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Dipper: 47 - The Fishin Committee

Author(s): Dr James A Begg

Copyright holder(s): Dr James A Begg


Lines written on being refused admission, without a word of explanation, to membership of a small fishing club somewhere in South Ayrshire! J.A.B.

Committee men o M------- Club
I dinnae tak it as a snub,
Gin ye thocht fit my name tae scrub
Frae aff yer leet;
I winna want tae fish yer dub,
- An winna greit!

Tho aft I thocht I'd like tae spen
Some gloamin oors wi Carrick men,
Fishin their loch frae en tae en,
Wi crack an smile;
Gif that's yer Carrick welcome then
- I'll bide in Kyle!

An if the reason's as I think,
Aa linkit up wi whaur ye drink,
An wha thegither glesses clink,
Drawn heid tae heid;
I dout if I cuid staun the stink
O fish "lang deid"!

I winna want tae jyne yer "clique",
Ill-gab bit folk aye mak me seik,
Juist pray yer boats ne'er spring a leak,
- An wat behinds:
May the biggest troots ye'll ever seek
Be's smaa's yer minds!


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Dipper: 47 - The Fishin Committee


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