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Biggam Collection Letter: 03

Author(s): May Trotter

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam



Dear Joan,

Where does the time go? Christmas seems to come so early nowadays. Shops are very inclined to advertise their Xmas products just after the Summer Holidays which is 'jumping the gun' a bit.

How have you and Arthur been keeping ? It is a long time since we have had a get-together. We live in bewildering conditions from when our parents were alive. Crime violence and mugging is all around us. The police do not provide the same protection. Alice and I do not care to venture out in the evenings but we like to go to our "Women's Guild" We are also in a whist club for O.A.P.s in the afternoon and enjoy it. It also exercises our think-tank.?

Very rarely do we see Jean McFarlane. Last time we saw her she was trying to get a single flat near Ina. She has not aged and looks the same. I'm afraid I am beginning to feel my years and when I saw my picture in a television shop I could not believe I was the old person in the screen? I thought I was wearing better?

It would "gar ye greet" to see Govan. Whoever planned to change its image has certainly managed that - for the worse. I am glad to be out of it. Do you know we are 24 years in this house but oh! the rent and rates are shocking. I hope all your folks are well. How is Chrissie and Madge?

We have had to get a phone installed in the house. It was essential. The public phone boxes were all vandalised and Alice found it impossible to get personal calls through. We have a lot of break-ins in our district. One would think we were in the moneyed group?

Alice and I are jogging along. Alice misses her 'Country Dancing class ' which folded up. Still we try to keep occupied, one must do something to keep us from becoming rusty.

Wishing you and Arthur a very happy Christmas and all the best for 1983.

From May & Alice

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