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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 01, recording 3: out for a walk

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1121 Right, okay.
F1122 Come on. Open the door.
F1121 Right, do you want to say ta-ta to [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 Ta-ta [CENSORED: forename]. We'll come back for [CENSORED: forename], will we?
F1121 Mm, well go and say ta-ta [CENSORED: forename], and ta-ta Granny.
F1122 Ta-ta [CENSORED: forename], ta-ta Granny. We're, we're just, we'll, I'll come back for [CENSORED: forename]. I'll come back for [CENSORED: forename]. Bye bye!
F1121 [Granny says bye bye] Bye.
F1122 Bye.
F1121 Okay, where are we going our walk?
F1122 How about, how about to, to the, to the, to the, to the [?]golf[/?] course?
F1121 What?
F1122 The, Mum, I'm trying to say the golf //course.//
F1121 //The golf course.// //Right, up this way, take my hand now.//
F1122 //Aye, this.//
F1121 What a bonny day, //isn't it?//
F1122 //Mmhm.//
F1121 Whose house is that?
F1122 [CENSORED: forename]'s.
F1121 That's right. And do you know who stays in the next house?
F1122 No.
F1121 [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 [CENSORED: forename]?
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 He's my friend, is he?
F1121 Is he?
F1122 Mmhm. See that boy?
F1121 Uh-huh. What boy? What boy?
F1122 Do you remember?
F1121 No, I don't.
F1122 Aye, you remember. Mum, can I, can [inaudible]? //There's doggies live here.//
F1121 //No.// That's right, there's doggies that live there. How many doggies?
F1122 [exhale] I don't know.
F1121 You don't know?
F1122 No. Can we, I'm gonna skip the way.
F1121 [inaudible]. [CENSORED: forename], look.
F1122 What?
F1121 Look at that pretty flowers. Look at that ones.
F1122 Oh!
F1121 [inaudible]
F1122 Aye, skip, skip, skip along the path. She skipped along the path. Mum, can we see the rabbits are there?
F1121 Uh-huh.
F1122 Great.
F1121 Dinna climb up there, [CENSORED: forename], look there's somebody there. See, there's a pussy cat.
F1122 I can't can't see. //Pussy, pussy.//
F1121 //See the pussy, at the door, there's a pussy.//
F1122 Pussy.
F1121 Wow! Oh, watch yourself. Do you know who stays over here?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Who?
F1122 [CENSORED: forename]'s Granny.
F1121 [CENSORED: forename]'s Granny.
F1122 Aye, does she?
F1121 That's right, mmhm. And do you know what her doggy's called?
F1122 Sammy.
F1121 Sammy, maybe we'll see him today, will we?
F1122 Aye. Sammy.
F1121 Well watch yourself crossing this road. What do you do?
F1122 Look both ways.
F1121 Look both ways. Anything coming?
F1122 No. Car coming.
F1121 Oh, careful.
F1122 Careful. //No-//
F1121 //[inaudible]// Where are you going? Hear the birdies [CENSORED: forename]?
F1122 Aye. It's a bonny day. //Is it?//
F1121 //It's a bonny// day today, aye. Wow! What did you see [?]there[/?]?
F1122 I see [CENSORED: forename]. [CENSORED: forename]'s Granny's house.
F1121 That's right, [CENSORED: forename]'s Granny's house.
F1122 Mum, can you lift [?]my house[/?] up to see something else? //Yes.//
F1121 //What are you wanting to see?//
F1122 See. //Ah.//
F1121 //See, oh look.// She's got erm Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in her garden.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 See that?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Is that pretty?
F1122 Aye, let's go this way.
F1121 Hold on a second.
F1122 It's not really broken, is it?
F1121 No, it's nae broken. //Did you think it was?//
F1122 //It's I// [inaudible] Let's go this way, Mum! This way!
F1121 Well, wait for Mummy now.
F1122 I want to go this way.
F1121 You're goin too fast.
F1122 Look, this way I'm going to s- go over here.
F1121 [inaudible] look!
F1122 What?
F1121 See the butterfly? Look.
F1122 Where?
F1121 Over there. You missed it, look. Right, wait till we see another one, look.
F1122 There's one!
F1121 [inhale] Oh aye, so there is.
F1122 Mum, I'm gonna skip over to there. Can we go in this?
F1121 No, too long grass in there.
F1122 Why? Why?
F1121 Cause there might be beasties in there.
F1122 Mum, can we skip this way?
F1121 [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 What?
F1121 Look at that birdie up in that tree. Hear? I think there's nests in that trees, look. Do you think there's a lot of little birdies //in there?//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 If you if you be quiet you'll hear them, look. Do you hear them?
F1122 Aye!
F1121 Mm. Look ower in that tree there, there's a little bird. See it?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 A baby birdie.
F1122 Aye, he can't fly, //can he?//
F1121 //I// think he can.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 I can see the sea.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Look, there's a blackbird. See it in the long grass?
F1122 Aye, I can see it.
F1121 Eh?
F1122 Aye, can I get in?
F1121 Look, you've got a spider on your jacket, look.
F1122 Can I go in? Is that a little one? It's a little one. There.
F1121 Uh-huh.
F1122 It's a little one. Can I go and chase it?
F1121 No, dinna chase it.
F1122 Oh aye, just creep in to it.
F1121 No, we'll stick to the path, look. //Cause you'll get dirty down there.//
F1122 //S-.// Aye.
F1121 See what else we see.
F1122 Mum.
F1121 Can we see the sea?
F1122 No. Aye! //Can we s- beach?//
F1121 //The beach?// Not yet.
F1122 We'll have to go somewhere else.
F1121 Take your time. Be careful.
F1122 We're going, we're going somewhere really good, Mummy, okay?
F1121 [inaudible]
F1122 Mummy. Mummy. [falls over] [sob] //[sob]//
F1121 //You okay?//
F1122 [sob] I fell. //[sob]//
F1121 //Look, let me see it. You hurt your knee?//
F1122 [sob]
F1121 Let me have a look, darling.
F1122 [sob] I think, hurt my knee.
F1121 You hurt your //knee.//
F1122 //Look, there's a butterfly!//
F1121 There you are. Wow! Right, dinna move. Wait till I sort ye. //I think you should take Mummy's hand.//
F1122 //[sob]// //[sob]//
F1121 //Just in case you fall again, okay?//
F1122 [sob] We're goin our walk. //[sob]//
F1121 //Look at you. You're aa dirty.// //Let me check your hand.//
F1122 //[sob]// //[sob] Aye.//
F1121 //There. Are you okay now? Are you better?// //Okay,//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 you just take Mummy's hand.
F1122 Mummy, can we go this way? Can we cross the bridge?
F1121 You want to cross the bridge?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Yeah, that will be- there it is!
F1121 So it is. I don't think you'll be able to climb up that bridge, will you?
F1122 Aye. I'll be careful at that bridge.
F1121 If you just keep hold o Mummy's hand, cause you might fall again, eh? What's this? What is that? Oh!
F1122 A bumblebee.
F1121 What is it?
F1122 It's coming. //It's a bumblebee, [inhale] a butterfly!//
F1121 //A butterfly.//
F1122 We spotted.
F1121 What colour's that butterfly?
F1122 White.
F1121 A white one.
F1122 We have to keep going down the lane, have we?
F1121 Yeah, that's right.
F1122 Cause down the lane is really really careful.
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 Aye. [inhale] A butterf- hey, it's a bird.
F1121 It's a birdie, up in that nest, is it? //There must//
F1122 //Uh-huh.//
F1121 be lots of birdies over here.
F1122 Come on, we have to go, keep looking for that bridge. Look, we're [?]heading to[/?] bridge.
F1121 What are we?
F1122 Mum, can I just walk?
F1121 No, you just keep a hold o my hand, just in case you fall again. Okay? //There's a house, look, there behind that tree.//
F1122 //Mu-, mm.// Is this a, is it a mouse? A mouse?
F1121 I can't see any mice.
F1122 I can't either.
F1121 Oh, look, here's water. //Will we be able//
F1122 //Water.//
F1121 to cross this? It's a bit muddy, is it?
F1122 Aye. How are we going to get across?
F1121 That's us.
F1122 Crossed! Mum.
F1121 Look, what's that in there behind that trees? Look, see, there. What do you think that is?
F1122 Is it a house?
F1121 A house?
F1122 Mmhm, look.
F1121 That's a funny looking house, is it?
F1122 What is it, Mum?
F1121 I don't know.
F1122 Don't know. We'll have to keep looking the lane till we fi- go to the bridge.
F1121 Okay. There's two butterflies, [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 Oh! Cool.
F1121 Is this a fine walkie?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 That's fine. It's warm today, isn't it?
F1122 Mm! Somebody's tickled me.
F1121 Who was tickling you?
F1122 I think it was a fly.
F1121 Oh no! [laugh] Oh dear, here's a car.
F1122 Where?
F1121 In the, you watch it going over that bridge. Can you see it?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 It's over there.
F1122 Is it not going to hit us?
F1121 No.
F1122 Is it that car there?
F1121 There's a horsie, look there. //Do you want to go//
F1122 //Here.//
F1121 over the bridge first and then we'll come back and see the horsies?
F1122 Aye. [cough] Where are they?
F1121 They're in the field there.
F1122 Where? I can't see it. It's too high.
F1121 Mmhm, I'll take you across and you can see the horses. There's three horses, I think. And here's a man walking his doggies.
F1122 We have be careful, we have to be careful round the dogs, have we?
F1121 Eh?
F1122 We have to be careful.
F1121 Mmhm, cause remember that dog last week when we was out walking, it nearly bit you.
F1122 Mmhm. //Look at that puppy.//
F1121 //Can you remember?//
F1122 Look, he's got a puppy as well! He's got a puppy as well! //Look!//
F1121 //Aw,// it's cute.
F1122 Cute. We're coming towards them.
F1121 Eh?
F1122 Aw.
F1121 Three doggies. //[inaudible]//
F1122 //Aye. [laugh]//
F1121 Are they cute?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Cute.
F1121 There's the golf course, look.
F1122 Aye. Golf course. Mum, we have to go keep wa- the lane, have we?
F1121 That's right. //Mm.//
F1122 //Having a far walk, are we?//
F1121 Mmhm. Are you getting tired?
F1122 I-, no. It's a happy walk, is it?
F1121 Is it a happy walk?
F1122 I'll be careful.
F1121 No, just keep taking my hand, [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 I'll be help.
F1121 Right, we'll go across here.
F1122 Cross here. Will we be careful? Have we have to be careful?
F1121 Right, over this way.
F1122 No, I want to go over the bridge.
F1121 I'll take you over it this way, look. Okay? Watch yourself. Look, what's this here?
F1122 A horse! I told you it was horses.
F1121 Aw, look, that's a big horse.
F1122 I want to see it.
F1121 Do you want to see it? Dinna go too close. What do you think o him?
F1122 Yeah, he's coming towards me.
F1121 He's coming towards you. //Oh I think he likes you.//
F1122 //[laugh]// A [?]black[/?] horse.
F1121 He's bonny, isn't he?
F1122 Hiya!
F1121 Look, what's he got in his mouth?
F1122 Grass.
F1121 He's been eating the grass. Wow!
F1122 He's got daffodils as well.
F1121 Has he?
F1122 He's got, look, he's got, he's got, look, he's got flowers.
F1121 Mmhm, there's daisies.
F1122 Aye, come on, let's go across the bridge. That horsie was friendly to me, was he?
F1121 [inaudible]
F1122 [inhale] Look, a car.
F1121 A car.
F1122 We have to stop here.
F1121 That's right, good girl.
F1122 Now we could go on the road to walk up the bridge.
F1121 Walk up the bridge.
F1122 Aye, I can be walking up this bridge. This bridge is hard.
F1121 Come on then, [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 I can [?]risk it[/?].
F1121 [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 I can be careful. We're past the golf course.
F1121 Uh-huh. Is there anybody golfing today?
F1122 Mm, aye, I think so. Let's go up the bridge. [laugh]
F1121 [inaudible] [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 Okay.
F1121 [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1122 What?
F1121 Wait a second for Mummy. Wow! We're up high aren't //we?//
F1122 //Aye.//
F1121 Mm.
F1122 Right, I'm now finally at the bridge. Finally, I made it. //I made it.//
F1121 //[inaudible]// top, did we?
F1122 Aye, can I see the water?
F1121 Dinna climb up there.
F1122 Can you lift me up to see, ah?
F1121 Want to hae a seat up here?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Right.
F1122 Wow!
F1121 Oh, dinna go too close to the edge.
F1122 Mum, I'll be //careful.//
F1121 //No, I'll// hold onto you.
F1122 Why?
F1121 Cause it's too high.
F1122 Hm.
F1121 It's too far down there. I can see the caravan park, look.
F1122 Me too.
F1121 Do you want to walk down that way? See the caravans?
F1122 I, I can see the horses we met.
F1121 I can see the horses. How many is there?
F1122 One, two, three, four, fiv-, //three!//
F1121 //[laugh]// There's three horses. //Right, jump down, that's a girl.//
F1122 //[?]Right[/?], let's let's go.//
F1121 Okay, hold on a second.
F1122 Why are we going, can I see, when we're going down the lane? I think it must be really really h-, [inhale] oh, there's a car //coming.//
F1121 //You// hold on to Mummy. What a view up here!
F1122 Aye.
F1121 See that, look at that golfers all standing watching them take their shot.
F1122 Mum, can I stand?
F1121 No, nae too close to the edge, [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 No, I'll hold on really tight to that. Mum, don't
F1121 Look at the yacht. //Can you see it?//
F1122 //Aye a yacht.// Mum, I can see Monty from down there.
F1121 Mmhm. Who?
F1122 Montie.
F1121 Who's Monty?
F1122 with Daddy always [?]loves[/?] Monty, Monty, Monty, //Monty, Monty.//
F1121 //[laugh]//
F1122 Mummy can, can we, just, can we [inaudible]
F1121 You said you would take Mum's //hand [CENSORED: forename].//
F1122 //Well I'm gonna see// I want to see down there.
F1121 But you can still hold onto Mum and look. Oh [CENSORED: forename] look at that mannie's shot. That was a good shot, //wasn't it?//
F1122 //Can we stay here?// //Look at that bench.//
F1121 //[?]We could[/?].//
F1122 We could sit on that and watch him, //the golf, the//
F1121 //We could.//
F1122 ones. Can we? //Let's go down and see.//
F1121 //Mmhm.//
F1122 Let's go down to see the golf course.
F1121 Okay then. Just take your time, look, there's somebody playing golf there.
F1122 [inaudible] And there's another mannie with [?]sign[/?].
F1121 With what?
F1122 A [?]sign[/?]
F1121 A sign? [laugh] Do you want to watch them playing golf?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 I like to watch them playing golf.
F1121 Will we?
F1122 And there's a sandpit as well, so I could play.
F1121 That's nae a sandpit, it's called a bunker.
F1122 A bunker?
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Why's it called a bunker, cause there's all the sand in it?
F1121 Cause sometimes some of the golfers hit their balls in there and sometimes it can be hard to get them out.
F1122 Hard to get them out?
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Mummy, can we just go down really far?
F1121 What?
F1122 Can-. Behind, a car behind us, //watch out Mum come, come on here.//
F1121 //Okay now,// it's alright.
F1122 [cough] We're being really really careful, are we?
F1121 Yes, we are.
F1122 We have to be careful, have we?
F1121 Mmhm. And this is goin to be a busy road down here so we have to be careful to cross it.
F1122 I'll have to go to the golf course. Look, there's another one.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Look, that rake is stuck in there.
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 That's a sandpit.
F1121 [laugh] No, it's a bunker.
F1122 Why has it got a rake in it?
F1121 Because sometimes golfers make a mess of them, so they've got to rake it up. You see?
F1122 Rake them up.
F1121 Uh-huh.
F1122 Dad is a golfer, is he?
F1121 He is.
F1122 Now we could go in.
F1121 No, cause somebody's, that mannie's wanting to sit on that bench. We'll see if there's another bench down here.
F1122 Aye, for us to sit on.
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Where's a bench?
F1121 Well we'll have a lookie down here.
F1122 [inhale]
F1121 There's a lot of birdies today, isn't there?
F1122 Mmhm. We could
F1121 That's dirty, //[inaudible]//
F1122 //Is that a water?//
F1121 Aye, there's water in there. //[inaudible]//
F1122 //Me see, let me see.//
F1121 You want to see? I think there's froggies and things in there.
F1122 Frogs. I can't see frogs in there. Can you?
F1121 The grass is too long. I can't see anything.
F1122 No. [cough]
F1121 That birdies are making a noise the day, aren't they, //[CENSORED: forename]?//
F1122 //Aye.// Can I see? Fu! What's that buzzing sound?
F1121 A bumblebee.
F1122 A bumblebee.
F1121 Mmhm. There's the golf club. Have you been in there before with Dad?
F1122 Mm, no.
F1121 I think you have. Eh?
F1122 I'm going in the long grass.
F1121 Mmhm. Dinna go in there.
F1122 [inhale] Now we could go in the golf course.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Can we go, please!
F1121 Look, I can see the beach. //Cross the road//
F1122 //Beach.//
F1121 and walk back along the beach?
F1122 No, I want to go in here.
F1121 You want to go in there?
F1122 Aye, I want to go in the the golf course.
F1121 Okay, you've to keep to the side, okay?
F1122 Mum, mum?
F1121 What darling?
F1122 Can we go down there?
F1121 Where?
F1122 There! //To the sa-.//
F1121 //Oh no, canna go there.//
F1122 Come on!
F1121 Here's a birdie.
F1122 Birdie. Can we, can I creep on to it?
F1121 What are you going to do?
F1122 Creep, to get the birdie.
F1121 You've scared him away, look.
F1122 Oh, come on, I'm going
F1121 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 [inaudible] Here's a golfer, come on, stay in to the side.
F1122 I want to go and see those birdies. Birds.
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], look, don't cut across here darling.
F1122 Why?
F1121 Look at that mannie's [inaudible]. Stay into the side with Mum.
F1122 Oh, hey, I want to go down there.
F1121 You're not allowed over there, you silly //billy.//
F1122 //Why?//
F1121 Cause the golfers are coming. They might hit us wi a ball! You don't want that, do you?
F1122 No.
F1121 No.
F1122 Come on. I'm going to creep down to that birdie, okay?
F1121 Okay, but stay at the side then. Watch you don't fall.
F1122 I'm creeping on to it, okay.
F1121 What are you saying?
F1122 I'm creeping to that birdie, that birdie won't be scared, I'm creeping, creeping, bird. Creeping.
F1121 [inaudible]
F1122 Why? Why?
F1121 It's away. [?]Oh[/?].
F1122 Mummy.
F1121 [inaudible] there.
F1122 Can we go in?
F1121 [?]See that there[/?].
F1122 Aye, can we go in?
F1121 No, we're not allowed in there, darling.
F1122 Why?
F1121 It's just for the golfers to go in.
F1122 How, where's a door to get in?
F1121 Just down the bottom here.
F1122 Mummy, can, I'm just gonna watch so I'm going just going to get down the hill, okay.
F1121 You're not allowed down that way cause look, here's this ma- mannies coming over with their golf-, you see, and they might hit us with their ball. So we're going to have to jump over there and go back onto the road.
F1122 Huh?
F1121 Can you jump?
F1122 Uh-huh.
F1121 One, two, three, jump!
F1122 Jump!
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 Mummy, can we jump over here? Can we jump?
F1121 It's a bit muddy,
F1122 Muddy.
F1121 isn't it?
F1122 Can we jump over here. Can we jump over here?
F1121 No, we're nae allowed on there.
F1122 Why? Why? Cause there's a sign?
F1121 Mmhm, that's right.
F1122 Mum, can we go and see that bird?
F1121 There's more birdies over here.
F1122 [inhale] I [inaudible].
F1121 Hey, what was you doin today at Sunday school?
F1122 I was playing.
F1121 You don't play at Sunday School. I thought you went to learn.
F1122 Aye, an //I I want//
F1121 //What did you learn the day?//
F1122 want to see the birds. I want to go and see the birdie, Mum.
F1121 You'll scare it away. You're nae allowed to cross there, darling.
F1122 Why?
F1121 Cause you're not. There's people playing golf. You see? Wow! Go on, tell me what you were doing //today.//
F1122 //Jump!// I don't know.
F1121 You don't know.
F1122 No.
F1121 Don't tell me that. //Who was your//
F1122 //[laugh]//
F1121 teacher today?
F1122 Mm, erm [CENSORED: forename]'s mummy. Can I go in here, here, here!
F1121 Don't tell me.
F1122 [laugh]
F1121 I willna let you go back next week then.
F1122 Why?
F1121 No, cause you don't //learn anything.//
F1122 //Aye.// Mum, Mum, I see something.
F1121 What do you see?
F1122 [inaudible]
F1121 What's that?
F1122 It looks like broken
F1121 I think it's broken, it's a golf tee.
F1122 It's a golf tee.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Mum,
F1121 Go on, tell Mum what you were doing today //at Sunday School.//
F1122 //Mum, can we climb up// here? Climb up to there?
F1121 [CENSORED: forename], you've [inaudible].
F1122 Mm, let's go and see it. Come and see it, can we go and see see it? //Come.//
F1121 //What is it?//
F1122 What is it? [laugh] Do you know?
F1121 No, I don't know.
F1122 [laugh] Let's go and see what it is. Come on, this way, //this way, this way.//
F1121 //[?]No[/?].//
F1122 This way.
F1121 This way, cause this is a busy road, look.
F1122 I want to go in this.
F1121 You're not allowed in there.
F1122 Can we?
F1121 Right, you have to jump doon here, okay, will you manage? //One, two,//
F1122 //Mm.//
F1121 three, that's it.
F1122 Mummy, can we go in here?
F1121 No, that gate's locked.
F1122 Why, why's it locked?
F1121 To stop people getting in. [?]Do you know that[/?].
F1122 Mummy, can we jump up on those stones?
F1121 Okay, you go for it.
F1122 Jump!
F1121 [inaudible].
F1122 It's a good view from up here.
F1121 It is. Come on we'll go [inaudible].
F1122 Aye. Can we?
F1121 [inaudible]
F1122 Having a look. Look, there's the beach.
F1121 That's the beach.
F1122 Can we go down to the beach? Please Mum, can we go t- to the beach?
F1121 I don't know.
F1122 Oh look,
F1121 What do you want to see at the beach?
F1122 Crabs.
F1121 Crabs.
F1122 [cough] Mummy, can we jump onto that stones?
F1121 If you want to.
F1122 I'll jump onto that, no, one, two! I'm going to jump onto that stone, jump!
F1121 Mm.
F1122 Now Mummy, Mummy.
F1121 [inaudible]
F1122 Oh. But how will I get down? How will I get down?
F1121 [inaudible].
F1122 Oh, cool, [?]thanks[/?], [?]thanks lady[/?] [inaudible].
F1121 You stay down now.
F1122 Can we, can we, I'll be good. [laugh] This is so much, [inaudible] we're coming down.
F1121 Yes, you have to hold on tight, haven't you? Oh, it's a bit steep, is it?
F1122 Aye, it is a bit deep. Is it?
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 A bit deep. It's a bit deep, is it?
F1121 Steep.
F1122 Steep.
F1121 Are you pulling me down?
F1122 Aye. Come on!
F1121 Now, not too fast, [inaudible] wobble.
F1122 It won't. I'll be fine, Mum. I'll only be take two seconds, [inaudible], see. //And then we could go//
F1121 //Right, [?]hold my hand[/?].//
F1122 to the beach.
F1121 Over this way. Is this
F1122 To the beach.
F1121 To the beach. Oh, we could see if we could find water. //Walk over//
F1122 //Water?//
F1121 beside them.
F1122 Aye. Can we go into the water?
F1121 No, not today.
F1122 Why?
F1121 Cause you havenae got your towel with you.
F1122 Towel? //Can we?//
F1121 //You need// your towel to get dry, don't you?
F1122 Look, it's amazing from up there. //Look!//
F1121 //It is.// //Oh we're high up were we?//
F1122 //Look. But we're down!//
F1121 We're down now. That's pretty flowers over there, that blue ones, look.
F1122 Mmhm. How are we gonna
F1121 [inaudible]. What was you going to say?
F1122 Look up the hill.
F1121 Oh we're not going back up that way.
F1122 [inaudible].
F1121 We'll just go straight over this way.
F1122 To back the beach. The beach.
F1121 Okay, we'll go over to the beach. That looks really bonny, doesn't it, the sea?
F1122 Aye, it's sparkling.
F1121 Sparkling.
F1122 Can I feel the sea? Can I feel the sea? Can I feel the s- the sea, Mum?
F1121 What for?
F1122 Cause I want to feel the sea.
F1121 But you don't have a towel.
F1122 [laugh] Don't worry, I'm going to feel it with my, I'm going to feel it with my fingers.
F1121 Are you? [laugh]
F1122 Mmhm. [laugh]
F1121 Can you see any boaties [?]oot the day[/?]?
F1122 No.
F1121 Not today. There's a yacht.
F1122 Come on, can we, can we just go in the, can we. I know a way to get in to the
F1121 You can get in over here, look, beside this bench. See it there?
F1122 We'll get in,
F1121 Right.
F1122 in here.
F1121 That's right.
F1122 Hurray! The seaside! The s- the seaside, Mum, it's the seaside. I like the seaside.
F1121 [inaudible] [CENSORED: forename].
F1122 Mum, can we get doon?
F1121 What? That bittie's a bit messy, is it?
F1122 Aye, so we'll have to get doon another bit.
F1121 Yeah, keep walking over. //There's a feather.//
F1122 //[laugh] [cough]// //A feather? Where?//
F1121 //Mmhm. See what else we can// see here. What's that?
F1122 It's a rubber ring.
F1121 Is it a rubber ring?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 [laugh]
F1122 Mm, how are we gonna get down?
F1121 We'll get down over here.
F1122 Down over here. The beach.
F1121 Mmhm.
F1122 Mum, what is that hole for? Water!
F1121 That's the water down there. See that, it's a wee stream.
F1122 It's a wee stream.
F1121 Remember when we was walking over the golf course, //you saw water up there?//
F1122 //[inaudible].//
F1121 Well this is where it comes out at. Can you remember?
F1122 Remember we jumped over? Mm.
F1121 Can you remember that?
F1122 Mmhm.
F1121 Uh-huh. That's where it comes over, look, it's going down there and it's going out to sea. //Can you see it?//
F1122 //Mum, can we go down?// //Go down to the beach?//
F1121 //Uh-huh.//
F1122 Can we go down there?
F1121 Well that bittie's a wee bit messy, is it?
F1122 Aye, where are we gonna get doon?
F1121 This looks pretty over here.
F1122 Aye. [cough]
F1121 But you canna go in the water today.
F1122 Why?
F1121 Cause you don't have your dookers, or you don't have a towel.
F1122 Oh, c- we could go doon. I could feel the water with my fingers.
F1121 Ooh!
F1122 Mum, can I go, can we go down? //Please.//
F1121 //Okay, just// over here.
F1122 [inaudible], just over here. [cough]
F1121 Right, can you manage?
F1122 Aye, aye, //bit//
F1121 //Watch yourself.// //Gonna hold onto Mum, okay?//
F1122 //[inaudible]. Aye, can we// go to, doon to, to fee- I- I'll go doon to feel the water,
F1121 Okay, you wanting //to put your finger in the water.//
F1122 //to go, aye.// I'll just be careful. Okay? //Okay.//
F1121 //I'll come with you though.//
F1122 Okay, okay. I'm ready.
F1121 Maybe we could take take some shells back for Daddy.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 What do you think?
F1122 We could. //We could, no.//
F1121 //Can you see any?//
F1122 But I can see seaweed.
F1121 Aye, it's yucky, isn't it?
F1122 Seaweed is yucky, is it?
F1121 Aye, it's //[inaudible].//
F1122 //Seaweed is yuc-, we have to go down to the beach.//
F1121 Down to the water. //And then we'll go and look for some shells.//
F1122 //Aye,// aye then.
F1121 Is that a good idea?
F1122 Aye, we could go, this is the seaside, is it?
F1121 That's right.
F1122 The seaside. How we going to get, how we, this is, this is not going to be easy, is it?
F1121 No.
F1122 I'm gonna just be careful.
F1121 Hold onto Mummy cause we don't want you to get wet.
F1122 No. I'll be, can we just step on the stones? //Can I put my finger in?//
F1121 //Ooh!// It's a bit dirty there, is it? //Aye.//
F1122 //Aye.// How are we gonna get to the, how are we gonna get to the, how are we gonna get to the sand?
F1121 It's up here.
F1122 Up here. The sand is really good, is it?
F1121 It's very nice. //Do you see any shells?//
F1122 //Look.// No.
F1121 No?
F1122 Shells are not here.
F1121 No.
F1122 Maybe they're on the beach. Maybe they're [?]this way[/?], Mummy can we go, can we go and sit on those stones?
F1121 That's rocks.
F1122 Rocks, can we go and sit on those rocks?
F1121 Okay.
F1122 [laugh] It's all messy. [cough] We have to, I'll let go, let go.
F1121 No, hold on tight. //[inaudible].//
F1122 //[cough]//
F1121 You've still got a bad cough, have you?
F1122 Mum, we have to go into the beach, have we? Mummy, don't hold this right up.
F1121 Careful.
F1122 I'll be careful. //To-, aye.//
F1121 //What's this? Can you manage up here?// //There's a rock pool.//
F1122 //I see, the rock pool.//
F1121 [inaudible]. See that.
F1122 Oh here's some stones. We have to be careful, have we?
F1121 We have to be very careful here.
F1122 Cause it's a rock pool, is it? That's water on the lane.
F1121 What do you see in there? Do you think there might be little crabs?
F1122 Oh, I don't want to see a crab.
F1121 How?
F1122 Come on, let's go on this rock. [?]I'm only[/?] going to be up the beach.
F1121 Right, we'll go up here, look. //Can you manage?//
F1122 //Why are we,// up this stones, why are we going up here?
F1121 Cause it's easier.
F1122 Easier. Come on. I'll be careful. [inhale]
F1121 See, you nearly fell again.
F1122 Mum, Mum, //why are we going up here?//
F1121 //[inaudible]// //[inaudible]//
F1122 //This is not eas- oh, down here.// Down there, I want to go down. //[inaudible]//
F1121 //[inaudible]//
F1122 No, down please Mum!
F1121 Just keep holding [?]my hand then[/?]. //[inaudible] fall.//
F1122 //[sob]// Mm, Mummy. Look at, go and feel the sea, could we?
F1121 Aye, we could.
F1122 Aye, that's easy to go and feel the sea, is it?
F1121 Uh-huh.
F1122 Hm, I'll be steady.
F1121 Well yes, but you have to be careful too.
F1122 I'll be careful. I'll be careful at the beach. Hm, it's careful sand.
F1121 Is it?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Well that's [inaudible] //again.//
F1122 //Mum, can,// I'll be careful in the sand. //Ah!//
F1121 //[inaudible]// [?]swimming pool[/?], just babies and mummy. //Look, look, what's that?//
F1122 //Mummy, can,// seaweed. Come on Mum.
F1121 [inaudible] over this way [CENSORED: forename] come here, this way look.
F1122 I want to go and see the sea.
F1121 Over this way. Oh look, watch //yourself.//
F1122 //What?// What?
F1121 Where's that water coming from?
F1122 It looks like the rocks. Mum, I think we could jump.
F1121 I'll take you doon to the water.
F1122 Okay.
F1121 Okay. Right, can you jump over here?
F1122 No.
F1121 Right, one, //two, three, big jump!//
F1122 //Two, [inhale]. [inaudible].// //Look at//
F1121 //Look.// There's somebody's bike.
F1122 Mum this is, [inaudible] we can go and feel the sea, can we?
F1121 Yes, we will. What that boys daein in the water? //What are they doing?//
F1122 //Mum,// I don't know. We could go, how are we goin to get to the sea?
F1121 We'll just [inaudible], darling. //[inaudible]//
F1122 //How are we goin tricky bit,// cross? The seaweed is a- all dirty, is it?
F1121 Right then.
F1122 How are we going to get to the se-, look, over there's a good place to go to the sea, is it?
F1121 Mmhm. Watch.
F1122 We could go to the sea.
F1121 Do you like the beach?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Will we take your friends down to the beach on a nice day and have a picnic.
F1122 Aye.
F1121 And what do you need to take to the beach?
F1122 A bucket and spade. //A bucket and spade.//
F1121 //What else?// But what else?
F1122 I don't know.
F1121 You'll need your swimming costume, //[inaudible]//
F1122 //And a watering can to//
F1121 Oh. //You need a//
F1122 //Mummy, can we// //aye,//
F1121 //towel as well.//
F1122 can we just go, not close?
F1121 No, not too //close, you'll get [inaudible].//
F1122 //Close. [inhale] [exhale]//
F1121 Wow!
F1122 Can we go and feel the water?
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Feel the water. //Feel the water, if it comes over.//
F1121 //Can you see any fishes?//
F1122 No.
F1121 Eh?
F1122 Can we feel the water? //Just.//
F1121 //Wow!// In you go, you can go a wee bittie closer. //See?//
F1122 //Just,// just, just I won't get wet. [inhale]
F1121 Woo!
F1122 Woo!
F1121 That was nearly our feet, was it?
F1122 Can I feel the water? //Can mm feel it?//
F1121 //Okay, on you go then.// //Look at the wave! Is that a big wave?//
F1122 //Feel it, can I feel,// can I feel the water?
F1121 Uh oh. //Uh oh! Jump! [laugh] That was close.//
F1122 //Jump. [laugh]// [shriek]
F1121 Is it cold?
F1122 Aye.
F1121 Is it freezin? Is it?
F1122 Can we go an reach the sea?
F1121 Okay.
F1122 Can we go and get a s-, can we go and see again?
F1121 Whe- //where do you want to go now?//
F1122 //Can we// can we go and get some seashells?
F1121 In here again?
F1122 Aye. Just will be [inhale] //I'll just be careful.//
F1121 //Right, watch// //here's a big wave, okay?//
F1122 //[laugh]// //One,//
F1121 //We don't want to get wet,// //do we?//
F1122 //no.// I want to feel the s- //t- [inhale] [laugh]//
F1121 //Okay, [inaudible] Oh, quick, run.//
F1122 [shriek] //Can I feel the wet?//
F1121 //[laugh]// Okay.
F1122 Touch, touch, touch!
F1121 Is it cold?
F1122 Aye, I'm going //touch!//
F1121 //Oh, your feet, your shoes. [laugh]// Right, come on then, we'll have to go up this way. //[inaudible]//
F1122 //Why?//
F1121 caravans.
F1122 No, Mum, we haven't got some shells. We could get shells.
F1121 Right, we'll find shells up here. //Do you think we're gonna find some?//
F1122 //Mm.//
F1121 Maybe we should [inaudible] shells.
F1122 Mummy, c- we could, we could go and get some shells, can we? [inhale] Here's a stone, we could [?]play with that[/?], can we? Okay. Where's some seashells?
F1121 Have a look then.
F1122 Aye. Let's have a look. Let's see.
F1121 There's some there. Can you manage to climb up //here?//
F1122 //No.// //Huh. [exhale]//
F1121 //[inaudible]// Woops!
F1122 How is our shells up, is this another beach?
F1121 Look, what's over there? What do you see?
F1122 Caravan. We could go, can we go back down there?
F1121 We're not going back there [inaudible].
F1122 Oh, but please, no I don't want to go a bit closer to, I don't want to go to the the grass.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 01, recording 3: out for a walk


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Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

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Year of recording 2004
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Father's occupation Offshore technician
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Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Father's country of birth Scotland
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Mother's region of birth Moray
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
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