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Conversation 40: Two students from near Dumfries on university and home

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Audio transcription

F1154 Where are you fr-, I know, it is quite sore.
F1155 Oh! [NOTE: pointing to piercing on friend's lip]
F1154 It's a nice percussive tap while I talk. //Tap tap!//
F1155 //Aw!//
F1154 Erm, no.
F1155 Is it not annoying when you're eating?
F1154 Yeah, cause I- I've got like this much mouth at the minute, I'm like
F1155 Chew things and that.
F1154 I have to wash it out with salt water like every time I eat, every time I drink, I'm not allowed caffeine, I'm not allowed spicy food, er //for two weeks,//
F1155 //[throat]//
F1154 uh-huh. //This is me, I like spicy food. Erm,//
F1155 //[laugh]//
F1154 yeah, I'm not really allowed alcohol, not allowed any fizzy juice. //Erm,//
F1155 //Oh what are you, what are you supposed to live on?//
F1154 Water. //Yeah, no, water and//
F1155 //[laugh] Oh God!// //Is it, is it sore?//
F1154 //everything boring.// [tut] It's only sore if you like touch it. But, it's not bad.
F1155 And can you change it after
F1154 Aye, can do, I can put a stud in it, but
F1155 Oh right, see when, see when you sent me that message saying erm thingy lives upstairs from me? //Yeah.//
F1154 //[CENSORED: forename], aye.//
F1155 Whereabouts? Two //[inaudible] [laugh]//
F1154 //Two floors up and she's, that's really bad of me though. [laugh]// she's got heavier. [laugh] //Yeah.//
F1155 //Has she?//
F1154 No, I was looking at her MySpace today and I almost wet my pants. //[laugh]//
F1155 //Cause did you go for lunch with her?//
F1154 Yeah, no, it was alright. She gave me a a free Pocket Pages. //So, that's SNAPfax and Party In My Pocket desi-.//
F1155 //What's, is that the thing where you get all the free, oh yeah.//
F1154 Designed? Combined. //Yeah.//
F1155 //I've heard of it then.// Oh, cause the people, there's girls that live upstairs from us, two of them always wear //army costumes,//
F1154 //[sniff]//
F1155 like, [laugh] I think they're in that TA thing. //And they always//
F1154 //No.//
F1155 wear that and then there's this other one who's kind of Gothic looking. I thought that she was a bit kind of Gothic looking but //she's not//
F1154 //Yeah.// //Oh.//
F1155 //fat so, can't be her.// [laugh] //She's quite skinny.//
F1154 //No.// No this, [CENSORED: forename], she's
F1155 So but erm [CENSORED: forename] //thought she saw her.//
F1154 //But the one that has// white, she has wh- like pretty much white peroxide hair the now, and er she's pretty chunky at the minute. //And she's got a really ugly boyfriend who looks like Marilyn Manson,//
F1155 //Well,//
F1154 and she looks like Courtney Love. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1155 //[CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename] thinks she saw her a wee while ago.// //But erm//
F1154 //Probably.//
F1155 our our whole front of our building looks an absolute mess because someone had a fight last weekend, smashed the glass, the door closer doesn't work and there's like broken glass [inaudible] and there's blood all over the hallway.
F1154 Oh, //what?//
F1155 //And someone put a note up saying "Please// can you tidy", like "please can you repair this, //whoever it was", and it's still not been fixed, but erm the woman that lives downstairs from us has got a wee boy,//
F1154 //[sniff]//
F1155 and that's what, I think it was her that put the note up, //to say like//
F1154 //Yeah.//
F1155 "for God's sake", kind of thing. //[cough] But.//
F1154 //[cough]// Anyway, we should probably talk about something relevant. //Erm,//
F1155 //Yeah.// //[laugh]//
F1154 //So where are your parents actually from then?//
F1155 [laugh] Well,
F1154 Well!
F1155 my mum is from Reading, originally, //but//
F1154 //Really?//
F1155 but that was only until she was like one and then she moved to Glasgow and then she moved to Portpatrick. //[laugh] The Stranraer twang.//
F1154 //Oh Portpatrick. [laugh]//
F1155 And //my dad//
F1154 //Yeah, that's a lovely twang to have.// //Oh!//
F1155 //my dad was born in Elderslie which is the birthplace of William Wallace,// //[laugh] or Sir William Wallace,//
F1154 //There you go!//
F1155 and then erm he lived there pretty much all of his life.
F1154 Yeah, your dad's got quite a cool accent.
F1155 Mm.
F1154 No. Well my family are from Castle Douglas and well no, I think my dad was a- I think my dad's side of the family lived in Dalbeattie until [tut], I don't know, but then they lived in Castle Douglas. Pretty much all my family are from Castle Douglas.
F1155 Mm.
F1154 The only person in my family who doesn't live in Castle Douglas any more //is my auntie. She lives in Milton Keynes.//
F1155 //Is your auntie who lives in Milton Keynes.//
F1154 Hm. //That's cool actually.//
F1155 //Ah. [laugh]//
F1154 [CENSORED: forename] //[inaudible] [CENSORED: forename].//
F1155 //[laugh]// //Aw.//
F1154 //No.// I missed them, apparently they were down to see my mum last week in the big new house. Erm, but they we- came on Sunday night and left Wednesday I think, //so//
F1155 //Oh right, just your auntie and// //they-//
F1154 //yeah, Auntie [CENSORED: surname], so.// Erm yeah. //I'm going home next Wednesday//
F1155 //Hm.// //Why?//
F1154 //till Sunday.// Erm, cause I'm skint. [laugh] Erm and I've got five books to read, erm four essays to do, two presentations to //do,//
F1155 //[laugh]//
F1154 all within the next few weeks, so I'm basically gonna get all my books from the library and just go home,
F1155 Mm.
F1154 erm and study and buy my mum a present so she doesn't go ape-shit //that I've had//
F1155 //But she will anyway.//
F1154 she will, she's gonna do that whole disgusted look thing, like "mm //[tut]".//
F1155 //Try and, when you go in just try and go like that, like// //[laugh]//
F1154 //No, I'm just gonna go in and go "Hey mum!"// //[laugh]//
F1155 //[laugh]// Oh God.
F1154 But, yeah.
F1155 Well!
F1154 Oh yeah, [CENSORED: forename], I don't know if she's living with mum or if she's still living in Dalbeattie, erm
F1155 Why?
F1154 Her and [CENSORED: forename] split up last week.
F1155 [inhale]
F1154 Oh no! //So,//
F1155 //Oh my God!//
F1154 yeah I know, so it's really weird, cause she's living with him and he works for dad, //in the haulage company.//
F1155 //What, how did that happen?// Just
F1154 Erm they both kind of weren't happy. Well [CENSORED: forename] really wasn't happy, and then like for months, remember I told you she really wasn't //like//
F1155 //Mm.//
F1154 and erm she said "[CENSORED: forename], oh we need to have a chat".
F1155 Mmhm.
F1154 Erm apparently [sniff] erm he said "Yeah, I think so as well", and then they had a chat, blah blah blah. [mobile phone interference and vibration] //[laugh]//
F1155 //[laugh]// //[laugh] [cough]//
F1154 //Oh well, at least it was on vibrate, yeah, erm.// //And//
F1155 //Oh no.// //That's a shame.//
F1154 //yeah,// they both agreed on it, but I don't know what's happening.
F1155 How many years was that?
F1154 Five.
F1155 Aw. //So what are they doing about the house then?//
F1154 //Yeah.// I don't know, I don't know what's happening. I've not spoke to her. She came up and she kind of avoided the whole subject, so I just left it.
F1155 Was she really upset or //sh-//
F1154 //Yeah, she went to a// party and got, [laugh] stayed out all night, sort of thing, so, erm cause that's not [CENSORED: forename] behaviour. I don't think it was really a "party", not what I would class as a party, //it was probably more socialised than that, but//
F1155 //[laugh]// Mm that's a shame. //But she's got like [CENSORED: forename] and everyone to//
F1154 //Mm.// Yeah.
F1155 help her.
F1154 Oh, guess who's been erm sending me messages on Bebo? //[CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]!//
F1155 //Er,// oh, I thought you were going to say [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname], I don't know why. [laugh] //She normally//
F1154 //No. [laugh] [sniff]//
F1155 I thought she was Beboing you for a while, //or texting you or something.//
F1154 //Erm, mm.// //No, only once.//
F1155 //Why's [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname] been then?// //[laugh]//
F1154 //Cause he was totally trying to fire into me! [laugh]// //And I I dropped a bit of a bombshell on [CENSORED: forename]. [laugh]//
F1155 //[laugh] [CENSORED: forename]! [laugh]// //[laugh] What did you say?//
F1154 //And then er// //Like, come on now, I'm not going to talk about that. No, erm//
F1155 //[laugh]// //Oops.//
F1154 //No, just kinda// he was like "Oh what?" //[laugh]//
F1155 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1154 //And all but his messages, you know how, have you ever like s- talked to [CENSORED: forename] and she sends you like// //they write in like//
F1155 //I never, I've never spoke to her.// //Oh yeah yeah yeah. [laugh]//
F1154 //Scots, sort of, it's like "Aw whit", [laugh]// "[?]furra[/?], gone back to C.D. erm", [laugh] kind of thing. //But,//
F1155 //I wonder what that noise was.//
F1154 I don't know. [inhale] //So,//
F1155 //Oh God, lucky you!//
F1154 have you actually, have you seen him now? He looks completely different from how he looked at school. //And he walk-//
F1155 //I can't even remember what he looks like.// Was he the one that got stung on the throat with a bee s- //by a bee or a wasp? [laugh]//
F1154 //Yeah. It went, remember it was like a n-// //at primary, and he was like drinking a can of juice,//
F1155 //[laugh]// //[laugh] A can o Irn Bru. [laugh]//
F1154 //or something like that.// //I thought it was Vimto, it was Vimto in my head, but//
F1155 //[laugh]// Irn Bru's a bit stickier, is it not? [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1154 //Oh well, are we going into the wasp territory? Well,//
F1155 Oh! //[laugh]//
F1154 //they clearly like Irn Bru more; it's stickier. [laugh]//
F1155 Oh and Boogie's incontinent. //[laugh] Had to get her erm pi- pills from the doc- er the vet to get her non- con- incontinent.//
F1154 //Oh no!// //Continent! [laugh]//
F1155 //or fully co- fully continent. [laugh]// //So, she's okay though.//
F1154 //Oh.// Oh, that's a wee shame. //Wee Boogs.//
F1155 //But, and my dad// my dad came back from Costa Rica, he lived on rice and pineapple for two weeks and he's actually about a stone lighter.
F1154 [laugh]
F1155 And he trekked non-stop all day, every day, so.
F1154 Why was he in Costa Rica?
F1155 For erm that, well I don't really know what it was called, something like [?]Sing with School[/?], for like about forty people go, and they they climb up some volcano or something, I don't really know. //Well he was away for two, he was away for two weeks, [laugh] so.//
F1154 //Mm, you don't really care, do you?// //Cool.//
F1155 //Like, R- you know Ross// [CENSORED: surname], Ross [CENSORED: surname] was away and stuff.
F1154 That wee one. //Aye.//
F1155 //Mmhm.// Yeah, he was away, so I think he had a good time, //but erm,//
F1154 //[sniff]// //Cool.//
F1155 //and my mum got a new car.//
F1154 Oh! What did she get?
F1155 A Saab nine three convertible. //[laugh] It's really smart, it's got a refrigerated glove box.//
F1154 //Oh!// //My God!//
F1155 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1154 //Keep those gloves nice and chilly!// No, did you trade in the //Golf?//
F1155 //The Golf, yeah.//
F1154 Ah.
F1155 Yeah, so she was borrowing mine for two weeks cause she had to trade the Golf in. And then like she didn't get her car cause it wasn't ready. //So she had//
F1154 //Oh.//
F1155 to drive mine and then I was like "Mum, I need the car". [laugh]
F1154 Oh, my mum's new erm new house, she's got her couches now, the big chocolate brown leather //couches.//
F1155 //Oh did she get them?//
F1154 Yeah, and the fire's been fixed, like they've done all the fire bricks and the
F1155 Has- //mm.//
F1154 //er whatever,//
F1155 Mmhm.
F1154 so we've got like a proper working fire, apparently, I've not been home, so
F1155 See when you said you were going home, I thought, oh I imagined you were going to your old house. //[laugh]//
F1154 //So did I! Cause like this// time of year, and you not think //when it get- starts//
F1155 //Mmhm.//
F1154 to get all dark and stuff and for some reason I had it in my head, like, going home and then the whole trek to school and stuff, and er
F1155 Mm. //I totally//
F1154 //like//
F1155 I totally thought you we-, when you said like, I forgot you had a new house. [laugh]
F1154 Yeah, I keep forgetting as well. //I don't know.//
F1155 //So how are you getting, are they getting on// with the redecorating //[?]kinda[/?]?//
F1154 //Yeah, apparently the garden's looking really good.// Erm and the stick shed's done, so there-, I think we just //need to get//
F1155 //Mm.//
F1154 wood, which I think, you know, to be fair, is not going to be that hard with //the haulage, you know,//
F1155 //No. Mm.//
F1154 company, so. [inhale] //But,//
F1155 //Mm.//
F1154 it's like "Oh look at us go!" //[laugh] "We've a stick shed". [laugh]//
F1155 //[laugh] Have the people, have the people next door moved out?//
F1154 I don't know. //Er,//
F1155 //Mm.//
F1154 they're just building a new h-, they're got like so much land that they're just building their new house behind their own, so I don't think they're in any rush //to move,//
F1155 //Oh right, okay, fair enough.//
F1154 but.
F1155 Mm. //[sucks air through teeth]//
F1154 //Mm, no,// but as soon as my granny finds out I'm going to be going home she's gonna be there and she's gonna be like "[CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname], what have you done to your //face?"//
F1155 //[laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1154 //[cough]// //But,//
F1155 //I'm sure she won't mind.//
F1154 no.
F1155 I saw erm [CENSORED: forename]'s Bebo face, she looks so different.
F1154 Really?
F1155 Yeah. //I don't know.//
F1154 //Thin?// //[laugh]//
F1155 //Kind of.// //Mm.//
F1154 //Really? I'm I'm supposed to be meeting up with her, so,// so, I think sh- she's still working in Gowan's I think.
F1155 Oh really. //[laugh]//
F1154 //Oh!//
F1155 Has [CENSORED: forename] come back to Uni?
F1154 [CENSORED: forename] is still at the Crichton, apparently, he's at the Crichton Campus.
F1155 Oh, I remember her saying that because, something like, he was gonna some Accountancy thing or something.
F1154 Yes, because erm, he's putting the relationship first, //so erm//
F1155 //Oh right. [laugh]//
F1154 he's apparently left Glasgow, //and//
F1155 //For good?//
F1154 I think so, so now he's studying at the Crichton Campus, because it's like obviously right near.
F1155 Cause what, she said to me, he's either going to tran- like see if he could do the same course but come here, come home to do it. //Or//
F1154 //Mmhm.//
F1155 change and do something there, I was like //just cause she's too lazy, see.//
F1154 //Yeah. [sniff]// //Well it's just cause she had no//
F1155 //Yeah.//
F1154 friends up here cause she didn't do anything except work, and //skive.//
F1155 //Mm.// //[laugh]//
F1154 //But I don't know, erm// Yeah, but do you not think it's really funny, cause remember when we were at at er school and they came and gave us a big talk for the Crichton Campus, //to try and stop//
F1155 //Oh yeah.//
F1154 like stop us from leaving the region.
F1155 [inhale] //Was it not [CENSORED: forename] that sort of put [laugh]//
F1154 //Erm, no, [CENSORED: forename] put// in the suggestion box for M-, on [CENSORED: forename]'s behalf, he wrote that pretend one saying "[CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname], send me information about it", and he //sent me a text, uh-huh he had to he had to//
F1155 //Oh right, he had to apologise or something [inaudible].// //[laugh]//
F1154 //phone up the people at the Crichton, apologise// for sending this, but do you not think it was really funny now? [CENSORED: forename] got in trouble for, cause [CENSORED: forename] went mental cause he didn't want to go to the Crichton Campus and it was a load of rubbish, //and now [CENSORED: forename] is at the Crichton Campus.//
F1155 //And now [CENSORED: forename] is at the Crichton Campus! [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1154 //That is brilliant.//
F1155 Oh, P- [CENSORED: forename]'s doing her degree at the Crichton Campus, //well her courses.//
F1154 //What's it in again?//
F1155 Er, Customer Services. //[laugh]//
F1154 //[laugh]//
F1155 And the ECDL, or whatever it is, European Computer Driving Licence. But she's finished the Customer Services one. //So.//
F1154 //Cool.//
F1155 [laugh] And I'm well hacked off cause I, erm, I've got to go home for my Christmas lunch, twenty-two fifty!
F1154 Eh? //Where is it, where's your Christmas lunch? Is that the [?]Ferry Kinkyle[/?] one?//
F1155 //Yeah, some place in C- uh-huh.// See in Dumfries, right, the place, the Jazz Café or something?
F1154 The what?
F1155 The Jazz Café. //No, what's it called, the Rift//
F1154 //The Jazz Café?//
F1155 Valley Jazz Café, I was like, where the hell is that? //No.//
F1154 //Did they tell you where it was?// The Rift Valley Jazz Café.
F1155 Apparently a woman from the Dumfries office picked it; I don't actually know where it is. And the men- [laugh] the menu, [laugh] Paula sent the menu, cause like you've got to pick now //what you want to eat on Christmas Day, er like the day before Christmas, I was like "for God's sake",//
F1154 //[sniff]// //[laugh] [cough]//
F1155 //so I picked, and I could even understand what half the stuff was, like what's fried spatzel?// //Yeah.//
F1154 //Spatzel? That does not like// //sound like something edible.//
F1155 //Either, it either sounds like potato or sausages or something,// //like, I don't know, no.//
F1154 //Yeah, it doesn't sound like something edible.//
F1155 But erm the starters was, what was it, butterbean, chive and leek soup. //[laugh] Then there was//
F1154 //Oh Christmassy! [inhale]//
F1155 prawns, something else and something else that I didn't like, all fish, so I'm like mm. And then for the main course, the the turkey was pan-roasted turkey with erm puréed something, sautéed something else, it was like wasn't even like normal turkey, it was like chestnuts and stuff, I was like //I'm like I didn't, I didn't even//
F1154 //Well some people do that though.//
F1155 pick the turkey, [laugh] I picked beef
F1154 [laugh] //We usually have turkey and beef on Christmas.//
F1155 //so.//
F1154 It's really weird, it's gonna be so weird in the new //house,//
F1155 //Mm.// //That'll be good. It'll look good in your big Christmas tree.//
F1154 //cause I don't know how what, right, what what room, what sitting room should we have?// //I know what one you're gonna pick.//
F1155 //I think th- I think that// //[laugh] I think, yeah, that would be nice.//
F1154 //You're going to pick your favourite one, aren't you?// //Yeah, we could have a big tree though, couldn't we, like in the window.//
F1155 //Oh well the other one the other one's a bit bigger though, is it not? Mm.//
F1154 It'll look really nice, but, yeah, Christmas'll be good, I think.
F1155 I can't b-, it's, do you know something, it's, yesterday, two months to Christmas. Two months to Christmas Day, no two months to Christmas Day on Wednesday //actually.//
F1154 //Yeah.// That's terrifying. [CENSORED: forename]'s mum's down the now, and er she started her Christmas shopping yesterday. They went to Ikea cause they had vouchers. And she came back with like little red candle holders and these little like, I don't know er what you'd call them, like trellisy placemat things, like //all//
F1155 //Oh right, uh-huh.//
F1154 like the kind of thing you buy in designs. And erm //yeah.//
F1155 //[laugh]// That's organised.
F1154 All this stuff, and I was sitting going "So, it's, oh no, when I go home next week, my mum's going to want to go Christmas //shopping.//
F1155 //Mmhm.// //My mum's not, she's not organised enough for that.//
F1154 //But.// //My mum's, I do all my//
F1155 //But they're they're//
F1154 shopping like the week before, and I get really stressed about it but [exhale] //just.//
F1155 //They're moving up to the new health centre next week.// //Mm.//
F1154 //Really? What are they doing with the old one?// //[sniff]//
F1155 //Well, I don't know, maybe housing or something el-, I don't// //know.//
F1154 //Oh there's a shock.// //Let's build more houses in Castle Douglas.//
F1155 //Everyone, everyone's saying, yeah, everyone's saying it's either going to be housing or// don't know, oh there's something about, the council or, I don't even know, don't know, erm. [sniff] But my mum's like, got to mo-, they've got to take a day at the weekend to move their stuff up, [cough] so, and there's not enough car parking spaces for everyone.
F1154 That's ridiculous.
F1155 But never mind, but also, [laugh] [CENSORED: forename]'s working in the chemist's. //[laugh]//
F1154 //Is he? Oh, does he wear a little white jacket?// //I bet he looks like such a tool.//
F1155 //[laugh]// And erm a girl, a woman came in, she was, like, didn't have her glasses on //or something, she was kind of old, and she came in and she didn't have her glasses on and she was like "I'll take that one, pet", as if she was like a//
F1154 //[sniff]// //Thought it was a girl.//
F1155 //as in he was a girl, uh-huh.// And then [laugh] like [laugh] and he said she kept calling him it the whole time, he was like "There you go", and he's like er "This person was in for condoms, this person was in for contraceptive patches", and I was like "[sucks air through teeth]". //Yeah.//
F1154 //Oh got the gossip going down.//
F1155 [?]Besides[/?], he got me erm perfume, f- a free tester or something, //and [inaudible] oh//
F1154 //[inaudible]//
F1155 [laugh]
F1154 He can see who's going for the contraceptive pill.
F1155 [laugh] //[laugh] Yeah.//
F1154 //No.//
F1155 Mm.
F1154 Oh. It is, it is, I just don't like going into the chemist, especially in Castle Douglas, cause you just think they're all gonna //know everything.//
F1155 //[CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname] works in there as well.// //So they actually,//
F1154 //Yeah, I know.//
F1155 everyone works in there but also did you hear, you see erm, have you heard of that //company?//
F1154 //What time's it?//
F1155 Farepak?
F1154 No.
F1155 Well I don't really know, we- well basically it's this thing where //you pay money in//
F1154 //[cough]//
F1155 every month or something for Christmas and it, like basically you can put it toward like vouchers //or toys or stuff//
F1154 //Oh I think I've// //Yeah.//
F1155 //and erm like// basically the company's gone bust and everyone's lost all their money.
F1154 Someone told me about that. //Ho-.//
F1155 //My mum's lost three hundred quid.//
F1154 Shite.
F1155 And sh- like, she's like "Oh, if I don't get it back", and I was like "No, you have to get it back", cause some people have put in like a thousand pounds.
F1154 Get get your dad to phone up, he won't take any shit.
F1155 The thing i- the thing is though like, she feels a bit bad though cause see some of the like receptionists and //stuff, they've//
F1154 //[sniff]//
F1155 loads of money, and like for them not having that is quite //you know,//
F1154 //Yeah.//
F1155 it's not the, it's like not the end of the world, but then it is quite, like, you know, if that's all, if that's what they've put by for
F1154 Exactly, that's like money they've //that's specifically put by for Christmas,//
F1155 //Uh-huh.// //And now they won't have it. Mmhm.//
F1154 //so they won't have any, cause// //they all thought it was covered.//
F1155 //So they might not, yeah.// So it's quite crap, and they're not going to get the money back before Christmas. And, cause basically, you know [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname],
F1154 Aye.
F1155 she's like the kinda, she was the kinda person, I don't think she worked for them but she was like the rep or something,
F1154 Mm.
F1155 so everyone did it because obviously she //maybe gets commission or something and//
F1154 //Yeah, cause everyone//
F1155 everyone wanted to support her and she feels really bad about it, //cause she's, cause everyone else has//
F1154 //Yeah, of course she does, she's lovely.//
F1155 put in money and it's her fault //but//
F1154 //Oh but no but everyone knows that [CENSORED: forename]'s lovely,// //they're not they're not gonna think that, anything bad o her.//
F1155 //everyone knows it's not her fault at all. Yeah.// But I think my mum just kind of did it because she thought she'd better support her, so. //[laugh]//
F1154 //Oh maybe my mum's done it then.// //Cause my mum is is like really pally with [CENSORED: forename].//
F1155 //Probably. Loads of people. Mm. Loads of people.// So. And she's als-, she's having bad luck because their their Jeeps are in Border Cars for five weeks. Two and a half thousand pounds so far, //to fix it.//
F1154 //How?//
F1155 Don't know. Something wrong with it. [sniff] //Something wrong with a spare part//
F1154 //[?]Not wrong[/?].//
F1155 Or a pa- a part of it or something, it's, and they got it like ordered in and then it broke. Mm. //[sniff]. So, I feel a bit//
F1154 //Mm. Oh well.//
F1155 sorry for them.
F1154 Oh, [CENSORED: forename] crashed her car, once again! //That's like.//
F1155 //Are you still speaking to her?//
F1154 I've actually seen her more now than I did before.
F1155 Really?
F1154 But I've not spoken to her today, erm but it's like she's been staying over and everything, it's been really weird dynamic, like it's been exactly //the same.//
F1155 //Did she give you// did she give you space after //when I last saw you, no?//
F1154 //No. [laugh]// No, we've been together almost every day. //Erm, so.//
F1155 //Apart from the day you went to see [CENSORED: forename].//
F1154 Yeah. //[laugh]//
F1155 //[laugh]//
F1154 No, like I have, I've spoken to her but then like the past week, //we've been together//
F1155 //Mm.//
F1154 like a lot. Like a- but [CENSORED: forename]'s family have all been here so I've kind of been like "Oh, I- I'll //come to yours.//
F1155 //Have they been staying in the house?//
F1154 Yeah.
F1155 Where?
F1154 We've got futons for couches so. //Have you been to my house yet?//
F1155 //Oh right. Yeah,// once.
F1154 Yeah. I remember.
F1155 Oh I didn't really, cause I I didn't know if Hattie would let them sleep in her room or something. How many people? Her mum and her sister?
F1154 Mum, grandad, sister, //er but they're leaving today.//
F1155 //Yeah.//
F1154 But then it's like I just went in and got like my tea and er put it all in a bag. //got a beer, put it the bag and I was like//
F1155 //[laugh]//
F1154 "Bye", erm and went stayed at [CENSORED: forename]'s that night, //had my tea at [CENSORED: forename]'s and then//
F1155 //Aye.// Di- is [CENSORED: forename] still staying with you? //[laugh]//
F1154 //No! He only stayed for a weekend. Oh, it was horrible.//
F1155 [laugh] He's a bit forward. //See in the pub that night I was like "Oh, my God!"//
F1154 //He's got no boundaries.// //He//
F1155 //Please be quiet.//
F1154 no, he fancies [CENSORED: forename], right.
F1155 [laugh] //[CENSORED: forename]'s obviously scared at this fact.//
F1154 //Erm,// //[CENSORED: forename] terrified at this fact.//
F1155 //[laugh]//
F1154 So we ended up sitting, and it was me, [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] having a drink and [CENSORED: forename] came over cause he was in with someone, erm was disgustingly drunk so basically was sitting on [CENSORED: forename]'s knee, //and [CENSORED: forename] was just sitting there looking absolutely petrified,//
F1155 //Oh my God.//
F1154 like [laugh] erm and then [CENSORED: forename] was sending a text and he was sitting like looking, //and I was like okay,//
F1155 //At what she was writing?//
F1154 "Excuse me [CENSORED: forename], first time you've met her, personal //space." Oh no he has actually. That's a lie.//
F1155 //Oh has he never met her before?//
F1154 I was like "Yeah, personal space, we've had this chat."
F1155 Uh-huh.
F1154 Trying to make a joke out, when he went to the toilet I just sat, so that he would have to sit next to me.
F1155 Mmhm. //He was like the night, he was like that//
F1154 //He's actually really//
F1155 the night when we were at the what's it called, Uisge Beatha, or whatever you call it. //That place, cause erm//
F1154 //Uisge Beatha. [laugh]// //Oh yeah.//
F1155 //Aye, he's so forward, I was like// Sorry, I've only met you, di- I- oh no, I met him once before //in the beer bar.//
F1154 //Was he?// Uh. Yeah, no, he is a bit like that.
F1155 [laugh] //Oh!//
F1154 //Er,// it's all good, it's all good. //[laugh]//
F1155 //Oh I kn-, I got into trouble that night, apparently.// Erm from [CENSORED: forename], cause one of his friends was in there and erm wondered why I wasn't with [CENSORED: forename] //or something.//
F1154 //Oh no, because you're not like// //gene-//
F1155 //Erm because I was si- I was sitting beside [CENSORED: forename],// and apparently I I was looking as if he was my boyfriend. I was like "Sorry!" [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1154 //Has [CENSORED: forename] met [CENSORED: forename]?//
F1155 I was like, "[CENSORED: forename], yeah!" [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1154 //Mm, [tut]// //I'm with the small ginger guy.//
F1155 //So I got in// I got in trouble the next day, he was like he was like "Who were you with last night?" I was like er "[CENSORED: forename]". He was like "Where were you?" I was like "At the pub". //He was like "Oh",//
F1154 //[laugh] [sniff]//
F1155 He was like "One of my friends said you were sitting with a guy", I was like "No, I wasn't". [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1154 //[laugh]// "I was in with like a couple o //guys//
F1155 //Yeah.//
F1154 that were with their girlfriends and their wives."
F1155 Yeah.
F1154 Mm, no but
F1155 [laugh]
F1154 I've only had one class today, it was quite good.
F1155 So have I, at two o'clock.
F1154 [tut] Twelve o'clock. [laugh]
F1155 I'm o- I'm off every Friday apart from these three weeks, but next semester //I'm in at ten.//
F1154 //See, I thought I was off// every Friday, then it turns out I've got a Scot Lit tutorial, twelve o'clock every Friday, //so.//
F1155 //Every single week.//
F1154 Every single week, [laugh] //cause it's a f-//
F1155 //Are you off any other day?//
F1154 No, //I have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays quite, screw you, quite busy and then//
F1155 //I have. I'm off on a Wednesday. [laugh]//
F1154 Thursday I've got one class and Friday I've got one class. Sometimes Thursday I have two classes, it depends on English. But I have a whole week off next week.
F1155 So does [CENSORED: forename], she gets a Reading Week or //something.//
F1154 //So do I, in all three of my classes.//
F1155 I was like, I don't get //that.//
F1154 //That's why I'm going home, obviously.// //Get my eyebrows waxed. [laugh]//
F1155 //Oh, I went home and got mine// done at the weekend, and I got a pedicure as well. //[sucks air through teeth] So that's good.//
F1154 //Er, no, feet, sorry, no.// //Tha-//
F1155 //[laugh] We had we had a girl came round, oh what day was it, Wednesday night,// to look at the flat, to take the room but //we didn't really//
F1154 //Oh right, did you no-//
F1155 oh she was nice but she was from erm like way up the north of Scotland, so basically she would never go home, and she sai- like she said she wouldn't go home for Christmas or anything, so she'd be like //using//
F1154 //[cough]// //[sniff]//
F1155 //all the bills, all that kind of thing.// And she was nice but she was like at Paisley, so I don't know why she wants to stay in town to go to Paisley.
F1154 Yeah, it's not //very//
F1155 //But also erm// she was w- this is what's weird, right, she was with her boyfriend, who, she'd went out for three and a half years and they'd actually split up but he was with her and the reason why she needed a f- a room, was because he- she'd been living with him and now they'd split up she needed to move out.
F1154 Right.
F1155 And he was, she was like "Yeah!", and she tot- she texted [CENSORED: forename] yesterday and said she wanted to take the room and we were like "Oh!" But we've got another girl wanting to come and see it, //called [CENSORED: forename] as well.//
F1154 //Well,// //oh.//
F1155 //So that'll be good.// But erm I don't know what she'll be like. //But she's got a//
F1154 //Mm.//
F1155 legitimate reason for having, wanting a room, because she was with two other girls and they can't find a three-bedroom HMO licence,
F1154 Yeah.
F1155 so, hopefully she'll be normal, but sh- I don't know, she was nice //and when she came in she was like//
F1154 //Normal!//
F1155 like "Oh my God, your rooms are so tidy!" //And then//
F1154 //[laugh]//
F1155 she was like "I'm not, hee-hee-hee", I was like "No, //that's where you failed, right then!" [laugh]//
F1154 //[laugh]// //Yeah, really selling yourself.//
F1155 //[CENSORED: forename]'s like, [inaudible] [CENSORED: forename]'s like, [CENSORED: forename]'s like, "We're not having her".// //So we're not having her. [laugh]//
F1154 //"Hi, I'd like to rent a room from you. By the way, I'm really messy."// //"And I've just broke up with my boyfriend and I'm going to spend all your electricity."//
F1155 //I know, cause that's one thing, yeah.// And when she said it, she was like "Do- have you got boyfriends?" and we're like "Yeah", she was like "[sigh]". So that was also going to be an issue for her. //Just cause she'd split up with her boyfriend.//
F1154 //Why?// //Mm.//
F1155 //But, so we were just like// //the whole thing about, and also, right, did I tell you?//
F1154 //You sh- [laugh] oh, she'd probably, you should just have went// "No, we're a couple." //[laugh]//
F1155 //[laugh]// Did I tell you, right, see in first year, downstairs from us, that guy [CENSORED: forename], do you know him, he was on my course? Anyway, he's got this friend [CENSORED: forename], [CENSORED: forename], We call him [CENSORED: forename] Strath, cause he goes to Strathclyde, right? And he's an actual stalker. //He used to come and chap the door for like half an hour and we used to all hide in the kitchen with the lights off//
F1154 //[sniff]//
F1155 for [laugh] the whole the whole time. So erm we were talking to her and she said she works at this place, and I was like, he works at that place, and I said "Do you know this guy [CENSORED: forename]", and she's like "Oh yeah yeah," she's like, "we're really friendly," she's like "I'll invite him round", and I was like "No". //No! [laugh]//
F1154 //[laugh]// //"Er, no." [laugh]//
F1155 //[laugh] So that's another reason that we didn't really, don't know, but// //She was a nice//
F1154 //Yeah.//
F1155 person, like, see just talking to her, she was really nice, but I don't know, I just don't think,
F1154 Yeah.
F1155 cause at the end of the day so w- you've got to live with them, day in //day out.//
F1154 //Yeah, totally.//
F1155 And that's one thing, you don't want someone who's messy. //Cause it's, see like//
F1154 //[laugh]// //Yeah.//
F1155 //you you and [CENSORED: forename] are probably on a par for clean// //clean and tidy.//
F1154 //Really?//
F1155 [CENSORED: forename] thinks we've both got OCD and need to go to the doctor's. //[laugh]//
F1154 //No, he could live with me for a week and then,// //actually no, he wo- he would probably hate me.//
F1155 //But,// //like er yesterday//
F1154 //[laugh]//
F1155 he was over and I was like, I was like "Don't mess up my sofa", cause I had my cushions nice and //stuff.//
F1154 //Mm.//
F1155 And he was like "Oh," sort of, "for God's sake", he's like, "You're not very fun", and I was like "I know, but oh," I was like "just try not to mess it up". //Honestly, cause he won't tidy it after.//
F1154 //[laugh]// //Yeah.//
F1155 //And last// last week erm he had his lectures cancelled, so I was at Uni and he stayed in my flat, got back, the bed totally not made, stuff everywhere. There was like tomato sauce in my bedroom, //cups, glasses, plates, everything, I was like "I'm going to crack up", left my straighteners on,//
F1154 //[laugh]// //[laugh] Sorry, this is so funny. [laugh]//
F1155 //And then I was like [laugh] and he got highlights// //done the other day, professional, well hairdresser ones.//
F1154 //Oh no! Oh no!//
F1155 So //he's getting a wee bit//
F1154 //Oh! That's//
F1155 above himself, but he's happy cause he's getting eight hundred quid back in tax //next month.//
F1154 //Fantastic.// //So he'll be taking you out somewhere nice. [laugh] Need a new watch!//
F1155 //So I was like, I was like "[CENSORED: forename], we're going shopping, okay?" [laugh] "What?" he's like, "I'm not buying you anything," I was like "Yeah you are,// //buy me a pair of//
F1154 //[laugh] That's what he thinks.//
F1155 boots, you can buy me them." [laugh]
F1154 [laugh]
F1155 Mm.
F1154 And so were you home last weekend?
F1155 [cough], I went home on, well I went to [CENSORED: forename]'s on Thursday, met my mum in Edinburgh on Friday, and then went home, came back up on //Sunday, so.//
F1154 //Yeah, did you get pampered?//
F1155 Yeah. //I suppose.//
F1154 //Yeah? Any CD gossip?//
F1155 Mm. Mm, not as far as I'm aware.
F1154 No?
F1155 No. //Don't think so.//
F1154 //Mm.// Nothing about [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: surname]'s personal trainer then, no? //[laugh]//
F1155 //Oh no no no no.// //I don't think there's any-, no.//
F1154 //[laugh]//
F1155 Not as far as I know.
F1154 That was so funny. I bet I'll go home and my mum'll tell me all this absolute drivel about stuff I don't even care about.
F1155 Mmhm, small town gossip.
F1154 Yeah.
F1155 Oh, [CENSORED: forename]'s mum, did you hear about that?
F1154 [CENSORED: forename], no.
F1155 She got killed in a car crash.
F1154 Oh my God, really?
F1155 Yeah, that was like, that was ages ago, that was erm God, that's before I went on holiday. [sniff] [cough] //She//
F1154 //Shit.//
F1155 you know, you know on the [CENSORED: road number], right?
F1154 Uh-huh.
F1155 And I'm trying to, see when you come out of [CENSORED: placename], and you're going to [CENSORED: placename], //there's like a farm called [CENSORED: placename] Farm, I don't know if you//
F1154 //Mm.// //On the left-hand side?//
F1155 //maybe recognise it.// Uh-huh, it's kind of set back from the road. //There's//
F1154 //Uh-huh.//
F1155 trees just beside it, and the car was down a ditch for two days with her in it and no-one f-, no-one knew where she was. Cause she was going, see how she works night-shifts at the hospital, she was going there. And erm she didn't turn up to work, but they just thought, like, //the hospital didn't bother//
F1154 //[sniff]//
F1155 phoning the house, they just thought, "Oh, she's got her shifts confused or something". So the next morning, she obviously didn't come home when she should have from her shift. Not, like they also didn't know she didn't get to her shift. So she erm, like, er her husband phoned the hospital and they went "No, no, no, she didn't come to work last night". And he was like Oh my God, I don't know, she left the house to go to work, so then everyone was like "What's happened to her?" And that's on the Monday, and by the Wednesday no-one no-one heard anything from her or seen her, nothing. Like the police were, like, had it all in the newspaper and everything and nothing, like, no-one knew where she was. So then erm a- after, what is it, you can report someone after f- twenty-four, forty-eight hours, //I'm not sure, so//
F1154 //Forty-eight hours.//
F1155 the police started looking for her when she'd been missing for two full days, and erm found her down a ditch //in the Corsa, mmhm.//
F1154 //So was it just her car that was//
F1155 Mmhm, but they did a post-mortem and apparently she got killed outright and she didn't lie in the car, //like suffer or anything but she erm//
F1154 //Oh right, well that's that's like a small comfort.// //That's horrible.//
F1155 //some- oh, I thought// someone thought like, she'd maybe tried, she was maybe doing something with the radio, and didn't notice, and just, you know, like, see sometimes you just go off the road a wee bit, //maybe she just went down.//
F1154 //From the verge where [inaudible].//
F1155 Or s- apparently one of the newspapers said she'd fallen asleep at the wheel. Because see if yo-, if she was trying to avoid something she would have braked and there'd be like skid marks //on the road, but there wasn't anything.//
F1154 //Yeah.//
F1155 There wasn't any sign of her. //No. So she just//
F1154 //Braking. Even if she'd// gone off the road she surely would have braked even //then.//
F1155 //So she// would have pl- think she's ploughed just off the road.
F1154 Have they done like a check on the car? //Cause maybe the brakes failed, no?//
F1155 //Mm, I don't// I don't know, it was an X reg, V reg Corsa, even. So I don't know. //But,//
F1154 //That's horrible.// //What's [CENSORED: forename] doing?//
F1155 //so she, like cause also [CENSORED: forename] [CENSORED: forename] wasn't// going to Uni, he was going travelling for a year, so it wasn't as bad as what it could have been, cause that would have been like Freshers' Week. //He would just be starting//
F1154 //Yeah.// //So has he just stayed at home like?//
F1155 //at [inaudible]. Uh-huh, I think so, but [CENSORED: forename]// [CENSORED: forename] is like, what is she, sixteen, and who i-, [CENSORED: forename], I don't, I think [CENSORED: forename]'s at Uni here, or somewhere.
F1154 Mm, that's horrible.
F1155 I know. //But apparently there was like//
F1154 //I didn't know that.// //[sniff]//
F1155 //hundreds of people at the funeral and they had it in [CENSORED: placename] Church.// //And they had like screens outside cause there was too many people there.//
F1154 //[exhale]// //My God!//
F1155 //Something like four hundred people or something, so// I was like, feel sorry for them. //[throat]//
F1154 //Yeah, that's that's pretty horrific.//
F1155 It was like, they maybe even drove past there not knowing, like how many people would have driven past, like lorries and everything? //No-one saw.//
F1154 //I know.// //Suppose you wouldn't really be look-//
F1155 //So, but it's like, cause you wouldn't, you'd think she would have,// the [CENSORED: road number], where could you go down a ditch and not know? But it's li-, it's so like, you totally see how it w- you wouldn't be seen.
F1154 Yeah. //God, it's horrible.//
F1155 //So, it's such a shame.// So.
F1154 Urgh. //I bump-//
F1155 //I was like "Mum",// I was like "Mum, be careful," [laugh], "when you're driving //anywhere."//
F1154 //Yeah.//
F1155 That's a wee shame. But I think ever- I think everyone knows about it at home, like, I thought you would have known, but //[tut]//
F1154 //I didn't hear about it, and that's weird, cause I was working in like// //s-//
F1155 //It's all over the Galloway News! [laugh]// //[laugh]//
F1154 //I only look at the pictures! [laugh]// //No.//
F1155 //Yeah.// Cause it was in, it was in, see when it gets printed, it gets like finished on a Tuesday or something? So they obviously put in the thing that she was missing on the Tuesday and it got printed on the Thursday, but by the time the paper had came out, everyone knew that she was already dead, but it still was like "missing and if anyone knows where //she is" or that.//
F1154 //Oh shit.//
F1155 So. //But I haven't really, I don't really know what//
F1154 //[sniff]//
F1155 I mean I think my mum's just going to write them a card or something, but she didn't want to write it when everything else was going to be kinda //she thought she'd wait until it had died down a bit.//
F1154 //[sucks air through teeth] Yeah.//
F1155 Cause you know, sometimes like if that happens, it's all like phew and then a few weeks later you're just by yourself and no-one really bothers //so she thought she would//
F1154 //Yeah, it's ni-, it would be nice.// //That's a good idea.//
F1155 //[cough] wait a wee while.// Cause you know, well someone //that happened, you're//
F1154 //Yeah, totally.// //Mm. Oh really. [laugh]//
F1155 //It's quarter to four. Mmhm.//
F1154 When are you going shopping?
F1155 Just, aye, over to Braehead, but [CENSORED: forename]'s got a class till //four or five.//
F1154 //Is it you and [CENSORED: forename] that are going?// //Say hello to [CENSORED: forename].//
F1155 //[cough]// //Oh does she?//
F1154 //She works in Billabong at the Xscape Centre. Go in the Xscape Centre, there's loads of good shops.//
F1155 I want to go to New Look to get some shoes, cause they're cheap.
F1154 Oh. //Xscape you can walk from//
F1155 //And you get ten percent discount. Yeah.// I've been in it, I remember me and [CENSORED: forename] went when it had just got built but all the shops weren't finished.
F1154 Oh you should have a look then. //[CENSORED: forename]'s is the second one on the left.//
F1155 //But it looks quite good.// I know, I remember seeing the Billabong [inaudible].
F1154 Opposite Costa.
F1155 I might just go and have a nosy, not actually in just like [sucks air through teeth]. //[laugh]//
F1154 //I think she-// have you ever m-?
F1155 I've never met her.
F1154 Short, brown hair.
F1155 I know what she looks like if //[laugh] Like "[CENSORED: forename]//
F1154 //Well go, go in and have a look cause you can be like//
F1155 that's [CENSORED: forename] [inaudible]" [laugh] But why? //It can go ski-ing, honestly. [laugh]//
F1154 //[laugh]// I know, but if you do see her, I mean she'll probably, she might be through the back, but if she's on the shopfloor then just say, "Oh hi, I'm [CENSORED: forename]'s friend",
F1155 [laugh] //And she'll be like like//
F1154 //[inaudible]// //[cough]//
F1155 //she's like "Who are you?"// //[laugh]//
F1154 //[cough] Excuse me. Yeah.// No I think, I've got to go and meet one of my friends and then I'm hopefully gonna meet [CENSORED: forename].
F1155 Are you going out?
F1154 I'm not going out cause I'm skint!
F1155 [inhale] You've got to come to the Garage on Tuesday for Hallowe'en. //Fancy dress.//
F1154 //I'm going to Hallowe'en Rev at the union.// Fancy dress! //Student//
F1155 //Oh!// //[laugh]//
F1154 //Union prices!// //I want to dress up as Amanda Palmer,//
F1155 //[laugh]//
F1154 with a black, like from the Dresden Dolls. //With the black and white stripey//
F1155 //Oh I thought I recognised the name.// //[laugh]//
F1154 //like stockings and suspenders and a black skirt,// like like dress thing, with my face painted white, with a red, people will just think I'm a muse if they don't know.
F1155 Mm.
F1154 But, aye. //A muse? A mime. [laugh] I'm not a muse, I don't inspire people. No.//
F1155 //I don't really know what I'm going,// //I don't know//
F1154 //Yeah.//
F1155 what I'm going to go as, I er, well I wanted to go and find a dressing up costume somewhere.
F1154 There's a bit called Party something in, see if you're on Argyle Street and you walk underneath Central Station bit and you go round to the left, //it's//
F1155 //Uh-huh.//
F1154 right there on your left-hand side.
F1155 I think there's one of them in the West End, like see ehm //near//
F1154 //I don't know.//
F1155 you know Au Naturale when you come off the motorway at Charing Cross? Do you know where I'm talking about? I think there's a a fancy dress shop near there but //I don't know, the Ga- everyone seems to be going to the Garage, so I was like//
F1154 //Mm.//
F1155 go to the Garage, //get drunk, cause I'm not in Uni on Wednesday.//
F1154 //[tut] I'm going, I'm going to the Rev.//
F1155 On Tuesday night, yeah?
F1154 Uh-huh. I'm in Uni at ten, no I'm not, I have a week off, [laugh], in your face, I'm driving home the next day. So.
F1155 I was at the QM last, was it not last week? Two weeks ago?
F1154 I don't know. //What night?//
F1155 //Two weeks ago// I think it was, they had a band on but erm we didn't go and see it, we went after. But //I wasn't drinking//
F1154 //Cool.//
F1155 so.
F1154 No. //I wouldn't actually be, well I can't just now,//
F1155 //[?]Oh right[/?].// //Are you actually abiding to that?//
F1154 //so, [laugh] so.// //Erm yes, I don't want my face to swell up, erm//
F1155 //[laugh]//
F1154 so, but it's just two weeks, //no, but it's like coffee this morning, I was like,//
F1155 //How many how many days ago did you get//
F1154 Think I had it done on Tuesday.
F1155 So yes. //Oh, mm!//
F1154 //No, Tuesday? Wednesday.// //It only s- it only bruised yesterday.//
F1155 //It looks, it just looks, it looks just sore like underneath.// Yeah, it always does that like the ne-, the second or third day.
F1154 It was the third day it started actually properly bruised. //I just I//
F1155 //Yeah.//
F1154 I don't know if it's still [?]I'm looking[/?]! //[laugh] [inaudible] It is a bit purple.//
F1155 //It looks a wee bit, it looks a wee bit kind of purple like.// //What does [CENSORED: forename] think of it?//
F1154 //But,// She really likes it.
F1155 I thought she had went with you.
F1154 Mm, it was supposed to be my birthday present but you know with that whole cafuffle,
F1155 Mm.
F1154 erm we didn't go, so //I didn't tell anyone, I didn't tell anyone.//
F1155 //So you haven't told, you haven't told,//
F1154 I just said to [CENSORED: forename], "Do you want to go, let's go and get a hole in my face", and then we went and got myself pierced and then and then yeah, I just turned up and everyone, a lot of people, like I was meeting [CENSORED: forename] that night, //and it was//
F1155 //Mmhm.//
F1154 totally it looked like I'd had it for ages and it was totally cool. //Er, yeah.//
F1155 //Oh was it?//
F1154 And erm she just went like that, "Oh". [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1155 //[laugh]//
F1154 And I was like "Hi, my face is sore." //It wasn't a- it's it's as sore as getting your, no.//
F1155 //Was it s-, what, do they numb it or something?// //Just shoved the?//
F1154 //No,// he cleaned it, he made a little mark, he put a clamp on my lip, right, it's this clamp, it's not tight, it's this clamp thing, they put it on your lip here, and he holds it, then he's got the whole big needle thing, and it's got a little bit of plastic with the hole in it, a little plastic er, to to open the hole and to keep it open while he //gets the//
F1155 //Oh right.//
F1154 piercing. //And//
F1155 //[squeal]//
F1154 so he whacked that in, but it's the same pain as when you get this done. //But it stayed in and it wasn't sore.//
F1155 //Was it just the same?//
F1154 It was like, it felt like I'd had my ear pierced but obviously my lip.
F1155 Mmhm. //Oh!//
F1154 //And then he had to get the ring// and push it through and that hurt again so it was just like having it done a second time. And then erm pu- screwed the wee ball on and that was it.
F1155 Oh I don't know how you do that.
F1154 It's not sore. It's like it's achy sore, but
F1155 Aye, it's not throbbing throbbing sore?
F1154 No. //But it's just because there's so much stuff in your lip.//
F1155 //[inhale]// Mm.
F1154 Erm.
F1155 Muscles and all that.
F1154 So it's just keep away from the caffeine and the fizzy juice and the spicy food, cause it's like I had salad at the Food Factory,
F1155 Mmhm.
F1154 the day I had it, the next, the day after I had it done.
F1155 Oh right.
F1154 And erm they'd put like pepper to season the coleslaw, and I couldn't eat it, cause I was like "Urgh! //my lip!"//
F1155 //Oh God.//
F1154 But.
F1155 Oh.
F1154 [laugh] //I just totally forgot, I was like//
F1155 //[laugh]// I think it'll it'll look mu- it'll look much better when the bruising goes away, I'll be able to look at it then. //It's, just looks painful.//
F1154 //Yeah.//
F1155 [laugh]
F1154 Does it suit me? //[laugh]//
F1155 //I think it does suit you.//
F1154 [laugh] My mum's not going to speak to me for a week. [laugh] //[laugh]//
F1155 //Oh.//

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