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SNDA, SLD Newsletter Spring 01-Summer 04 - P. Cairns

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SNDA News - Spring 2001

Mair words for Pauline

In the past I hae askit aboot things tae dae wi food, sweeties an the like. This time, could onie o ye think oan Scots words for furniture etc in yer hooses, includin doors, fireplaces an aw the 'tools' : fire airns an the like? For example when Ah wis wee ma grannie aye checked me for sayin 'brace' insteid o 'mantelpiece'. An noo, wi aw oor central heatin hardly onybodie has a mantel at aw! We are, naturally, gaunnae hae a lot o words in common wi English but Ah'll yaise onything ye can come up wi.

Newsletter Autumn 2001 - Pauline's Column

Noo that the nichts are drawin in an the shops are ful o Christmas cairds ma thochts are turnin tae Halloween.

Wha kens onie games tae dae wi oor customs? Dae bairns roon aboot ye gaun ‘guisin’ or that import fae Americay, ‘trick or treating’? Mind ye, the Americans must have got it aff us.

Roon oor wey, which is quite middle class an thinks itsel quite perjink, the bairns still ask ‘please tae help the guisers?’ an then will launch thirsels intae thir wee turn. Some, hooanever, Ah’ve heard telt, juist want money fur nothing-thon’s juist sornin.

Tae the pint. Dis oniebodie oot there mind, or still dae, onie o the auld Halloween games? Ah ken oor faimlie will hae a birlin traicle scone danglin fae the rafters.


Guid Health!

Hoo are ye aw efter the winter? Hae ye aw had yer flu jags an vitamin C?

Whae kens, fur example, whit a Green Lady is? Dae ye ken oniebodie whae’s had a shock recently? Hiv ye goat yer leg in a stookie efter skiin oan the piste? If ye hiv, Ah hope yer no hip-grippit (haein a sair back). Hiv ye checked yer finger in a door recently?

Does oniebodie cry a prescription a receipt?

As ye’ve probably gaithered by noo Ah want tae ken aboot things relatin tae aw things tae dae wi health.

So if yer’re a howdie wife (midwife) or a kirkyaird deserter (very sick person), if yer heid’s bealin (very sore) or yer covered in plooks or bealins (spots), for that maitter scrieve a wee word aboot it.

An Ah dae hope naebodie’s bothered wi onie o the abune!

Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2002

Pauline’s Column


When Ah wis a bairn in the slums o Edinburrae (honest, there wis loads) awbodie kept Hogmanay. Yuil wis fur bairns an New Year wis fur the aulder folk.

When Mrs McHarrie came doon the stair tae oor hoose, queer that, maist o the stair endit up in oor hoose – fur that ae nicht she wis Jean an her man wis Jimmy tae ma auld yins Tim an Chrissie. Mak nae mistake, come Januar 2nd it wis back tae Mr and Mrs fur aw o them.

Ma Mither aye had the hoose lik a new preen on Auld Year’s Night (ayewis ‘night’ an no ‘nicht’) an, in common wi maist fowk, it wis the only time o the year thir wis drink in the hoose – sherry fur the wimmen an whisky fur the men.

Fur the bairns, whae, mind, wirnae meant tae hae onie pairt in the festivities, thir wis cordial. Whae mind’s o cordial? Raspberry an Ah hae tastit Strawberry – bit Ah didnae like it.

Wir thir ither New Year customs that survived tae the saicont half o the twentieth century? Or did it aw stoap when awbodie goat their first TV?

There wis a kind o tradition wi food tae. Some fowk juist had sweet stuff, black bun, cherry cake, madeira cake, left ower Christmas cake an shortie. Ma mither aye had lentil or tattie soup an sausage rolls an wee Store* pies forbye. Some fowk on Ne’erday had steak pie wi mashed tatties an peas. We had roast lamb which Ah dinnae think has onie particular place in Ne’erday traditions!

Mind ye, think o the punds on yer hurdies efter dauds o blackbun an shortie!

Droap us a wee note or email wi yer ain Hogmanay or Ne’erday habits an customs.

*Edinburgh name for the Co-op shops

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