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Precis of "The Paix Machine"

Author(s): Iain W D Forde

Copyright holder(s): Iain W D Forde


"THE PAIX MACHINE" A novel in Scots by Iain W.D. Forde.

There are no contemporary novels in Scots. This book has been written both to provide enjoyable thoughtful Scots prose for knowledgeable readers and a valuable future source for young people who are now studying Scots in School and Universities.

The author was at a school in Edinburgh which valued Scots literature and was continually reminded of the durability of Scots vocabulary during his career as an architect in Scotland. The memory of childhood usages, stimulated by the publication of new reference books and texts, revealed to him a vigorous language well able to surmount the challenge of discursive prose.

"The Paix Machine" is a novel in Scots, containing three books, supporting poems and a play. The plots of each are distinct but come together during the lives of the three generations involved. The first book "The Auntieloip Houss" is of love, freedom and adventure found in the Zoological Gardens by Hugh Brecham who seeks refuge from his wife. He records the events in a diary and leaves this for his daughter who tells the story.

"The Backwattir Designautioun" is about her further tribulations in an exploited world and her Uncle's misguided efforts to right her wrongs.

The last book "The Inwut Vizzier" tells how her children are instrumental in transforming their world by removing the baleful influence of "The Paix Machine".

The poems examine repeated themes in the story.

The play "The Nicht's the Nicht" celebrates the Glad New Year.

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Precis of "The Paix Machine"


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