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Dipper: 36 - Minnons

Author(s): Dr James A Begg

Copyright holder(s): Dr James A Begg


A tuim bleach bottle hained frae the coup,
A wee roun hole caad oot its dowp,
A string roun its neck an a weel-corkit mou
Tae haud in the breid-crumbs - an that is hou
The lads aboot here catches minnons.

Billy an me gaed doun tae the burn,
Ae bottle atween us, we baith tuik a turn
At plankin it doun an laein it still
On the grevelly bed o a wee shalla puil
We kent wis aye hotchin wi minnons.

We baith courit doun on the bank nearby,
An watched aa the wee fish soumin by,
Peenheids an beardies an ance a big troot,
Then aicht fish swam in an juist fower swam oot
- The trap we had set tae catch minnons.

Wull gied a shout, an Ah gied a pou
At the string o the bottle an oot it flew,
An stottit an shooglt aboot on the gress,
While flashin an splashin inside the gless
- Were fower dumfounert wee minnons.

Ah niver had seen sic bonny wee beasts,
Wi siller sides an crimson breists,
Soumin aroun luikin nane the waur,
Whan Ah tuimt them intae the jeely-jaur
- We'd brocht tae haud oor minnons.

Fair prood o oorsels, we cairtit them hame,
But efter twa days Mither thocht it a shame,
They'd lost their rid breists an the glint aff their skin,
Sae we gaed tae the watter an pit them back in
- For the burn is the place for minnons.

coup/rubbish tip
nane the waur/none the worse

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