girl's name?
F1142 Mm. [CENSORED: forename]?
F1141 [CENSORED: forename] her name? Are you sure?
F1142 Oh meringue.
F1141 [laugh]
F1142 You wantin a bittie?
F1141 He says "I wouldna say no, but I'm just a bit little". [baby gurgles]
F1142 [CENSORED: forename], you wantin a bit o this?
F1141 Eh? He's laughin. Is that funny? Is [CENSORED: forename] funny? That's the man. Oh oh. //Oh oh. Okay then.//
F1142 //That's all I'm wantin.// That's all I'm wantin.
F1141 Okay, I'll let you off.
F1142 Can I?
F1141 Aye, you'll get a yogurt. Take a drinkie first. Take your time, darlin. You'll make yourself sick. I'll need to find them again first, [CENSORED: forename]. Find it first, [inaudible].
F1142 [inaudible]
F1141 [inhale] That's your favourite as well.
F1142 My favourite.
F1141 It's a cho-?
F1142 Chocolate! [CENSORED: forename] [inaudible] this one, Mum.
F1141 Okay?
F1142 [inaudible] it's okay. [?]Do you agree[/?]. Let me off with my-. Thank you very much.
F1141 Thank you very much. That's a clever girl, isn't it, [CENSORED: forename]?
F1142 Aye.
F1141 Did you hear [CENSORED: forename] say "Thank you very much"? [NOTE: speaking to baby] Was you goin to tell me something? What was you going to tell me? [inaudible] What?
F1142 It's spilled on my back.
F1141 That's okay.
F1142 Thank you very much for this food.
F1141 Aw, you're so clever. Ken this, she can be a right good girl when you want to be, can't you?
F1142 [inaudible]
F1141 [inaudible] little rogue, aren't you?
F1142 Mmhm.
F1141 I suppose you canna be good aa the time. Oh! What's ado with you? What's ado wi you? Eh? //[inaudible]//
F1142 //He's wantin, he's wantin a toy.//
F1141 Have you got the wind, is that what it was?
F1142 He's needing his little cot toy.
F1141 Hauld on. [inaudible] We'll get a shottie of that ain when he's had his bath. Are you managing?
F1142 I like sayin thank you very much.
F1141 Really? Do you say that to your teachers? //Do you remember and say that, aye?//
F1142 //Aye. Mmhm.//
F1141 Do you remember to say please as well?
F1142 Mmhm.
F1141 That's a good girl.
F1142 I say please for my yogurt.
F1141 Do ye?
F1142 Mmhm.
F1141 When you have your snack? Do you say thank you?
F1142 Aye. Mum, I've got chocolate off o yours.
F1141 What?
F1142 Look, dirty.
F1141 Do you wanna-
F1142 [inaudible]
F1141 Oh careful you dinna spill that then.
F1142 Can lick it oot already.
F1141 Oh watch, cause if it spills it'll go aa ower.
F1142 It'll go ower me. Mam, the morn can I use my spare socks to wear my new red shoes?
F1141 Oh, we'll hae to wait and see fitt you're putting on in the mornin yet, darlin.
F1142 Or ma boots. //Uh-huh.//
F1141 //You like them, dae ye?// You'll have to tell Granny you like them then, eh?
F1142 Mum, where did my Granny sell them at?
F1141 She got them when she was awa to Glasgow.
F1142 Hm.
F1141 Aye.
F1142 Hm. That's cool.
F1141 That's cool?
F1142 New shoes for [CENSORED: forename] an aa.
F1141 Aye. Uh-huh.
F1142 Right?
F1141 [baby gurgles] Oh, what you sayin? Clever. Are you a clever little man?
F1142 He's seve-, seven weeks now.
F1141 No, he's twelve, darlin.
F1142 Twelve weeks.
F1141 Twelve weeks today.
F1142 Twelve weeks the day.
F1141 You're a big boy, aren't you?
F1142 Oh but look at this.
F1141 Have you got a full belly now?
F1142 I've got it on my airm.
F1141 Oh, I'll come and sort it out for you in a minute. Fa are you speakin tae, //little man?//
F1142 //Maybe he's speakin to you.//
F1141 [NOTE: to baby] What?
F1142 [?]Hi you[/?]. I'm haein a drinkie, Mam. Can you wipe it off my airm just now?
F1141 [baby gurgles] Oh, [inaudible].
F1142 Mum, wipe it off my airm.
F1141 Okay.
F1142 Please.
F1141 Okay? //Here.//
F1142 //Pull it doon.//
F1141 There. //Mmhm.//
F1142 //Roll my sleeves.//
F1141 Right, look doon and I'll [inaudible] you a bit. Okay? I'll wash your yogurt pot for you to take to playgroup.
F1142 Uh-huh. A baby one.
F1141 Are you going to tell Miss [CENSORED: forename] you like baby yogurts? I think she'll guess by the amount of pots that you've got, eh?

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 05, recording 1: eating tea and playing with baby brother


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