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Scots Tung Wittins 163

Author(s): Robert Fairnie

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Nummer 163
Juin 2007

Keep a guid Scots Tung in yer heid, hert an mooth!!

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Scots Tung WITTINS

Eydently Campaignin tae Uphaud the Scots Language
Ph. [CENSORED: phonenumber] Scots Tung wabsite: Stravaiger Ph. [CENSORED: phonenumber]

The Scots Language Efter Mey 3rd
NAITHER a Bravehert nor a Bannockburn comes alang ower aften in the life o a country or its nation. Whan ane daes come alang tho, we maun aw be on the keevee tae mak siccar it disnae gaun bye athoot bein recognised for whit it is or uphaudit whan it's in want o uphaudin.
For better or for warse, the raicent elections haes seen a muckle chynge in the political status quo in Scotland an oor young new pairlament finds itsel, efter aicht year o scarcelins gettin oot o the herbour, noo sailin oot intae deep an unchairtit waters. Shuirly a time for Scotland tae expect the hail crew tae lairn hou tae pou thegither tae evyte rinnin up on tae the craigs an skerries. Shuirly a time for Scotland tae find itsel anither Bravehert tae tak the helmstok.
Whaur the Scots language is concairned, thare haes tae be a guid meisure o howp in the fack that the pairty that got the maist votes an the maist sates, the SNP, wis the ane that promised tae dae the maist for the leid. Here is a mindin o whit aw the pairties haed tae say aboot Scots in thair manifestos, leetit in order o the nummer o votes they aw got:-
SNP:- We will promote an increased awaurness o Scots an its literature. This will include introducin a question on Scots in the Census an makin siccar that European obligations tae develop the language is honoured.

We will actively encourage the yuiss o Scots in education, braidcastin an the airts.
LABOUR:- Gien its diverse nature, we will wark tae big a consensus on the maist appropriate role in oor society for the Scots language. We will uphaud the development o bairns' literature in Scots.
CONSERVATIVES:- Nae policies for the Scots language.
LIB DEMS: - We will improve uphaud for projects that recognises the importance o the Scots language.
SCOTTISH GREENS:- We will uphaud measures tae enhance the status an yuiss o Gaelic an Scots. We recognise the benefits an importance o uphaudin Scotland's mony languages includin Scots, Gaelic, ethnic minority languages an British Sign Language throu thair inclusion in education an multilingual public information.
The Scots language can tak howp frae the SNP promises, includin a question on Scots in the 2011 Census an cairryin oot aw the obligations laid doon in Pairt II o the European Chairter for Regional or Minority Languages. Scots wad howp an aw that thair active encouragement for the yuiss o Scots in education, braidcastin an the airts wad include legislation tae conter the non-prescriptive Scottish Curriculum that haes been yaised ower an ower agane bi Labour,Lib Dem an Conservative governments as an excuiss for no daein ocht tae gie positive uphaud tae the Scots language.

Efter aicht year o gettin tae lairn Labour-speak anent the leid, the first sentence o the Labour manifesto promise for Scots soonds a wee bit sinister an micht can be owerset intae meanin that they want tae mak siccar the language is hauden doon an kept in its place. At least the Conservatives isnae tellin ony lees an dinnae say ocht at aw aboot the Scots language.

The Lib Dems says they'll improve the uphaud for projects that recognises the importance o the Scots language, a threap that cuid mean awthin or naethin. Pittin a question on Scots in the Census is recognisin the importance o the language. So is learnin Scots tae the bairns in the schuils an cairryin oot aw the executive's obligations tae Scots unner Pairt II o the European Chairter. Mair yuiss o written Scots in the pairlament an media wad recognise the importance o Scots an aw as wad a weel gaun CPG on Scots.

The Scottish Greens says aw the richt things aboot Scots but thare agane, they will hiv tae tak the non-prescriptive nature o the Scottish education curriculum intae accoont if they want tae get onythin duin.

The stert o this new pairlament will gie an innin tae a wheen o new faces alang wi the return o a wheen we hae kent an some that haes been awa for fower year. Amang aw thae new an auld MSPs is a guid nummer o guid Scots speakers an Scots upsteerers sae the leid will be lookin for thaim tae breathe mair life an smeddum intae the Cross Pairty Group on Scots.

At the stert o this new pairlament lat us aw seek tae win aw that is best for Scotland an tae mak Scotland a bi-lingual, tri-lingual or e'en a multi-lingual nation, ane that can haud its heid up high in a multi-lingual Europe an a multi-lingual warld. Monoglots R.I.P.!

Leukin tae a New Daw
Bi Reid Moffat
THE triumph o the SNP maun be an inspiration for the Scots Language Muivement. The Pairty's byordnar lowp forrit mynds an re-mynds the campain that the recognition an richtfu status we want for the leid can be won - by hingin in, no haudin back an no bein easy pit aff bi the ill-will, snicherin an cauld shouthers o the Middens/the Media.

The last Executive at Holyrood serred ane o thair ain hamelt leids ill - in pynt - wi shitten contempt an dowf an taibetless indifference. Scots enthusiasts an upsteirers can nevir forget or forgie ane o thair hinnermaist acts - thon fushionless, tuim an peitifu, sae-cryed "Language Strategy". Nor wul we forget hou thay an thair predecessors steikit thair lugs an thair minds agin haein ony quaisten on Scots in ony Census. We mind tae, the stot back/repone thay gied ti the European Comatee o Experts on Minority Leids' quaisten on whit thay haed duin for Scots - ahint aw the haivers: naethin!

Can we dout that the hail blek crew deliberately socht ti dae aw thay cuid ti block ony advance for Scots an ti sterve it o siller support an ony kinna recognition? It wes an is the Mither Tung o a braid nummer o thair leal an blin support, but the Middens wes thare, gien time, ti redd that out o thaim.

In thair tweistit sichts it micht be the Language o the People, but it wes, faur mair nor Calton Hill, a Scottish shibboleth! An unchancie, dangerous merk o Scottish consciousness - a Weapon o Nationalism - ti be focht wi aw thair ill-willie an peysinous pouer.

It's been an wul be a lang fecht ti dicht the Holyrood an Executive flair o aw that kinna thinkin. But the ambeition bydes ti yird deep-doun aw sic hellish weys-o-daein, leavin ahint juist midgie ghaists.

Scots Tung WITTINS
On the wab.
Mair raicent copies o the Scots Tung Wittins can be gotten in pdf format frae Scots Tung's wabsite at:-
A hard copy o STW is sent free o chairge tae aw maimbers o Scots Tung ilka month.
Maimbership subscreivins is £5 (Scotland/UK)
Peyed ilka September. €9 (Ireland/EU)

Sizzlin Words in the Capital
Bi the Stravaigin Reporter (Owerset intae Scots bi the Editor)
STRAVAIG doon the east side o Auld Reekie's Hanover Street tae-warts the New Toun, an ye'll find yersel screechin tae a cartoon-like halt at the sicht o the Saltires abuin the door o a new basement restaurant. Step doon the stair, an ye'll be walcomed bi an array o Scots texts in the restaurant windae the likes o the Selkirk Grace an:-

We wish ye aw ye'd like the day,
an muckle mair forbye
May peace an gledness licht yer way,
an trouble pass ye by
May pleasure bide,
an may ye hae success wi aw ye try
May God aye listen when ye pray,
so here's guid health, och aye!

It's pairt o the invitation tae The Sizzlin Scot Steakhouse and Grill at Nr. 109. Aince inside, the theme is cairriet on wi picters o adverts for Bluebell Matches an the Royal Scottish Automobile Club, picters o Scottish regiments an Robert Burns, ornaments o wee pipes an drums, thistle shapit glesses an bress plates that minds ye o the anes frae yer Granny's livin room. Tho thae ornaments luiks a wee bittie oot o place agin the sterk, modern furniture an peelie-wallie gray pentit waws, the basic idea is a guid ane. Ilka table haes a caunle-stick wi the words 'Lang may yer lum reek' an a notice sayin 'If ye want mair chips for nowt, please shout', as weel as an imaginative consaits caird makit up pairtly in Scots wi optional chyces the likes o 'pure dead brilliant', 'better aff doon the road' tae the unlikely 'wouldnae gie it tae ma dug'. The toilet signs threaps 'cludgies' for laddies an lassies. Maist impressive is its Product Information Guide. In it we are telt that The Sizzlin Scot "…was designed to promote Scotland and its rich native larder", that they hae "…taken great care to source those Scottish farmers and growers who…provide the very best". While this isnae a unique claim, I'm no awaur o ony ither restaurants in Edinburgh pittin oot sic a guidal in this kinna format. Inside is the names an addresses o suppliers o meat, fish, chicken vegetables an cheese. The menu, wi its piper logo, says "Guid Grub an Guid Gruel Food wi nae Faff" an that's aw true. As a tourist city, Edinburgh is fou o international cuisine but ironically there a relative want o Scottish cuisine per se. For aw that the meals thirsels is maistlins the fairly traditional, recognisable anes it is the fack that the sourcin is Scottish an that that is weel advertised that is important. The restaurant is in a richt guid bit an whit is on offer shuid appeal tae baith tourist an local alike.
© Irene Broon

Poetry Award
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FIFE makar Maureen Sangster's Menopausal Bedtime Rhymes is the 2007 winner o The Callum Macdonald Memorial Award that recognises publishin skill an maucht in the airt o poetry pamphlets.
The Award wis creatit bi the National Library o Scotland in 2001 in memory o Scottish literary publisher Callum Macdonald an is admeinistert in associe wi Tessa Ransford, ae-time Director o the Scottish Poetry Librar an the weedae o Callum Macdonald.

Inspired bi tradeitional weys o ingaitherin siller for publishin – Burns' Kilmarnock Edition is a kenspeckle examplar – the prentin costs for Menopausal Bedtime Rhymes wis ingaithert throu subscreivins an bein uphaudit bi local business weemin.

Maureen Sangster's poems in baith Scots an English, complementit bi her ain illustrations, taks the reader on an hert-ruggin journey o metamorphosis an sel-implement.

Design o the pamphlet wis bi John Boyle at allotment.

Maureen Sangster is a maimber o Pomegranate, a lang-estaiblisht weemin's writin curn. Her ither poetry ingaitherins is The Unseen Hospital (Kettillonia), the ootcome o a writin residency at Dumfries Royal Infirmary, an Out of the Urn (Scottish Cultural Press).

She creatit the Bourtree imprint in 2006.
An experienced reader, she taen pairt in the Bairns' Program at StAnza Poetry Festival 2006 an in The 100 Poets Event at StAnza 2007.

Menopausal Bedtime Rhymes (40 pages) costs £4.50 for ane copy.
There nae p&p chairge for orders o mair nor ane copy tae addresses in the UK.
Cheques peyable tae Maureen Sangster.
Order frae: [CENSORED: emailaddress]
tel: [CENSORED: phonenumber]
M. Sangster, [CENSORED: postaladdress]

Sheena Blackhall's "The Quarry"
A review bi Irene Broon (Owerset intae Scots bi the Editor)
[NOTE: image here of the book cover in original]
SHEENA Blackhall's sci fi novella The Quarry is dedicatit tae Sir Cyril Lucas, ae-time director o Fisheries Research for Scotland, that wis her pawrents' neibour. Syne its nae surprise that he yaised tae be thair first fit. Blackhall minds Sir Cyril gaun on aboot the future wi her faither whan he said that cities wad eventually be biggit unner the sea for want o land.

Written aw in NE Scots, the story, that in the hinnerend shaws a desperate, gowstie warld that needs sic unco meisures, is sindert intae fower pairts, ilka ane cried efter the seasons. Athin the 42 pages is a complex story foondit in the NE toun o Meikleburgh aroond a brither an sister, Jenny an Brian. In bairnheid, they witness the daith o a freend, Nava, bi droonin in the Quarry. The ripples o her droonin gauns richt throu the story ower its 90 year spang, impactin in some wey on aw the characters an thair bairns. Blackhall manages tae fit in issues that we're yaised tae the likes o drug abuise, incest, slavery, sex, daith, clonin, organ sellin an ithers that's no yet a reality but that's fameiliar as conceps, the likes o auld-age reversal serum, computer controlled mairriages, pills insteid o food an new mixter-maxters o humans an animals (cried Septiles an Skeichmakkers). The story is scattered wi quotes frae William Blake, frae Scots Travelling poems an frae Sri Lankan sources. The Sri Lankan souch comes frae the character, Navachitta, an incomer that's pawrents eventually develops the auld-age reversal serum, an whase influence is praisent aw the wey throu the story. As aye, Blackhall's language is rich wi similes the likes o "skin like milk fae the tap o the joug" an "wringin [his bunnet] …like it wis a cloot fu o watter". Exceppin for the Sri Lankan doctor, that speaks in English, aw the characters speaks in NE dialeck. As it's set in the oncome, wha can say if this is accurate or no, but a shift o register o some kind is usual wi a shift in social staundin. This wisnae praisent in the main characters' speech, tho it micht cuid be argied that they war revertin tae the speech o thair bairnheids in intimate moments. Woven amang the horrors o this futuristic warld is the human traits o loyalty, survival, selfishness, innocence but in the hinnerend o hope.

Blackhall gies the reader a wee bonus at the hinnerend o the buikie in the form, The Yalla Idol, a cutty salutary tale agin the sin o greed airtit in Ceylon.

The Quarry – a novella bi Sheena Blackhall is publisht bi Lochlands, Maud, Aberdeenshire an is prentit bi Thistle Reprographics, 55 Holburn Street, Aiberdeen an costs £5. Photomontage is bi Sine Nic Theàlaich.
© Irene Broon

Makar's Neuk
A cautious cairry cairry oan
Bit a gutsy god is Traivel
Leave yer washins in the hoose
As lang as ye are able
Ye're snorrelled in yer claes lines
O routines an depression
Weemen wha clean ower much
are muckle
Instruments o oppression

Maureen Sangster

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