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Author(s): Anna Blair

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The magic hour before wir tea
When Tam and Ben and Jake and me
Goes down the back wi' jammy piece,
To plot wir crimes, or play RELEASE!

That time of day the green is ours
Wi' midgie bins for pirate towers
Fence-post swords and bucket drums
And prison cells in wash-house lums.

We've poles to sclim and sills to creep
Coal-shed roofs to climb and dreep
Paling-stobs and ridges...rones
Play Mafia-men v Al Capones.

But, Whiles the back-court jinkin' stops
And us weans stands aside and gawps
As other folk come on the scene
To strut their buskin' on the green.

There's this big dame in Irish clogs
Hitches her skirts and jigs her jogs,
A jauntin' hurdy-gurdy chap
Wi' monkey sportin' velvet cap.

Sand-dancers shufflin' in trays,
Flutes, melodeons and plays
Tin-whistles, jugglers, things like that,
A wilkie-tumblin' acrobat.

Your Ma throws pennies from the sink
Cries "Mind it's not to go on drink"
Or if she doubts they winnae heed
She hurls a jeely-piece insteed.

That's daytime stir in back-court life
With weans and 'stars' and washer-wife.
Then Dark brings midgie-men to comb
The bins. But that's another 'pome'.

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