Document 585

Burns Nicht Sang for Andra Kindness

Author(s): Wendy de Rusett

Copyright holder(s): Wendy de Rusett


(air: South Georgia Whaling Song)

Noo women are saucy an women are sweet,
An some they will charm you richt aff your feet!
An ithers torment you an fair gar ye greet,
But for aa that I value my freedom!

Some lassies will kittle you till you are hoarse,
Wi laughin an wheezing an hoastin of course.
An kittling can lead tae canoodlin of course!
But for aa that I fancy ma freedom!

For aa o their charmin, disarmin wee ways,
Their frills an their ribbons an colourful claes,
I’ll bide a batchelor aa o ma days,
For I prize, abeen aa, ma freedom.

Noo a single mans’s hoose it is empty an bare,
Nae a flooer on the table, nor cushion on chair,
An the sweet small of bakin is nae in the air,
But for aa that I’m gled o ma freedom.

True, a lassie will mak you a tasty bit treat,
An fancy wee pieces an pastries tae eat,
An’ll sit on yer knee an’ll cry you her “sweet”,
But for aa that I treasure ma freedom.

I will tell you a secret I’ve nae tellt afore:
I cuid hae been merriet tae mebbe a score.
There wis Meg, Peg and Katie, and Jeannie an more,
But for aa that I cherish ma freedom!

An noo that I’m aller an hivnae a wife,
Nae bairns an gran’bairns tae cause me sic strife,
Tae plunner ma siller at the point of a knife!
It’s nae wunner I value ma freedom.

Och a wife is gey handy fan there’s fairm wark tae dae,
At ricklin the peats an at maskin the tae,
Fan the hairst’s gaithert in, tae relax in the hay,
But for aa that I’d plump for ma freedom.

Noo I daur say there’s lassies I left greetin sair,
An some threw me ower wi their nib in the air,
But the best o them aa said they hidnae a care,
For, like me, they’d a likin for freedom.

Noo mony an aal spinster will gie me a wink!
No dinna be jealous, it’s nae fit you think!
We’ll aa lift wir glesses, an a toast we will drink
Tae the lads that are champions o freedom!

I’m guid-natert an handsome an witty forby.
I can dance, I can sing, I can drink the hoose dry.
I’m as fit as a fiddle. I am sprightly an spry,
Aa because I hiv guarded ma freedom.

(This pen-portrait was created thanks to reminiscences from members of the Day Care Group including 79 year old Andrew himself, who liked the result. I sang it at their Burns Supper and it went down well.)

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Burns Nicht Sang for Andra Kindness


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Method of composition Handwritten
Year of composition 2000
Word count 468
General description A penportrait of a member of a day care centre put to a fairly popular folk melody.

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Other Social gathering for the elderly.

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Forenames Wendy
Surname de Rusett
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Educational attainment University
Age left school 18
Upbringing/religious beliefs Protestantism with a strong agnostic background.
Occupation Drama teacher in Primary Schools
Place of birth Aberdeen
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Father's country of birth England
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Mother's place of birth Buckie
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