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A Small Book of Translations: 10 - Catullus 9

Author(s): Alexander Hutchison

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Love, Leebie, lat's – an tak
wir taik, an coont a maik for aa
the havers o coorse aal men.
Suns ging doon an sclim anither day:
tae us, oor tottie flichter tint
nicht's a sweven strecks forivver.
A thoosan smoorichs gie's, a hunner syne –
anither thoosan, a secont hunner –
anither thoosan, forby a hunner mair.
An fan there's thoosans eftir thoosans
dicht the sclate, an dinna reck –
or ony golach gaurs us ill, gin it's jaloust
hoo lang or aft we've clapt an cleekit.

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A Small Book of Translations: 10 - Catullus 9


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