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Author(s): Christine De Luca

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> Fae Christine
> Sent: Thursday, July 04, 2002 8:27 PM
> Subject: Re: Fw: International Summer School evening event on 23rd
> July
> Hi Alan
> Tinks du wid we need ta get tagidder ta tink aboot whit we micht
> dö apö da 23 July? Does du still bide in Edinburgh or did du muv tae
> Glasgow?
> A'm aften in Glasgow ta dö wi mi wark an could aesy meet dee dere if
> dat wis aesier. Or maybe jöst emails ta organise hit? I hae a freend
> Fanny (no a Shetlander but keen on da Shetland tunes) willing ta play
> twartree tunes. Hoop dat's OK wi dee. Bring alang onybody else du
> wants in dat
> line....A'll no mind. Gien dat da fock 'll be foreigners nae doot
> dey'll fin
> undiluted dialect braaly herd ta understand if der fae ony wye idder is
> nordern Europe. Se whit du tinks.
> Aa da best
> Christine

> Fae Alan
> Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002 6:51 PM
> Subject: Re: Fw:International Summer School evening event on 23rd July
> Still in Edina ... wirkin at da Uni here noo ...
> I tink whit du's suggestin will do fine ... aboot an oor an a half aa
> tagiddir. We can decide whit bit's we tak whan we meet, if dat's
> aaricht. Maybe
> mix it up atween wis, reddir dan first ane, dan da iddir?
> Lookin forward tae it
> Alan
> **********
> Fae Alan
> Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 11:15 AM
> Subject: da streen
> Christine me dear
> Yun wis aafil fine da streen. Does du no tink at da Shetlan Arts Trust
> an
> da Tourist Board sood be sendin wis aa owir da wirld t'advertise? De an
> me an
> twartree fiddlers wid gying doon weel in New Zealand or da States an
> aa
> dat kinda places, I reckon ...I raelly enjoyed listenin t'de readin dy
> wark (loved dy Lungawattir
> poyim!)
> aa da best
> an a peerie smoorikin
> Alan
> ***************
> Fine dat!
> *****************

> Tae Alan 25 July 2002
> My dear
> Blissins be apön dee fur dy kindly wirds ...wha wid a tocht it richt
> enoch??
> Bizarre i da extreme. But ya I tink we could dö nae herm ta da tourie
> trade! I fairly enjoyed hearin dy poems tö, esp da boat
> eens....winderfiol.
> A'm sent aff an invitation tae da lanch o dis book, but incase he dusna
> arrive, A'll stick him on here tö.
> Aa da best
> Christine
> ***************
Quoting cdeluca [CENSORED: emailaddress]:

> Hello Alan
> Foo is du? I hoop weel tae da fore. I wis winderin if du's sendin
> onythin in tae da Scots Corpus project i da wye o dialect writing? (I
> imagine du kens aa aboot hit.) I mentioned tae dem dat, is weel is
> poems an da lik, I tocht hit wid be fun tae include some informal pieces
> o writin such is email. Dey seemed ta tink dat micht be a göd idee; sae
> dat generations i da future can ken fu we spack! Da only draaback is
> dat dey pit hit apö da internet sae I widna want ta include onythin
> personal or sic lick. Wid du mind if I sent dem da peerie
> correspondence below, da een whin we wir fixin up foo we wir gyaain ta
> dö yon international poetry nicht?
> See whit du tinks.
> Aa da best
> An a peerie smoorikin ta dee anaa!
> Christine
> PS Hit maks mair sense fae da boddom is fae da tap!

> *****************************

Hi aye Christine

Na na lass, gying du ahed wi hit. An A'm plaesed t'gying alang wi hit - evin if
dis program doesna'loo me yun Scaadinavian vowils A'm alwis layin aff aboot!
Hit's kynda fyn t'hae da chans t'skrieve a skar a Sjetlin noo an dan.

Hit's an aafil prittie day da day, isn hit? Da sun is choost winnin roond i me
windoo enoo, an lychtin up aa me books it ir lyin apo me desk. Does du ken,
lass, sumtyms I do tink me aafil lukki, tae a wun as far as dis itime tym. Did
du evir tink it du wid be quhar du is noo, quhan du wis peerie?

a peerismoori te de an an aa, me jewil


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