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Biggam Collection Letter: 01

Author(s): James Taylor

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam


Jas. Taylor, Joiner


Dear Joan,

Received your letter to-day. It's the first I've had from home for quite a while, so I needn't say it was welcome. My mail comes through very regular. I had a letter from John and he told me all about Dunc's wedding and now your letter saying he's getting married, isn't that bigamy? By the way, I don't know Cathie Dow, Mr. Murchison, or Danny Brown. However the latter must be a pretty generous bloke if he's cashing out big eats to about fifteen people.

I'm in complete agreement with you regarding my being home to keep Madge in order, but I just can't convince the C-in-C Mediterranean. However, the more boys take Madge out, the more money she can save to take me out, and that means I can save to take my six machinists out. I haven't seen the pen pal since before Christmas, but what tales I can tell when I do.

Sorry I missed the small (?) party, but I'll bet Mrs. McClure enjoyed it. Takes a bit of doing keeping time to an eightsome with a brush handle. When my party comes off I think I'll invite the McClure family. Somebody has to take the blame for knocking their ceiling down.

Hope you enjoy your week-end at Edinburgh but I don't see how you can. Hills, hills, everywhere, and not an egg in sight.

I'm very busy on a new invention. It's a black-out matchbox, just shake the box - no rattle - no matches. Very dear, very queer, I go - I come back.

Well, Stoorie, I'm having not too bad a time in Sunny Italy, but ah'd raither be at the jiggin' in the Auld Townie.

One good cartoon deserves anither so I had a go. Maybe it's not so good, but Davidson gets paid for it.

I'll shove off now, so give my regards to everyone. Here's hoping to see you all soon.

Your wee brother,

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