Document 676

Advent Antiphons in Scots

Author(s): David D Ogston

Copyright holder(s): David D Ogston


O Wisdom, frae the moo o the Maist Hich,
You reign aawye an aye,
tae the ends o the earth:
The pooer o Your love hauds sway
withoot let.

Come an teach us the wye o wisdom.

O Lord an Israel’s Chief o chiefs--------
You appeared tae Moses in the bleeze
o the desert bush, an You gaed him the
laa on Sinai.

Rax oot Your airm an come an save us.

O Branch o Jesse, sign amon the nations—
Afore You kings wull staun dumb,
An aa kins o fowk wull prig Ye tae help them.

Come, set us free, haud back nae mair.

O Key o Dauvit, Sceptre o the royal hoose o Israel:
You open an neen can lock again: You lock an neen can open.

Come an free them that are jiled.

O Mornin Star, Glorie o the Licht Eternal,
Bricht Sun o justice-----------

Come an shed licht on them that bide
In the howe o shaddas, in the mirk o daith.

O King o the nations, You aleen
Can bring tae the fullness o hairst
Aa that they long for. Cornerstone,
You are the Een that binds an faistens
The mortal faes.

Come an save us. You vrocht us aa
Fae the same common cley.

O Emmanuel, Howp o the nations,
Saviour an Prince o peace,
Come an redeem, redeem an claim, claim an keep.

Lord Jesus, come soon!

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Advent Antiphons in Scots


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Method of composition Handwritten
Year of composition 2002
Title of original (if translation) Advent Antiphons
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Author id 747
Forenames David
Initials D
Surname Ogston
Gender Male
Decade of birth 1940
Educational attainment University
Age left school 18
Upbringing/religious beliefs Protestantism
Occupation Minister
Place of birth Ellon
Region of birth Aberdeen
Birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Perth
Region of residence E & SE Perthshire
Residence CSD dialect area Per
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Farmer
Father's place of birth Auchnagatt
Father's region of birth Aberdeen
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Mother
Mother's place of birth Fyvie
Mother's region of birth Aberdeen
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Mother's country of birth Scotland


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