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Another Pome

Author(s): Anna Blair

Copyright holder(s): Anna Blair


It's awfa dark
Away doon there
But I'm at the windie
So I don't care.
Just in my nightshirt
Waitin' to hear
The clatter that says
The Midgies is here.
There's two kinda Midgies
The right and the wrong
Ones that just scavenges
Ones that belong,
Binmen that's paid
To cart rubbish away
Wi' lamps on their foreheids
To show them the way.
The others...with sticks
Doon there on the make
Tim the bins on the green
For to scrimle and rake,
Find a half-finished fag,
A cup wi' a chip
A bottle wi' dregs
Of a not-noticed nip.
Mind, it's no very nice
To've to rummage and dive
Into other folks bins
Just to help you survive.
My Ma and my Pa
They dinnae hae much
But they're rich alongside
Of the Midgies and such.

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Another Pome


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