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Hallowe'en hansel

Author(s): Christine De Luca

Copyright holder(s): Christine De Luca


A boannie nicht for castin kale:
a fat mön vaegin owre Sannis,
a hale gadderie o laads an lasses.

A spree i der blöd,
laads loupit dykes
purled kale-stocks
iggit een anidder on
ripe da rigs
hunse fur hens
whit a stramash
an dan da dash
tae a porch door
lift da sneck
ball in da booty
rin like da mellishon
dunna look back.

But dee an me
pooskered wi da bassel
fell ahint ta draa breath,
taste wir first smoorikin.
But aa I can mind is da mön
gaffin at me in mi cöttikins
wis ahint a uncan barn
an dy blate hansel
anunder a kendlin o starns.

hansel: gift to mark an inaugural occasion; boannie: bonnie; castin kale: the childhood Hallowe'en tradition of stealing croft produce such as cabbages and throwing them in doorways; mön: moon; vaegin: wandering, travelling; owre: over; hale: whole; gadderie: gathering; spree: jollification; i: in; der: their; blöd: blood; loupit: jumped; purled: poked about; kale-stocks: cabbages; iggit on: incited; een anidder: one another; to ripe: to harvest; rigs: fields; hunse: rummage; fur: for; whit: what; stramash: commotion; dan: then; tae: to; sneck: latch; ball: throw; rin: run; the mellishon: the devil; dunna: do not; dee: you (familiar); pooskered: exhausted; wi: with; bassel: struggle; ahint: behind; draa: draw; wir: our; smoorikin: kiss; aa: all; mind: remember; gaffin: laughing; mi: my; cöttikins: ankle socks; wis: us; uncan: unfamiliar; dy: your (familiar); blate: shy; anunder: under; kendlin: live coals; starns: stars.

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Hallowe'en hansel


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