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See the Boat

Author(s): Anna Blair

Copyright holder(s): Anna Blair


Great day's here, You cannae beat
Your once't a year, your big-big treat
To sail the Clyde fae Broomielaw
At risin' tide, wi' Ma and Paw.

Dressed up swell in kilt and sporran
For Largs, Innellan, Craigendoran.
Shout from Mate, and then the clank
Of openin' gate and hurlie-plank.

Up-off the quay a'ready wishin'
You could hear the paddles swishin'
Then at last you get the toot,
The deavin' blast, the funnel's hoot.

Th'IONA turns, then far below
The water churns and off you go.
You sit wi' Ma, behave a treat
And then, like Paw, get itchy feet.

He disappears away to see
The engines then. But no' wi' me
For 'ken his trip is just a scam
To find a nip, a fly wee dram.

I run about the decks like daft
In an' out and fore and aft
Rail and gangway, coils of rope
And playin' wi' the telescope,

Kiddin' on you're goin' to drown
Liftin' a' the lifebelts down
Cock your snook at German Band
Try to jook their skelpin' hand.

Get to where you're goin' to land
For salty air and seaside sand.
But, see the boat! I'd really raither
Stay afloat. And so'd my faither!

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See the Boat


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