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Advert for "The Paix Machine"

Author(s): Iain W D Forde

Copyright holder(s): Iain W D Forde


The Paix Machine bi Iain W. D. Forde.

"The Paix Machine" is a novelle in Scots. The storie is anent twa faimlies, the hask Grunstanes at aye pouss an the soupil Brechams at can anerlie pul. The laid thai maun shift is the gryte wecht o impyre, i this cace the intertrykin o space fowks frae ayont the plenits at ir doun-hauddin the naitral ingyne o the Scotch naitioun wi thair orra paix machines.

The uiss o the auld wird "paix" refars ti the "Pax Romana" at hed the lik effek on Europ as the modren supprise o the Scots leid bi ane alien tung. A canna mynd the nem o't the nou.

The bit tombe is in thrie buiks wi clinks in atwene, an a pley at the hinneren, ti mak siccar at the main thranes is clair til the redar. Bi the uiss o dialek wirds an the enorm lashangalaivie o auld says eith funn I thon maisterstik, "The Concise Scots Dictionar", A hae ettilt ti endyte in ane eisie-osie kinna pross, mair lik cantautioun bot wiout onie los o sairious entent.

The'r fiftie copies yit ti be hed, aw seinyied an nummert, frae:

Iain Forde
Main St.
KY13 9JA

Mibbies ye'l wiss ti coff ma nyow buik, at's bene prentit. Its cryed "Hale ir Sindries".

Twa buiks £32.00 (incl. p&p)

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Advert for "The Paix Machine"


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