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Dipper: 34 - Jeannie

Author(s): Dr James A Begg

Copyright holder(s): Dr James A Begg


Ye're failin fast, my wee auld freen,
An that's no ill tae see;
For twa-three weeks ye haenae been
The dug ye uised tae be.

A wee bit dauner maks ye thrang,
An tho ye hae the will,
Thae span-lang shanks, ance skeich an strang,
Hae sclimmt their hinmaist hill.
Yon jet-black een that ance burnt bricht
'Neath wheaten-theikit pow,
Nou glazed wi grey o dimmin sicht,
Hae lost their spark an lowe.

Ye'll toddle tae the gairden-fuit,
An toddle back again,
An stop, an staun, an pech, an sit,
As yer auld hert taks the strain.
- A hert, syne strang as ony bull's,
That ance lowpt ower the taps
O Gallowa's grey granite hills,
An Jura's quartzite Paps.

Thae years we trampt the lang, sweet miles
Ower muir an hill an glen,
Ye've ne'er forgot, an aiblins whiles
Ye still come hirplin ben,
Tae sit lugs cockit, heid asklent,
Nearhaun my buits an pack,
Sniffin awa at the muirland scent:
- Gin I cuid only tak ye back!

Och, talk like this'll mak me greit,
- Eneuch o grief an tears,
Let's think on aa the memories sweet
We've shared thae saxteen years.
Yer airs an graces sair us tried,
We've danced aye tae yer tune:
- Auld Duchess, for it's weel ye're cried,
Ye lack nocht but the croun!

I widnae say ye're ill tae please,
But ye'd fain get yokit in
Tae chicken, mince, smoked saumon, cheese,
Than tae dug-meat oot a tin!

A lap-dug's life-style weel I ken
Ye've scorned wi condescension,
But a wat neb nudgin nou an then
Commands oor hale attention,
Impident yalps whan wantin fed,
Let oot, let in, let oot again,
A cup o tea afore yer bed,
Or 'Scart my back an snoot again!'
Bum up, heid doun, a bark an wag,
A luik saying: 'Gin ye daur!'
White teeth grup ticht an auld torn rag,
Aa set for tug-o-war!

The day ye whalpt yer pups, my Jean,
'Twas mair nor you gat thinner,
Gin I gied ye a howdie's haun, auld freen,
An missed my Ne'erday dinner!
We went a dauner - efter five,
Ye thrawn, contrair wee dug,
An then did ye no a saxth contrive
Tae whalp on the hearth-side rug!

An nou for ower eleiven year,
Sharin chicken, drinkin tea,
Yer dochter Biddie's aye been near
Tae keep ye companie.
The douce wee sowl aye kens whit's richt,
An does whate'er she's askit,
Tho there's whiles a row at deid o nicht,
Gif she's slept in Mither's basket!

Tho neebors' cats, a-tap the waa,
Did aye luik lichtly doun,
Oor gairden nane daurd cross at aa,
But tuik the lang wey roun.
I dout gin ony cat is feart
Frae yours, or Biddie's bark,
Mair like as no, they'd aa be sweirt
Tae miss this daily lark!

O hou ye loued tae walk the beach,
An tryst wi big black dugs,
An heich on hin-legs staun, fou-streitch,
Tae sniff an lick their lugs,
In the watter whaur ye loued tae splash,
Baith you an Bid were beavers,
Fetchin sticks wi aa the dash
O spaniels or retreivers!

Guid-naituredly ye've tholed oor weans,
Wi dignity an grace,
Wi growl or nip juist nou'n again
Tae haud them in their place.

An nou, wi dignity an grace,
Auld dug, it's time tae go;
Ye're lyin by the fire-place
An souchin, saft an slow:
Anent the Rowan by the dyke,
The morn we baith sal kneel,
An lay tae rest oor tousy tyke:
- Guid nicht, Auld Jean - sleep weel!

Jeannie, oor Cairn Terrier, wee hill dug, constant companion, an Mistress o the Hous, de'ed on the 3rd April 1985, juist a few weeks short o her saxteenth birthday.

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